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Hey gang, we hope you are enjoying the early part of Autumn 2023 and are ready to see some more sizzlin hot muscle action!   Today we’ve got a balanced update of hot model shoots and contest coverage big muscle!    Here’s how it breaks down:   We’ve got 2 new galleries on the bonus media section page of the 2019 St Louis Pro, as well as 2 more galleries on the page of the 2021 Legions Sports Festival.

Then, on the model pages, we’ve got some super hot clips, especially for the leg fans.   If you like some huge beefy quads, check out the new videos on the page of Brittani Parish, and also the page of stunning WPD Pro, Maria “CeCi” Barba.  And then finally, if you’re ready for some upper body action, check out our favorite hot Russian, Irina Berishnikov (Sarena Berish 4).

Remember to check out our sister site, where we just released a brand new page of a massive offseason Amazon,  Jess “Big Philly CheeseSteak” Hoffman – a physical Specimen!   Enjoy the best of BOTH sites by joining with an HDP/PP Combo membership!

HUGE tall powerful amazon, J-Hoff, aka “The Big Philly Cheesesteak” with a NEW PAGE over at PremiumPhysiques – Join with a combo membership today to see this 200 lbs BEAST!

Quick Update on What’s Going On Around HDPhysiques World!

Brooklyn T. Walkerton looking HUGE in her new clip with Quyncee – available in Brooke’s Studio at HDPhysiques.TV!

Hey gang, we’ve got a new model page coming tomorrow that I’m sure you’ll be excited about!    Until we have that page up, we just wanted to give you a heads up on some of the other things going on around HDPhysiques properties.    First up…. this week over at the Female Muscle Store, (HDPhysiques.TV), Brooke Walker added a new video of her workout with St. Louis based figure cutie, Quyncee Shockley.   Check it out in the “Brooke Walker – Arkansas Ranger” Clips Studio!

Then, over at PremiumPhysiques, where we feature our sponsored athletes and special bodyparts models (like Katie Lee’s biceps!), we have added 2 more clips from our Jan 2020 shoot with Kass Gillis in Las Vegas.   She was in near-contest shape and looks absolutely fantastic!   Remember, you can always join with the HDPhysiques/PremiumPhysiques combo and save up to $5.00/month.   Just click the “opt-in” button for the opposite site when registering for either one of them.

Thank you for supporting HDPhysiques and our sister websites.  Tons of great content on the way to warm you up during these winter months!

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HOT UPDATE! More Rachel Daniels, Raychel Akerboom & More!

That confident smile! She knows you’re gonna love her HOT BICEPS! JOIN NOW for the super sexy Raychel Akerboom!

Today, we have a nice update featuring many of your recently added models.   For instance, on the brand new Rachel Daniels model page, we’ve added another gallery, as well as another new video clip featuring her amazing and huge arms!   Then, we’ve added additional videos on the other 3 most recently added models as well….  1 each on the pages of Raychel Akerboom, Tabby Borland, and Chelsea Morgan!    Quite a lineup of HOT female muscle!

Thank you for the feedback on these amazing recently added models.  Particularly our brand new stuff from last weekend’s NY Pro with Rachel Daniels.   We are super glad you guys are appreciating the content!   Thank you for being a member at HDPhysiques!

A “complete physique” that is completely ripped! JOIN NOW for the stunning Rachel Daniels!

Beautiful and sexy – rock hard physique – check out Tabby Borland!

Holiday Promos! 4 New Vids & New Model Added! – JOIN NOW!

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It’s a GREAT TIME to have an active membership at HDPhysiques, folks!    It’s the weekend before Christmas, and we’ve got lots of great things going on.   First up, a new model page with the first 3 members area photo galleries for ripped bikini competitor Jordan Mahan, a client of HDP superstar, Brooklyn T. Walker.   You don’t see many bikini girls like this – she obviously eats her Wheaties!

Then, we’ve also added 4 new videos to the members area on the pages of Taylor Smuck, Rachel Killam 3, Stephanie Koerber, and the 2018 Orlando Europa.  Make sure you join with our HDP/PP Combo membership and don’t miss anything on the way at both of these exciting muscle girl sites!

Finally, we are asking fans to have some fun by taking part in our first annual HDPhysiques Year End Awards!   Check out our poll/survey here and vote for your favorite models in each category between now and Dec 29th.   Winners will be announced on Dec 31st!

Click here to vote in the 2019 HDPhysiques End of Year Awards! Could Stephanie Marie here possibly win “Shoot of the Year”? Add your 2 cents today in the new poll!

Look at that tremendous muscle detail! JOIN NOW for the incredible Steph Koerber featured in today’s update!

New model, Jordan, is one JACKED bikini girl! Lean and mean – get these hot photos today by joining HDP now!

NEW MODEL PAGE – the HUGE and Ripped Aussie, Lee-Anne Temnyk!

Ultra-RIPPED! JOIN Now for the stunning Australian Physique Pro, Lee-Anne Temnyk!

We are thrilled to announce the newest model page, featuring Australian IFBB Womens Physique Pro, Lee-Anne Temnyk 2!    This Aussie stunner recently did quite well at her 2 pro shows in America, the 2019 Prestige Crystal Cup, and the 2019 Tampa Pro.   We first shot with Lee-Anne in 2017 at the Omaha Pro, where she won, and here in Florida, she looked twice as good!   If you love ripped, contest shape female muscle, you’ll be thrilled with this shoot, folks – JOIN HDPhysiques now!

Look at that impressive physique! JOIN NOW for Lee Anne Temnyk 2 model page!

NEW MODEL FRIDAY – Say Hello to Figure Phenom Delaney Smallwood!

A perfect female figure specimen who is competing this weekend at Jr Nats! JOIN NOW for the new Delaney Smallwood 2 model page!

Today, we’ve got a new model page for sensational rising figure star, Delaney Smallwood.   On the new Delaney Smallwood 2 Model Page, you’ll find the 3 members area videos and 3 members area photo galleries, along with the usual assortment of free samples.

Wish her luck this weekend as she competes in the 2019 NPC Jr. Nationals, where she’s going for a pro card in Womens Figure!

Thank you for joining HDPhysiques and showing your support!

Super ripped and ready for action – Delaney is a great reason to JOIN HDPhysiques!

BIG Update with 6 NEW Videos – Vic Caruso, Lauren Jones, Kayla Murphy & More!

ULTRA-RIPPED and shredded – the craziest legs you may ever see! Join now for the awesome Vicky Caruso!

Hey folks – we’ve got an incredible update for you today.   6 new videos added to the HDP members area.   First up, we’ve got 3 additional videos added on the page for the 2018 Omaha Pro Show, featuring Isabelle Turrell, Amanda J Smith and more!   Then, we’ve added new clips on the model pages of Kayla Murphy, Lauren Jones, & the ultra-ripped Vicky Caruso!

Thank you for JOINING HDPhysiques and showing your support!

BIG and SEXY – join HDPhysiques now for a new video of gorgeous and massive Kayla Murphy!

Our 802nd Model Page is a NEW Christine Moyer Page – JOIN NOW for Awesome Pics & Vids!

Impressive GAINS in that physique! All-new Christine Moyer now available – JOIN HDPhysiques today!

One of the all-time fan favorites of HDPhysiques is back again, after a 3.5 year layoff!   She last competed in 2015, and now, in prep for the NPC Midwest Championships, part of the 2019 STL Pro Show Weekend (sponsored by HDPhysiques!), we have another new shoot with Christine Moyer.   Having made nice gains in her back and arms, she is now looking stellar and ready for a return to the stage.  Wish her the best of luck!  And be on the look out for more clips coming to her Clips Studio at HDPhysiques.TV – show your support there and she will greatly appreciate it!

Thank you for joining HDPhysiques and showing your support!

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Our 801st Model is Patrycja Wisniewska – JOIN HDPhysiques Today!

Check out those killer triceps on Pat! JOIN HDPhysiques today!

Hey gang – check out our terrific new model, fresh from the 2019 Arnold – Patrycja Wisniewska!   This figure phenomenon wowed the crowd in the Arnold Amateur last month, and she met up with us afterwards for a terrific shoot.  Check out her new model page with the first 4 videos and 3 photo galleries now available, and more on the way!

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NEW MODEL! Bojana Vasiljevic – the Serbian Sensation!

Look at that insane physique! Join HDPhysiques now to see exclusive pics and vids from this top IFBB Figure Star!

HDPhysiques has been waiting patiently to shoot with the absolutely awesome Bojana Vasiljevic (The Serbian Sensation!) for years!   We finally got our chance at last weekend’s 2019 Arnold Classic (Figure International) competition.  And as they say, “the best things come to those who wait!”.   What does that mean?  Well…. take a look at the free sample pics and video – Bojana was in the best shape of her entire life.  She was absolutely RIPPED and vascular, with nice big muscle all over her perfectly shaped frame.  So, this is a rare treat folks – a gorgeous IFBB Figure Pro who carries more muscle than many physique competitors!

See the 4 new videos and 2 photo galleries in the HDPhysiques members section, on Bojana’s NEW MODEL PAGE, and by joining HDPhysiques today!   Thank you for your support!

Remember to take advantage of our combo membership by “opting in” for the PremiumPhysiques add-on when you sign up at HDPhysiques – you don’t want to miss what’s going on over there too!

Bojana in her BEST SHAPE ever – ripped and very muscular! Join HDPhysiques today!