NEW MODEL PAGE – Jamie PInder 2 – Tremendously Ripped and Muscular Detail!

Making an appearance with new model Jamie Pinder 2, her friend, the awesome Canadian IFBB Physique Pro, Cara Kerluck! (also featured here at HDP)

Hey gang – welcome to the NEW YEAR!   And we pledge to make this the best year yet for HDPhysiques and our related properties (HDPhysiques.TV – the Female Muscle Store, and PremiumPhysiques, our sister site featuring our sponsored athletes, or “special parts” models).   To kick off the new year, we have a blast from the past who returned for new shoots in 2022… specifically this one from the 2022 Texas Pro Show.    None other than legendary Womens Physique Pro, Jamie Pinder!  (who was also featured at both PremiumPhysiques and HDPhysiques.TV during her competing days).   Coming out of retirement for this shoot, Jamie brought her A-game and looked absolutely amazing.  Nicely peaked, thick meaty biceps, along with BIG, deep cut quads, perfectly shaped glutes, and much more.   We are excited to share these hot clips and photos with you on the new Jamie Pinder 2 page, so be sure to join and check them out!

Also, remember to JOIN with a COMBO membership with PremiumPhysiques, so that you can check out the new shoot recently added there, featuring the NEW Ms Physique Olympia, Natalia Coelho in RIPPED Olympian shape!   Thanks for your support as we kick off a great new year!

Huge calves, ripped triceps, and tight bountiful glutes. Jamie has it all. JOIN NOW!

She got HUGE and SUPER RIPPED – the New 2022 Ms Physique Olympia, Natalia Coelho! JOIN TODAY with a combo membership to access this shoot at PremiumPhysiques as well!