5 Phenomenal Clips Starring Popular Recently Added Models! Gamroth, McGuire, & Toney!

SEXY and strong! Macey Toney is one of the latest reasons to JOIN HDPhysiques!

Gamroth, McGuire, & Toney! …….No, that’s not a law-firm….. that’s 3 of the most popular physique competitors we’ve recently added to the site, whose pages were updated today with new clips!    Check it out – First up, we’ve got 2 new clips on the page of the 2019 Ms Physique USA winner, and new IFBB Pro, Macey “Rice-A-Roni” Toney!   Then, for some super ripped quads from the Chicago Pro…. check out the new clip added on the page of Physique Pro Angel Gamroth!  Finally, for some “tweener” stuff (meaning, a girl that competes in both Figure and Physique!), we’ve got 2 new clips in the gym featuring IFBB Pro Nikki McGuire!

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Brooke at her best ever! New Clips of the ultimate blonde muscle girl just added at PremiumPhysiques – join with our combo membership today!

The HUGE BICEPS of Carli Terepka featured in this hot contest shape clip just now available in her studio at HDPhysiques.TV – get it today and show Carli your support!


NEW MODEL – Rising Figure Star Ally Norton – Awesome Pics & Vids!

Outstanding biceps on new model Ally Norton – JOIN TODAY for this muscle cutie next door!

Today we have an update featuring new model Ally Norton!  We met up with Ally at the New York Pro a couple months ago and had a great shoot there at the Tampa Waterfront.   Tremendous biceps, shapely quads, and impressive delts…. Ally has a little something for fans of all types!  The new Ally Norton model page kicks off with the first 4 video clips and the first 2 photo galleries…. with more vids on the way – Join our members area today!

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Six New Clips Added in a HOT HDP Members Area Update!

NEW VIDEO of the amazing bikini booties on the page of the 2019 Pitt Pro – JOIN NOW!

Hey folks – we have a hot one for you today as summer winds down!   6 new clips added in the HDP members area will be sure to offer a little something for everyone!   First up, we’ve got 2 very different kinds of contest coverage in our Bonus Media section.   For example…. fans of the BIG GIRLS will love the 2 new clips added of female bodybuilding on the page of the 2019 Omaha Pro!   Then, for the opposite end of the spectrum…. fans of the smaller bodied, but excellent bootied, bikini competitors, you’ll see 2 new clips added on the page of the 2019 Pittsburgh Pro Show.   Then, over on the model pages, fans of physique girls will love the new clip of Sarah Kornhauser in contest shape.  And finally…. fans of “big figs” (figure girls who SHOULD be physique competitors!), we’ve got a hot new clip of Rachel Killam 3 and her awesome biceps!

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Physique Pro Sarah has some amazing quads and arms! JOIN NOW!

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4 Crazy HOT Vids Added to the HDP Members Area – Gamroth, T-Thick, & More!

She’s pointing at her moneymakers! She’s proud of those deep cut quads! JOIN NOW for Angel Gamroth!

Check it out, folks!   We’ve got a small but mighty update this weekend, but will have another update coming very soon early next week.    For today, we’ve got 4 new clips added to the members area.   First up, in the bonus media section, we’ve got 2 new clips on the page of the 2020 Omaha Pro Show, featuring some incredible womens physique talent.   Then, on the model pages, we’ve got 2 very special recently added models.   First up, some awesome back work and flexing by Taylor “T-Thick” on the “Taylor Thick” page.   Then, for some SUPER RIPPED contest shape sexy muscle, blonde bombshell Angel Gamroth has a great new flexing video on her page.

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Gorgeous smile – huge muscles, and a great attitude! What more can you want? Join HDPhysiques today for the sizzlin’ hot Taylor, our 900th model!

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NEW MODEL Macey Toney – SUPER HOT Womens Physique Pro – BIG BICEPS!

Powerful female muscle! JOIN NOW for the awesome Macey Toney!

Hey gang – we’ve got a GREAT new model added to HDPhysiques today!   From our 2 recent trips to the Phoenix Europa and the Texas Pro Show, we’ve got a combination of 2 shoots with the sensational new IFBB Pro Womens Physique Competitor, Macey Toney!   In ripped contest shape, Macey looks absolutely sensational and loves to flex her amazing physique and pose for amazing photos and videos.   If you’re a fan of sharply peaked BIG biceps, ripped washboard abs, and lean, meaty quads, you’re gonna love what Macey brings to the table.   In addition to her youthful and gorgeous looks, her presentation and posing skills will definitely be appreciated by muscle admirers of all types.   The new Macey Toney model page now features the first 3 photo galleries, the first 4 video clips, and of course, the usual assortment of free preview content.

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SEXY and strong! Macey Toney is the latest reason to JOIN HDPhysiques!

SUPER RIPPED contest shape Brooke Walker added at PremiumPhysiques – JOIN with our HDP/PP combo membership now and save $8/month!

6 AMAZING New Vids Added to the HDP Members Area – Rachel Daniels, Killiegh Meredith, & More!

Those quads are absolutely TREMENDOUS! But, she’s got some sweet upper body muscle too! JOIN NOW for the awesome Killiegh Meredith!

It’s an incredible day to be a member at HDPhysiques!    In today’s update, we’ve got a mix of material that will be sure to please.   For some contest coverage, check out the bonus media page of the 2020 Omaha Pro Show, where you’ll find 2 new video clips added.   Then, for some powerful Womens Physique muscle…. we’ve got new clips on the pages of IFBB Pro and Olympian, Rachel Daniels, as well as NPC Competitor Lindsay Bradley!   Finally, 2 more clips have been added on the page of sensational newcomer, Killiegh Meredith!   Whether it’s upper or lower body muscle you’re after…. she’s got it!

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Kaitie Hart in a POWERFUL offseason size, in a new shoot page featured at PremiumPhysiques – JOIN with our combo membership today!

Bonus Media Section w/7 New Clips Added in Today’s Members Update!

Brooke Walker is a perfectly sculpted Goddess of female muscle! Click here to go her clip on the page of the 2019 Omaha Pro – JOIN HDPhysiques now!

Hey folks – we hope your week is off to a great start – we’ve got some incredible stuff on the way due to our recent trips to Dallas and Phoenix and the resulting awesome shoots we had.   Stay tuned for some phenomenal hot new models coming to the site soon!   For today’s update, we’ve got a whopping 7 new clips added to the Bonus Media Section.   First up, check out the 2 new clips on the page of the 2020 Arnold Sports Festival.   Then, 1 more clip on the page of the 2019 STL Pro, 2 more on the page of the 2019 Legions Sports Festival, and 2 more on the page of the 2019 Omaha Pro.  You’ll recognize some familiar faces both backstage and on stage!

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Brooke at her best ever! Shot just this Past Sunday, the day after her first pro win, Brooke is MASSIVE and RIPPED – join PremiumPhysiques for more now, or see her clips store at HDPhysiques.TV!

There’s BRAND NEW Carli Terepka over in her Clips Studio at HDPhysiques.TV – check out her and Brooke in contest shape – RIPPED!

Quick Update to Tell You About Big Brooke Walker – She’s Going To The Olympia!

Brooke at her best ever! Shot just this Past Sunday, the day after her first pro win, Brooke is MASSIVE and RIPPED – join PremiumPhysiques for more now, or see her clips store at HDPhysiques.TV!

Hey fellas!   We’ve got some great news from this past weekend in Phoenix…..  HDPhysiques sponsored athlete, Brooklyn T. Walker, followed in the footsteps of fellow HDP athlete Carli Terepka, and punched her ticket to this October’s Physique Olympia in Orlando, by winning the 2021 UBU Phoenix Pro-Am, at Westworld of Scottsdale.    Brooke looked absolutely stunning, brought her best package to the stage ever, and simply wowed the audience, who roared cheering for the gorgeous Arkansas Ranger.    After 5.5 yrs of disappointing 2nd place finishes, Brooke finally got the recognition she deserved for so long.  We’ve got lots of coverage from this show to come here at HDPhysiques (backstage pumproom footage and some stage action), and some candids that we shot for NPC Online.

The best news for Brooke fans is this….. we’ve got a BRAND NEW SHOOT now released at PremiumPhysiques from the day after her big win.   At her biggest and most ripped yet, you’ve got to see this one, folks!   The first 4 clips are up, as well as the first 2 galleries.  And let me tell you…. it’s stunning!   Brooke benefits when you join PremiumPhysiques, and obviously another great way to show your support is by purchasing clips from her studio at HDPhysiques.TV!    Please give her some love as she begins her strenuous Olympia prep!   Remember, you can join PremiumPhysiques when you join HDP (use the “opt-in” check-box), and save up to $8.00/month.   Thank you for supporting HDPhysiques athletes Brooke and Carli!  It’s gonna be a fun Olympia for HDPhysiques fans!    And don’t worry…. a big update coming here on the HDP mother ship this weekend!   In the meantime, enjoy new model Nikki McGuire!

Support Brooke by picking up the latest super hot clips from her Studio at HDPhysiques.TV – click here!

Some of the best shoulders and abs you’ll ever see! JOIN PremiumPhysiques now for the “hot off the presses” New Brooke Walker Shoot – Brooke Wins in PHX!

AWESOME New Model – Gorgeous IFBB Pro Nikki McGuire Now Available!

Big meaty calves, and much more! This gorgeous new model is sure to WOW you! JOIN HDPhysiques today!

Today we have a very special new model to release here at HDPhysiques.com.   We recently met up with one of the most incredible new figure pros to come around in a while.  Having won her pro card last year at North Americans, Nikki McGuire certainly has a promising future in the pro ranks of IFBB Figure.   With drop-dead gorgeous looks, Nikki has a perfectly shaped frame and sports nice quality muscle throughout her physique.   On the NEW Nikki McGuire Model Page, you’ll find the first 4 video clips, along with the first 2 photo galleries, with much more on the way!  As you can see from the sample photos…. her look is absolutely beautiful, and at her young age, she has a very bright future as she continues to progress in the sport.

Thank you for signing up for an HDPhysiques membership, as well as checking out our sister site where we feature our sponsored athletes…. PremiumPhysiques.com!

Stunning looks, rock solid muscle. Nikki McGuire has it all – JOIN NOW!

All new shoots coming soon to our sister site, PremiumPhysiques, featuring the MIND-BLOWING, super gorgeous Brooke Walker!

BIG UPDATE – 7 New Clips Added to the HDP Members Area + New Bonus Media Galleries!

NEW VIDEO of the amazing bikini booties on the page of the 2019 Pitt Pro – JOIN NOW!

Hey gang…. we’ve got a BIG update for you this weekend (and a new model coming early next week – SUPER HOT!).    Today we’ve got 7 new videos and 2 new galleries to add.   First up…. getting some old stuff out….  we’ve got 2 new galleries added on the page of the 2017 North Americans…. one of the greatest years for that show, featuring Carli Terepka and more!   Then, for video clips, we’ve got a new one of super gorgeous bikini pros on the page of the 2019 Pittsburgh Pro, and then some big powerful WPD pros on the page of the 2019 Omaha Pro, featuring a wild pose down!   Finally, for some incredible fitness routines, check out 2 new vids on the page of the 2019 Legions Sports Festival.   And finally,  for some behind the scenes action of top female physique pros, check out the page of the 2019 Optimum Classic.

Also – be sure to head over to the Clips Store at HDPhysiques.TV and see an ALL NEW video in the studio of Brooklyn T. Walker – CONTEST SHAPE in the sexy studio!

Backstage at the Optimum, Rachael Loftis gets approval from coach Heather. See the new video by joining HDPhysiques

In a shockingly hot new video in the Brooke Walker studio at HDPhysiques.TV, Brooke flexes in the sexy studio in CONTEST SHAPE! Get it today and show Brooke your support!