Lynette Audrey is our Newest Model – Plus More Vids added to Members Area!

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Hey gang,  we’ve got a big update today (yes, a little late – sorry, we’re away covering the Pittsburgh Pro this weekend – coverage coming soon to the site).

First up, we’ve got a new model page for Lynette Audrey, who recently made her pro debut at the 2019 St. Louis Pro!   Her new model page kicks off with the first 4 video clips, plus 2 amazing photo galleries.  You’ll be amazed at the physique improvements she’s made since getting her pro card.

Next up, you’ll find new clips on the pages of top IFBB Figure Pro Bojana Vasiljevic, as well as NPC Physique athlete, Farrah Faulkner.

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BIG UPDATE to the Members Area of HDP! 2 NEW MODELS and 4 Video Clips Added – JOIN NOW!

NPC Bikini Competitor Alex Ann is our 2nd newest model – JOIN NOW!

We promised a big update once we got back from the 2019 STL Pro Show, and here we are delivering on that promise!   Today’s update to the HDP members section is special!   We’ve got 2 new models to introduce…. NPC bikini competitor Alex Ann and IFBB Pro Fitness competitor, Jeanine Holtgrave!

We’ve also added new Clips on the pages of the 2018 Optimum Classic, the stunning biceps and chest of muscle model Blakelee Ortega, and the tremendous sexy muscle of Texan Brittany Bull!

Plus, head over to the other 2 sites to also see some HOT and FRESH new content on and HDPhysiques.TV . net.

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Brooklyn Torrance Walker has never looked better – get this recently added video with MEASUREMENTS – available now at HDPhysiques.TV!

4 NEW Clips added to the HDP Members Area – JOIN NOW!

The figure girls were CRAZY ripped this year – JOIN NOW for our coverage of the 2019 Arnold – 12 videos and 4 galleries today, plus much more to come!

Today, we’ve updated several of our bonus media pages, as well as our most popular model of 2018!    First up, check out the recently added page for the 2019 Arnold Sports Festival, and you’ll see a new video of top figure pros on stage.   Then, for some killer legs, how about Beefnuggette Paige Sandgren working legs as part of the 2018 Wild Horse Trio!   If physique girls are your thing, check out the girls taking the stage at last years 2018 Omaha Pro Show.  Then finally, one of the most beautiful and amazing muscle models you’ll see, from June 2018 in her figure offseason, check out the amazing biceps of Kaitie Hart 2!

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HUGE Arnold Update! 12 NEW Videos and 4 Galleries added to HDP!

There were some BIG meaty girls on stage – JOIN NOW for our coverage from the 2019 Arnold!

Big time update today at HDPhysiques, as well as some big announcements coming later today!   We appreciate your patience while we got the NEW Clips Store Shopping Cart launched late last week.  Users are reporting a much greater experience now shopping for their favorite clips at HDPhysiques.TV, the Female Muscle Store!

Today’s update is crazy big and good, folks!  First up, we’ve got the first 10 videos from our 2019 Arnold Sports Festival Coverage as well as 4 awesome photo galleries of the competition.  On this page, you’ll find clips (under 3 min each) of some of the show (all divisions), plus expo highlights, as well as interviews of top athletes from Christine Moyer and Hailey Delf!

Additionally, we’ve added new videos today on the pages of Kaitie Hart and Brittany Bull 2 – two of our most impressive shoots of 2018!

Plus, stay tuned for our MARCH MADNESS Promotions coming later today!   You’ll get amazing discounts on joining the HDP/PP combo membership as well as new specials at our redesigned clips store, HDPhysiques TV, the Female Muscle Store!  Thank you for your continued support – if you’re NOT a member, please SIGN UP today and support female muscle!

Brand new clip of the stunning Brittany Bull now available – JOIN NOW for the hottest in female muscle!

The figure girls were CRAZY ripped this year – JOIN NOW for our coverage of the 2019 Arnold – 12 videos and 4 galleries today, plus much more to come!

HUGE 6 Video Update in the HDP Members Area Today – JOIN NOW!

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It’s a GREAT DAY to be a member at HDPhysiques!   We’ve got a huge 6 video update featuring some very entertaining clips.   First up, in our bonus media section, we’ve got 2 new videos of the 2018 Omaha Pro Show, plus 1 new video on the 2018 Wild Horse Muscle Trio!   Then, on our model pages, we’ve got new clips of the incredible Brett Scott, huge and powerful Farrah Faulkner, plus the incomparable Sheronica Henton 4!

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Quick Update About the Latest at HDPhysiques.TV and PremiumPhysiques – Click here!

Brooklyn Torrance Walker has never looked better – get this BRAND NEW video with MEASUREMENTS – available now at HDPhysiques.TV!

Hey gang, we just wanted to do a periodic update for you about what’s the latest happenings at our sister sites, the HDPhysiques.TV Clips Store, and the site for our sponsored athletes,!

First of all, in the Brooke Torrance Walker – Arkansas Ranger Clips Studio at HDPhysiques.TV, we have a brand new video of Torrance featuring her impressive MEASUREMENTS, in addition to punishing her body with a grueling biceps and chest workout!   This all makes for an outstanding new video – get it today and show your support to Brooklyn!    Also, at HDPhysiques.TV, the Female Muscle Store, there’s another new entry from our friends over at Muscle Beauties!  The new video featuring gorgeous “Behr” is a must get!

Then, over at our sister site we’ve got a brand new page featuring sponsored athlete Carli “T-Rep” Terepka, in EXTREME ripped contest shape!  Carli at the Tampa Pro 2 Page is the best yet that Carli has ever looked…. and we’ve got lots of video on the way from this shoot.  The first 4 clips and 3 photo galleries are up now.   Join PremiumPhysiques now!   Or…. remember, you can join HDP and PP at the same time with our combo membership and save over $5.00 a month!   Just click the “opt-in” box for the add-on to PremiumPhysiques!

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Gorgeous “Behr” is the latest model in the Muscle Beauties Clips Studio at HDPhysiques.TV – Get it today!

Carli is ripped and shredded in her BRAND NEW Shoot page at – JOIN today with the HDP/PP combo membership to save $5.00/month!

6 HUGE Vids Added to Members Area – Melissa Pearo, Sarah Fechter, & much more!

These are some AMAZING muscles – Join HDPhysiques now for gorgeous Sarah Fechter!

HDPhysiques has been updated with tremendous new videos in the Members area featuring some of your favorite female physiques!   First up, in the Bonus Media area, you’ll see 2 new videos on the page for the 2018 Omaha Pro Show featuring site favorites, Allison Schmohl and Jill Diorio!   Then, on the model pages, you’ll see 1 new video each on the pages of Melissa Pearo, Brett Scott, Blakelee Ortega, & Sarah Fechter.   These are some tremendous clips, folks!

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HUGE 7 Video Update to the HDPhysiques Members Area! – Kaitie Hart, Blakelee Ortega and More!

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Hey gang, we’ve got a BIG mid-week update here for you at!  First up, check out 2 new clips on the bonus media page of the 2018 Omaha Pro featuring both WPD and Bikini.   Then, some backstage posing of Bianca Scott and more on the page of the 2018 Optimum Classic.  Then, for model clips, check out new videos on the pages of massive FBB Judy Gaillard, sexy figure muscle-head Kaitie Hart 2, and the incredible WPD competitor, Blakelee Ortega!

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Tremendous power! All new video of Katie Lee in 4K resolution over at HDPhysiques.TV in her Clips Studio!

Hey Gang,  We need your help with something real quick, and we’ll make it worth your time.  Over the past few days, we’ve transitioned to a newer, faster, bigger server, that should help us satisfy our memberhip for years to come.   However, we need your help in testing the clips store system and making sure it’s running as it should.  So, for the remainder of today, I want to encourage people to head over to the CLIPS STORE (HDPhysiques.TV, the FemaleMuscleStore), and buy some clips!!!!   We will offer you some freebies for your time.  Buy one get one, up to 10/10 for the rest of the day!   (So, if you buy 1 clip, you can get 1 clip for free…. if you buy 5 clips, get 5 more for FREE,  up to buy 10, get 10 FREE).  All you have to do is the following:

  1. – make your purchases TODAY (Saturday, January 12th), by midnight, at Female Muscle Store, by HDPhysiques.TV.
  2. – after the completion of downloading your PURCHASED videos, then email us ( and tell us the EXACT TITLES of the additional one(s) you’d like to get for FREE – you MUST USE EXACT TITLES (copy and paste from your browser!)
  3. – You have until Sunday evening to email us – after that, too bad – you snooze you lose!

Thank you for participating and, in advance, ENJOY your vids!!!

Joe –

6 NEW Videos Added here at HDPhysiques! Plus NEW Beefnuggette Page over at PremiumPhysiques!

Head over to the Wildhorse Trio page in our bonus media section to see the latest clip here at HDPhysiques of BIG Beefnuggette!

Head over to the Wildhorse Trio page in our bonus media section to see the latest clip here at HDPhysiques of BIG Beefnuggette!

Hey gang – a BIG 6 video update today here at HDPhysiques!  First up, we’ve got 2 new clips each on the bonus media pages of the 2018 STL Pro and the 2018 Omaha Pro Show.   Then, if you’re a fan of big sexy WPD girls, check out the incredible Diana Schnaidt from our shoot earlier this year in Orlando.  Then finally, a new clip of the huge and super powerful Paige “Beefnuggette” Sandgren on the 2018 Wildhorse Trio page, also in our bonus media section.

And, speaking of Paige…. over on our sister site, PremiumPhysiques, where we feature our sponsored athletes, we just released a BRAND NEW PAGE of PAIGE, in ripped contest shape.  Check out “Beefnuggette in her Colorful Bikini” now, exclusively at PremiumPhysiques. The first 3 videos and 2 galleries are up, with more on the way!   Remember, you can join PremiumPhysiques with our “combo membership” by opting in for PP when you sign up to BE A MEMBER HERE at HDPhysiques, and save over $7.00 per month!  Thank you for supporting all HDPhysiques related properties!

Over at PremiumPhysiques, our sister site featuring our sponsored athletes, see a brand new page of Paige "Beefnuggette" Sandgren - JOIN both sites now by "opting in" for PP when you join HDPhysiques!

Over at PremiumPhysiques, our sister site featuring our sponsored athletes, see a brand new page of Paige “Beefnuggette” Sandgren – JOIN both sites now by “opting in” for PP when you join HDPhysiques!