5 New Clips Added to the Members Area – Including the HOT Posing of Victoria Flores!

That’s the back and the rear double bi shot of a top notch pro! JOIN NOW for the lovely Victoria Flores!

Hot in more ways than one!   It was a scorching 112 degrees in Phoenix when we shot this clip, so if Victoria looks both HOT …. AND HOT….. now you know why!   Sizzling along with the sun, her mountainous biceps, rock hard glutes, and sexy muscle legs were a sight to behold in the Phoenix desert.   Check out the new clip today on the Victoria Flores model page.

Next up in today’s update, we’ve got 4 new clips in the bonus media area of the site…. 2 on the page of the 2021 St Louis Pro, featuring backstage action, and then 2 on the page of the 2018 Champions of Power and Grace in Raleigh NC, featuring on stage action of 2 of today’s top WPD Pros, including the massive and shredded Valentia Mishina!

Thanks for joining HDPhysiques – much more on the way this week!   We just got back from the 2023 Chicago Pro and shot 3 amazing new models that you will be sure to love!

Check out the latest video added in the studio of “E-Nozzie” over at HDPhysiques.TV – Those 26″ legs need some lovin’!