NEW MODEL Brittney Kerr Now Available! Amazing Calves, Arms and More!

Gorgeous Ginger! Awesome shape and power on new model Brittney Kerr!

Hey fellas, we’ve got an awesome new model that you won’t find anywhere else!    From last seasons NPC Universe competition, soon-to-be figure pro Brittney Kerr wowed us with an impressive amateur physique that left a lot of jaws dropped in Teaneck NJ.   On the new Brittney Kerr model page, you’ll see the first 4 video clips and 2 members area photo galleries, along with 4 sample images.

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MASSIVE MELINDA! Plus More Vids Added including Sarena (Irina) Berish!

GORGEOUS and massive at the same time! Gotta LOVE Melinda Lindmark – JOIN HDPhysiques NOW!

NEW VIDEO of massive Melinda Lindmark added on the recently released new model page, Melinda Lindmark 2.    Her upper body here has a CRAZY pump and she is looking absolutely enormous at the Dragons Lair Gym in Las Vegas where we worked with her just last month.   In addition to that amazing video being added to the HDP members area, we’ve also added 2 new clips of upper body BIG ARM posing on the page of WPD competitor, Sarena Berish 4.    And finally, 2 more videos in the bonus media section of the site, on our page of WPD routines from the 2018 Champions of Power and Grace, in Raleigh NC.

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Beefnuggette looking INSANE and NUTTY in a new video in her clips studio at HDPhysiques.TV – get it today and show your support!

NEW MODEL PAGE – Incredible Fitness Pro Minna Pajulahti – RIPPED Contest Shape!

Massive biceps, delts and more! Get more Minna by joining HDPhysiques today!

An unbelievable new model page is now up for the gorgeous Finnish Fitness IFBB Pro Superstar, Minna Pajulahti.   Our 3rd shoot with her occurred just last month at the 2023 Arnold Sports Festival, where Minna was in a super lean contest shape, at her biggest muscle size ever!   On the new Minna Pajulahti 3 page, you’ll now find the first 2 members area photo galleries, the first 4 members videos clips, and the usual assortment of free sample photos!

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4 Galleries & 3 Members Area Videos Added – JOIN HDPhysiques TODAY – Plus NEW Lindmark at HDPhysiques.TV!

Impressive muscle comparisons in the Finals at the Champions of Power & Grace – Check out 2 new galleries and 3 new videos on this page, today!

Hey folks – lots going on here at HDPhysiques headquarters this week.  We just got back from an east coast trip where we shot lots of new content for HD, PP, and the clips store, HD.TV, with fan favorites Katie “Cero Dos” Lee, and Brooklyn T. Walker, 2-time 3rd place Womens Physique Olympian.   We’ve got tremendous stuff on the way!   For today’s update, please see the following:   We’ve got 3 new video clips on the page of the 2018 Champions of Power & Grace featuring amazing athletes such as Lauren Rutan, Melissa Pearo, Sheronica Henton (from Denton), and the huge Russian, Valentina Mishina.   Then, on the same page, we’ve also got 2 new photo galleries from the Champions of Power & Grace, featuring some absolutely gorgeous female muscle monsters!   Then, for a recently added super impressive model, check out the massive 26″ legs of the awesome Emily Nosler with a new gallery on her page!

Plus, don’t forget to check out the new stuff over at HDPhysiques.TV!    There’s another brand new video in the Melinda Lindmark Clips Studio, shot just last week in Las Vegas at the Dragon’s Lair Gym!

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HUGE and amazing biceps! Over at HDPhysiques.TV – another ALL NEW video of the amazing Melinda Lindmark! Get it today!

ALL NEW – Melinda Lindmark Page 2 Now Available – JOIN TODAY!

Massive, mind-blowing biceps! JOIN NOW for the sensational Melinda Lindmark 2 page!

HOT OFF THE PRESS – brand new content of the massively muscled Melinda Lindmark, shot JUST THIS WEEK in Las Vegas!    We are the first to bring you brand new amazing content of Swedens hottest export…. the massive biceps of Melinda Lindmark!   On the new Melinda Lindmark 2 page, we’ve got an explosive gym shoot from Dragon’s Lair Gym in Las Vegas, and you’ve gotta see this mass muscle monster in action, folks!     The first 4 clips are now up, along with 2 members area photo galleries!    There will also be some segments from this shoot coming to Melinda’s New Clips Studio at HDPhysiques.TV!   Be on the lookout there in the weeks ahead.

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GORGEOUS and massive at the same time! Gotta LOVE Melinda Lindmark – JOIN HDPhysiques NOW!

Over at HDPhysiques.TV, the Female Muscle Store, we now feature a new Melinda Lindmark Studio! Much more coming there in weeks ahead too! See the first 4 videos now, and much more on the way!

NEW Model Kelly Williams Added Plus New Clips of Syd McGhee & Gess Campbell!

New model Kelly Williams has some impressive biceps! JOIN NOW for more!

We have a hot update for you today here at HDPhysiques!    First up, for video clips, we’ve added a new clip on the page of super gorgeous and young fitness model Sydney McGhee, where she’s training her perfectly shaped quads in the gym.   And then…. for ULTRA-MEGA SIZED quads, check out the new clip added on the page of the sexy brazillian Gessica Campbell!   And then, finally, check out the latest model added…. a rising star in Womens Physique, the lean and muscular Kelly Williams from the STL area.

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NEW MODEL PAGE – Quyncee Shockley Figure Pro and Soon to be WPD!

On the new Quyncee Shockley 2-3 model page, Qubabe is joined by two friends, Steph Koerber & Hannah, to make the galleries even more sizzlin hot! JOIN NOW for hot female muscle!

Hey gang, we’ve got a new model page for the awesome young figure pro, and soon to be WPD competitor in the IFBB…. Quyncee Shockley!   On the new “Quyncee Shockley 2-3” page (because we are combining our 2nd and 3rd shoot pages together…), we just posted the first 4 members area videos and the first 3 photo galleries….. and there’s more on the way!   Stay tuned for more…. including a 4th model page of her where she’s packed on even more muscle and looking sensational in the late spring 2022!

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Also, be sure to check out the BRAND NEW video in the “Arkansas Ranger Clips Studio” over at HDPhysiques.TV, the female muscle store.   Brooke Walker at her BIGGEST and best yet, in a sensational off-season (but still very lean) super sexy video shoot!   See the sample pics and order the hot new video today to show your support!

Brooke sexes it up over at HDPhysiques.TV – click here to head over there to pick up her latest video, at her BIGGEST size yet!

Click here for the latest video of Brooke Walker at HDPhysiques.TV – featuring her INSANE ABS and rock hard glutes!

6 New Clips Added to the HDPhysiques Members Area – JOIN TODAY!

Female Power at its best! JOIN NOW for new model Christine Porter!

We’ve got some awesome vids for you to check out today!   First up, in the Bonus Media section, check out the 2 new clips on the page of the 2020 Optimum Classic, featuring Bikini and Pro Womens Physique backstage.   Then, head over to the bonus media page of the 2020 Omaha Pro, where you’ll see some massive FBB’s such as Margie Martin and Andrew Shaw battling it out on stage.   Finally, we’ve got some amazing new vides of ultra-ripped and shredded WPD Pro Christine Porter on her page.

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5 New Clips Added to the Members Area – Bikini, WPD, and More!

The absolutely phenomenal glutes of stunning IFBB Bikini Pro, Sierra Swann. JOIN NOW!

The Members Area of HDPhysiques has been updated with 5 new clips while we are away at the Arnold Classic filming new material with amazing models!   On the page of the 2020 Optimum Classic, in the Bonus Media area, you’ll find 2 new clips – both onstage footage and behind the scenes footage.   Then, on the model pages, you’ll find 1 new clip on the page of the amazing big-armed Alexis Sullivan, and then 2 new clips on the page of stunning bikini pro, Sierra Swann – she LOVES to FLEX!

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NEW MODEL – Strength Athlete Alex is the NEWEST Addition to HDPhysiques!

Alex is joined by friend Sabrina for some awesome pics and videos! JOIN HDPhysiques now!

Hey gang – we’ve got an exciting new athlete to unveil today.   On a recent trip out west, we sought out a certain strength athlete, a crossfitter that is nationally known…. the amazing Alex Gazan!   Her new model page kicks off with the first 4 video clips and first 2 photo galleries.  Also, as an added bonus, Alex is joined by her birthday-girl friend, Sabrina, in some of the photos and clips.   These amazing young strength athletes will blow you away with their impressive feats!

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Gorgeous Alex can pose and look pretty just as well as she can throw the heavy weight around!

Absolutely MIND BLOWING Arms! New Katie Lee clip now available at HDPhysiques.TV in the Katie Lee Clips Studio!