Below we have assembled some frequently asked question in regards to our site. If you have any other questions please contact us and we will be happy to answer them.

Technical F.A.Q.

As of Nov. 13th 2011, we have discontinued use of our mpg low-resolution videos. We now only offer HD formats and 4K.  Older clips (2006-2013) will be mostly wmv files, while 2013-current are mp4 and compatible with all computers and mobile devices.

Please do not use a download manager, it causes the software to report false readings to the server and cut you off after just a few MB.   Please right click on the files you wish to view, and “save as” to your computer.  Do NOT stream the clips.  We are not a streaming site.  Please save them to your computer for playback at your leisure.

Why does my password no longer work?

You can contact CCBill at to reset your password.   Before using your new password, please make sure you clear your PC of spyware or viruses, by running (scanning your computer with) your favorite anti-virus program, and running the FREE programs Ad-Aware, Malware Bytes, or Spybot, available at for FREE. is available in 3 different memberships – 1-month recurring memberships (auto-renewing until you cancel), 3-month recurring, and 6-month one-time subscriptions.  Please check your correct currency on our join page for the prices of memberships. We also offer combo memberships with our sister site, at a discounted rate!   Choose the “add-on” check box to add PremiumPhysiques at a discounted price.

Please see our join page for the various payment options via CCBill.  We also will do manual adds for customers who wish to use Paypal or send Cashiers Checks, Money Orders, or Cash in US Dollars. The manual add memberships are only available for 3 months or greater term memberships.

Windows Media Player versions may still work, but almost any media players work fine with all of our mp4 files nowadays.  The old school wmv files should also be fine on modern computers of all varieties.

You will need to re-join the site and re-download those videos. Microsoft and CCBill has discontinued support for our previously DRM encoded files. Sorry if this is any inconvenience, however, we only used DRM from 2008-2011, and we’ve obviously added tons of new content since 2011, so your membership value will still be substantial.

No, and we have no plans to offer physique product. However, if you like seeing more “feature-length” titles instead of clips, consider checking out our HDPhysiques.TV Video-On-Demand Clips Store.

You can check our entire update history since our major overhaul in 2016, by viewing our “What’s New” page.  Our record speaks for itself.  We update with premium video, and photo galleries, with industry-leading regularity. We have special sections for Bonus Media content, as well as our much appreciated “Fun Flexes”.  We aim to please! You can expect fast response to emails, and you can expect that we will be open to your ideas and suggestions on how we can improve.  Feel free to suggest new models to us, and of course, feel free to refer us to your favorite models!

We used to have a lot of detailed information here regarding what was new at the time (2006) video technology.  Needless to say, now in the 2020’s all modern computers and mobile devices are capable of HDTV formats and beyond (4K, 6K, 8K, etc…).  HDPhysiques continues to offer the highest quality videos on many of our shoots (4K and Full HD most of the time), and we will always be keeping an eye out for the latest technologies to present our models and athletes.  Other sites have chosen to do some 3D and VR – but we have found customers do not prefer these formats and are often just headaches that get in the way of enjoying great content.   For instance, the lens distortion associated with VR takes a lot of the “reality” out of the virtual reality.   When technologies are READY for prime time, HDPhysiques will be the leader to present them correctly.

Here, we just deleted a lot of old (2006) technical information.  Again, it’s the 2020’s….. you guys most definitely have the capabilities built into your current hardware.

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