5 New Members Area Clips Added! – Kim Baum, Brooke Walker, and More!

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We’ve got an impressive 5 videos for you to enjoy in today’s update.  In the Bonus Media Section, there are 3 new clips – 1 on the page of the 2021 Phoenix UBU Expo featuring Brooke Walker leading her pack in an epic posedown.   Then, 2 more added on the page of the 2018 Champions of Power & Grace, featuring big thick muscular WPD competitors.

Then, on the model pages, we’ve added 2 new videos on the page of the SUPER SEXY powerlifter and WPD competitor, Kim Baum 2.  Tremendous upper body posing examples, with HOT flexing!

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New Model – WPD Pro Kristyn Lia PLUS New Bonus Media Vids!

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Our latest model here at HDPhysiques is the Australian friend of recently added new model Danai Theodoropoulou, the stunning Womens Physique competitor, Kristyn Lia.   On the new Kristyn Lia Model Page, see 2 members area video clips and 2 members area photo galleries from the short shoot we had with her in Chicago just a few weeks ago after she competed in the 2023 Chicago Pro Show.

Additionally, we’ve also added new clips on the pages of the 2021 St Louis Pro Show featuring over 5 minutes of Womens Physique Prejudging, as well as some HOT backstage flexing from the 2022 Optimum Classic, featuring Maria CeCi Barba.

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5 New Clips Added to the HDP Members Area – Falborn, Berish, & More!

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Today’s HDPhysiques update has 5 new clips and we will have another bigger update later this week as we return from the 2023 Texas Pro.   For today’s quick update, see new clips on the pages of models Jess Falborn 3, and Sarena Berish 4 (Both WPD Competitors).   Then, in the bonus media section, 2 new clips added on the page of the 2018 Champions of Power and Grace page.   An excellent show with some of the best WPD talent ever in a lineup.

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NEW MODEL PAGE for Gigantic FBB Asha Hadley – Awesome Female Muscle – JOIN NOW!

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Hey fellas…. it’s been a long time coming…. but we heard the feedback from our first shoot with Asha Hadley, nearly 9 yrs ago now…. and decided it’s time to have another feature on this sensational superstar of female muscle, who changed physique categories from Womens Physique to Female Bodybuilding a few years back.   On the new Asha Hadley 2 page, you’ll see the first 4 members area clips and 3 members area photo galleries, along with the normal free previews.  As you can see clearly…. Asha has a TON of beef on that perfect X-frame of hers.   Quite a physical specimen to say the least.  And there’s much more to come!

Also, be sure to check out the latest video of completely RIPPED and SHREDDED Olympia level muscle, over in the Brooke Walker Clips Studio at HDPhysiques.TV – you won’t believe the shredz!

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HUGE NEWS – Phenomenal Female Bodybuilder Julia Foery Arrives at HDPhysiques!

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ENORMOUS and GORGEOUS!   That’s what we’ve got with all new HDP model, the gorgeous Swiss IFBB Pro Female Bodybuilder, Julia Foery!     On the new Julia Foery Model Page, you’ll see the first of several shoots, this one from American Family Fitness in Pontoon Beach, IL.   Julia is one of the largest FBB’s we’ve worked with, and she just happens to have “drop dead gorgeous” looks too!   If you’re a fan of gigantic biceps, ripped chest and back, and powerful legs, this is a blonde stunner that will leave you jaw-dropped and wanting more!    To celebrate – we are making July…. “JULIA” Month!   If you join with an HDPhysiques COMBO membership (adding on PremiumPhysiques) and mention Julia when you email us, you’ll get 3 FREE videos from HDPhysiques.TV, the female muscle store!

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HDPhysiques Updated with 6 PowerPacked New Clips! Jess Falborn, Macey Toney & More!

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Yo fellas!   We’ve got a hot new update featuring 6 new clips from some of our best of 2020 and 2021.    We just got back home from a 5 day trip to the DelMarVa area, where we got 5 incredible new shoots done with some amazing models…. both new and some traditional favorites!   So, be on the lookout for all the new goodies.   For today’s update, see 2 new clips in the bonus media section, on the page of the 2020 Omaha Pro….. some backstage AND stage action featuring some of the best Womens Physique Pros!    Then, head over to the model pages and see 2 new clips on the page of the lovely Jess Falborn 2, as well as 2 new clips on the page of top IFBB WPD Pro, Macey Toney!   6 clips of phenomenal hot and awesome action!

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7 NEW Awesome Videos Added to the HDPhysiques Members Area – JOIN NOW!

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Hey gang – we’ve got a nice big update here to start the week, and a HOT new model coming later this week here at HDPhysiques!   First up, on the model pages, we’ve got a HOT leggy new clip on the page of Mayla Ash – the sensational WPD competitor who now turned to FBB.  She’s got the size and these wheels certainly prove it!   Then, over in the bonus media section of the site, we have 2 new clips each on the pages of the 2019 Legions Sports Festival, the 2019 Omaha Pro, and the 2019 Optimum Classic.    Thank you for joining HDPhysiques!

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Six New Clips Added in a HOT HDP Members Area Update!

NEW VIDEO of the amazing bikini booties on the page of the 2019 Pitt Pro – JOIN NOW!

Hey folks – we have a hot one for you today as summer winds down!   6 new clips added in the HDP members area will be sure to offer a little something for everyone!   First up, we’ve got 2 very different kinds of contest coverage in our Bonus Media section.   For example…. fans of the BIG GIRLS will love the 2 new clips added of female bodybuilding on the page of the 2019 Omaha Pro!   Then, for the opposite end of the spectrum…. fans of the smaller bodied, but excellent bootied, bikini competitors, you’ll see 2 new clips added on the page of the 2019 Pittsburgh Pro Show.   Then, over on the model pages, fans of physique girls will love the new clip of Sarah Kornhauser in contest shape.  And finally…. fans of “big figs” (figure girls who SHOULD be physique competitors!), we’ve got a hot new clip of Rachel Killam 3 and her awesome biceps!

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6 AMAZING New Vids Added to the HDP Members Area – Rachel Daniels, Killiegh Meredith, & More!

Those quads are absolutely TREMENDOUS! But, she’s got some sweet upper body muscle too! JOIN NOW for the awesome Killiegh Meredith!

It’s an incredible day to be a member at HDPhysiques!    In today’s update, we’ve got a mix of material that will be sure to please.   For some contest coverage, check out the bonus media page of the 2020 Omaha Pro Show, where you’ll find 2 new video clips added.   Then, for some powerful Womens Physique muscle…. we’ve got new clips on the pages of IFBB Pro and Olympian, Rachel Daniels, as well as NPC Competitor Lindsay Bradley!   Finally, 2 more clips have been added on the page of sensational newcomer, Killiegh Meredith!   Whether it’s upper or lower body muscle you’re after…. she’s got it!

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QUAD MONSTER Kiliegh is the NEWEST MODEL at HDPhysiques! JOIN HDPhysiques Today!

Those quads are absolutely TREMENDOUS! But, she’s got some sweet upper body muscle too!

Hey gang – we’ve got an EXCITING new model this week…. one with absolutely tremendous potential, and the ability to take on ANY division she chooses!   Will this QUAD MONSTER end up in Womens Physique?  Figure?  Or perhaps the new Wellness division?   The sky is the limit for gorgeous Kiliegh!   On the new Kiliegh Meredith model page, you’ll see the true definition of stunning looks combined with awesome female muscle power, as we’ve unleashed the first 3 video clips, and 2 epic photo galleries, along with some sexy sample photos!    We always love bringing amazing new talent like this to the scene, and we have no doubt that there’s a tremendous future for this amazing model!

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Full of confidence as she flexes and points at her moneymakers!

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