Wellness WONDER! Olympian Dani Theo is our Newest Model – JOIN TODAY!

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Today’s new model is an INCREDIBLE Wellness Wonder – the 2023 Chicago Pro Champ from last weekend – Danai Theodoropoulou (aka – Dani Theo).   On the new Danai Theodoropoulou model page, we’ve got 2 photo galleries and a video clip of the Champ looking absolutely smashing the day after the show.    It was a short shoot, so we only have the 1 video and 2 galleries, but we’ve got more scheduled with her for the Olympia weekend in Nov.    Plus we’ve got some photos with her friend, WPD pro Kristyn Lia (her model page is coming soon).

Today we’ve also added 2 galleries of some top pros on the page of the 2019 Arnold Sports Festival.    You’ll see some of the top athletes in WPD, Fitness, and more!

The Phenomenal Ms Olympia, Natalia Coelho, leads the pack at the 2019 Arnold. Click here for the new galleries!


Additionally, if you’re ready for some MASSIVE BICEPS, the queen herself is back with a new video in the Katie Lee’s Peak Power Studio at HDPhysiques.TV!   Absolutely mind-blowing muscle!   Get it today and show Katie some support, folks!

Katie Lee the BICEPS QUEEN! Get her new video today in her Peak Power Studio at HDPhysiques.TV!