HUGE UPDATE! 6 New Members Clips and New Model Cassie Ross with 4 Clips & 2 Galleries!

We’ve got 2 new videos of those HOT BICEPS in today’s update on Lauren’s page. Click here for those and many more!

HUGE and SENSATIONAL update today at HDPhysiques!    First up, we’ve got 2 new clips in the bonus media section, on the page of the 2019 STL Pro, featuring some amazing pro bikini athletes.   Then, we’ve got a new model to unveil, as well!   Check out rising figure star, Cassie Ross!   Her new page has 2 photo galleries, and 4 video clips.  This is just a taste of what is to come from this pretty young athlete.   Next up, we’ve got single videos on the pages of Miss Olympia Bikini, Angelica Teixeira, and 2020 Arnold Ms Figure runner-up, Bojana Vasiljevic!  Talk about a star-studded line up!   Finally, we’ve got 2 amazing clips on the page of Women’s Physique star, Lauren Barnett!

One of the most incredible updates in recent history, folks!   ENJOY!   And thank you for joining HDPhysiques & PremiumPhysiques with our Summer promo COMBO OFFER!

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NEW MODEL Cassie Ross has a lot of potential! Check out her new page by clicking here!

World class glutes, and the sexiest outfits imaginable! Join now for the super hot Bojana Vasiljevic

NEW MODEL – The ULTRA Sexy Yesenia Perez – JOIN NOW!

Posing with her fitness moves – there’s nobody quite like Yesenia! JOIN HDPhysiques today!

We are extremely excited to announce today’s new model as Yesenia Perez!   Yesenia is a firecracker like no other, folks!   She brings the sizzle to every shoot she does…. and she has the physique to match.    She has enough muscle to show off and flex, but her big specialty is incorporating a vast array of fitness moves and maneuvers into a sexy routine that will leave your jaw dropped.   You’ll see what we mean when you check out the first 4 videos and 2 photo galleries on the new Yesenia Perez model page!    Thank you for JOINING HDPhysiques!

Yesenia Perez has ALL the right moves! JOIN NOW for this amazing new athlete/model!

BONUS MEDIA Added – Hundreds of Pics & Videos for the 2019 Optimum Classic!

Top Olympian, Heather Grace, and her protege’, Rachael Loftis – who finished in the top 3!!!

We’ve finally added a page for one of the best shows of 2019…. the Optimum Classic!   You’ve already seen some of our great photo shoots from this event (Rachael Loftis, Hannah Ranfranz, Esther Kelley, etc…) but now we’ve got some incredible backstage and contest action, added on a new page in our bonus media area.   Check the new page for the 2019 Optimum Classic and see the first 5 clips (of 38!!!) and the first 4 photo galleries – with much more on the way!    This awesome show featured some of the very best women in both PRO Bikini and PRO Women’s Physique – 2 of our favorite categories!   Whether you’re into perfect bubble booties, or massive thick dense muscle, this page has something for everyone!   Thank you for JOINING HDPhysiques!

Absolutely MASSIVE muscle – Valentina Mishina means business on that stage!

BIG Update – New Page for the 2019 Pittsburgh Pro – 5 Vids, 4 Galleries Added!

Perfect bikini pro bodies lined up at Finals – join HDP now for coverage of the 2019 Pitt Pro!

We’ve got a big mid-week update here, with another new Bonus Media page being added.   Thanks to our good ole video editor, Roberto R. Robinson, who is tremendously helping us get caught up on lots of our contest coverage in particular, we’ve got a new page for the 2019 Pittsburgh Pro Show.   This new page kicks off with 5 new clips, plus 4 galleries with 50 photos each (200 total).  Featuring phenomenal gorgeous IFBB Pro athletes like Jen Dorie, Jenn Bertsch, & Autumn Cleveland, this new page will no doubt be an eye pleaser!

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Autumn Cleveland looking absolutely SHREDDED and ripped! JOIN NOW!

BIG UPDATE – 7 Vids, 4 Galleries Added on the 2019 STL Pro Page!

Brooke Walker looking “Literally Perfect” – JOIN NOW for our coverage of the 2019 STL Pro!

Hey gang – we’ve got an incredible new bonus media page to unveil – our coverage of the 2019 STL Pro Show!   If you’re a fan of the ultimate in Women’s Physique (Natalia Coelho, Brooke Walker, Penpraghai Tiagncok, and more), plus IFBB Pro Figure and those perfect Bikini booties, you’re gonna love the new page and all the updates to come!   Today, we’ve got the first 7 video clips (of nearly 90 to come!), plus 4 photo galleries (over 160 photos, with 400 more to come!), on the new 2019 STL Pro Page.   JOIN HDPhysiques now and don’t miss anything – we’ve got some amazing things on the way!

Katie Lee looking JACKED and massive, backstage at the 2019 STL Pro – JOIN NOW for our awesome coverage – 600 photos and 85 videos on the way!

5 Vids Added in our Mid-Week Update – Dana Shemesh, Bojana Vasiljevic & More!

Massive and strong – Dana Shemesh shows off back and legs in the newest clip – JOIN HDPhysiques today!

Hey gang, we’ve got a nice mid-week update for you, featuring 2 long videos of impressive physique girls posing at the 2019 Arnold Classic.   Then, we’ve got new videos on the model pages for April LongBojana Vasiljevic, & Dana Shemesh – the huge Israeli Physique Pro!

You’ll also want to be sure to check out the latest video updates over at PremiumPhysiques, featuring the MASSIVE Stephanie Marie, as well as new videos at HDPhysiques.TV, the Female Muscle Store, in the studios of Dani Reardon, Brooklyn T. Walker, and KrivsStudio (featuring Heather Dees).

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Over at HDPhysiques.TV, the KrivsStudio store has added a HOT new video of gorgeous Heather Dees – get it today!

Outrageously powerful muscle! ALL NEW Brooke Walker video in her clips store at HDPhysiques.TV!

Videos added to the Recently Added Rachael Loftis Model Page!

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Members update for mid-week – We’ve added 4 new videos to the model page of the incredibly stunning, perfectly muscled, Rachael Loftis 5.   In these latest clips of our sponsored athlete, Rachael is absolutely ripped, having just completed the Optimum Classic the day before.  Mind blowing muscle to say the least!  All the while being one of the prettiest girls in all of the IFBB!  Stay tuned for much more on the way soon!

NEW MODEL – Ripped & Massive Dana Shemesh is Now on HDPhysiques!

JOIN HDPhysiques now for the absolutely amazing Dana Shemesh – HOT female muscle!

Our newest model at HDPhysiques is the SUPER IMPRESSIVE first ever, and only, Israeli IFBB Pro, Dana Shemesh!  We recently caught up with Dana at the HDPhysiques-sponsored 2019 STL Pro, where we had a fabulous shoot 2 days before she stepped on stage as a pro for the first time.  We enjoyed working with her, and we think you’ll find the photos and videos from this shoot to be most impressive!   The first 3 galleries and 4 video clips are now posted, with MUCH MORE on the way!

In other news, we’ve also added another clip in the bonus media section, on the page of the 2018 Omaha Pro, featuring amazing Australian Lee-Anne Temnyk!

You can see how supporting HDPhysiques results in great things for fans of female muscle!  We provided a competition that brought some of the best female muscle talent to the stage and we were able to shoot with this very special new athlete at her pro debut!   So, THANK YOU for supporting HDPhysiques and making it possible!

Lynette Audrey is our Newest Model – Plus More Vids added to Members Area!

Impressive, vascular muscularity – JOIN NOW for new model Lynette Audrey!

Hey gang,  we’ve got a big update today (yes, a little late – sorry, we’re away covering the Pittsburgh Pro this weekend – coverage coming soon to the site).

First up, we’ve got a new model page for Lynette Audrey, who recently made her pro debut at the 2019 St. Louis Pro!   Her new model page kicks off with the first 4 video clips, plus 2 amazing photo galleries.  You’ll be amazed at the physique improvements she’s made since getting her pro card.

Next up, you’ll find new clips on the pages of top IFBB Figure Pro Bojana Vasiljevic, as well as NPC Physique athlete, Farrah Faulkner.

Be sure to JOIN HDPhysiques and then “opt-in” for PremiumPhysiques – we’ve got some big things coming there this week too!

NEW MODEL Kendyl Nicole PLUS New Vids of Rachel Killam & Kathleen Erickson!

Outstanding muscle – ripped and BIG! JOIN HDP now for new model Kendyl Nicole!

Hey Gang!   Here’s a nice hot update on a cold winter weekend!   We’ve got a NEW MODEL in IFBB Figure Pro, Kendyl Nicole…. check out the sexy photos in 3 new galleries on her new model page.   Then, we’ve also added 3 new videos in the members area featuring Figure Pro Rachel Killam 3, and NEW Physique Pro Kathleen Erickson!

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Seriously RIPPED! Join HDPhysiques now for incredible new physique pro, Kathleen Erickson!

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