5 Phenomenal Clips Starring Popular Recently Added Models! Gamroth, McGuire, & Toney!

SEXY and strong! Macey Toney is one of the latest reasons to JOIN HDPhysiques!

Gamroth, McGuire, & Toney! …….No, that’s not a law-firm….. that’s 3 of the most popular physique competitors we’ve recently added to the site, whose pages were updated today with new clips!    Check it out – First up, we’ve got 2 new clips on the page of the 2019 Ms Physique USA winner, and new IFBB Pro, Macey “Rice-A-Roni” Toney!   Then, for some super ripped quads from the Chicago Pro…. check out the new clip added on the page of Physique Pro Angel Gamroth!  Finally, for some “tweener” stuff (meaning, a girl that competes in both Figure and Physique!), we’ve got 2 new clips in the gym featuring IFBB Pro Nikki McGuire!

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Brooke at her best ever! New Clips of the ultimate blonde muscle girl just added at PremiumPhysiques – join with our combo membership today!

The HUGE BICEPS of Carli Terepka featured in this hot contest shape clip just now available in her studio at HDPhysiques.TV – get it today and show Carli your support!


QUAD MONSTER Kiliegh is the NEWEST MODEL at HDPhysiques! JOIN HDPhysiques Today!

Those quads are absolutely TREMENDOUS! But, she’s got some sweet upper body muscle too!

Hey gang – we’ve got an EXCITING new model this week…. one with absolutely tremendous potential, and the ability to take on ANY division she chooses!   Will this QUAD MONSTER end up in Womens Physique?  Figure?  Or perhaps the new Wellness division?   The sky is the limit for gorgeous Kiliegh!   On the new Kiliegh Meredith model page, you’ll see the true definition of stunning looks combined with awesome female muscle power, as we’ve unleashed the first 3 video clips, and 2 epic photo galleries, along with some sexy sample photos!    We always love bringing amazing new talent like this to the scene, and we have no doubt that there’s a tremendous future for this amazing model!

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Full of confidence as she flexes and points at her moneymakers!

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5 New Members Section Videos Added – Jess Falborn & Lindsey Bradley!

Rock hard abs, vascularity, and powerful arms and quads. Lindsay is a beast! JOIN NOW!

Today, we’ve added 5 new clips to the members section.   You’ll no doubt enjoy the variety between the gym work, and outdoor sexy flexing.    First up, a nice leg clip on the recently added Lindsey Bradley 2 page.  Long and strong quads!   Then, 4 new clips, featuring 2 outdoors and 2 in the gym, on the recently added Jessica Falborn 2 page.   BIG Beefy Muscle!   Wish Jess luck as she goes for her pro card once again later this year.

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Members Area Updated with 7 Mind-Blowing Vid Clips & New Members Gallery!

New gallery of HOT Lindsay Bradley 2 added – JOIN NOW!

Today, we’ve updated HDPhysiques with a new gallery on the page of Lindsay Bradley 2, as well as 7 new video clips on the following pages.   First up, in the bonus media section, we’ve added 2 new clips each on the pages of the 2019 Pittsburgh Pro, the 2019 Optimum Classic, and the 2019 Legions Sports Festival.   Then, finally, we’ve added a new video of the OUTSTANDING legs of killer cutie, Lauren Barnett from the 2019 NPC Nationals, where she nearly won a pro card!

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HUGE biceps! That’s a little sample of what’s new in the Carli Terepka Clips Studio at HDPhysiques.TV – head over there to get some hot new Carli contest shape action!

5 NEW Muscle Girl Clips Added to the Members Area – JOIN TODAY!

As a nice added bonus, Carli Terepka makes a guest appearance in Tabitha’s shoot! Subscribe to HDPhysiques today and don’t miss any of the HOT pics and vids to come!

Hey fellas – we’ve got 5 awesome new clips added to the members area today that we are sure you’re going to enjoy!   First up, for some backstage pumproom action, check out the muscle on the girls gathering at the 2020 Omaha Pro Show!    Then, for some ultra-sexy blondes!   How about stunning NPC Figure competitor, Raychel Akerboom working quads and flexing biceps – it doesn’t get much better!   Then, for some contest shape badassness, check out the lovely Tabitha Borland from the North Americans, doing some full body posing and showing off those amazing quads!

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3 Vids, 2 Galleries Added! Anjie Yeo & Kelly Lynn & More – JOIN NOW!

Some amazing muscle in today’s galleries updates in the bonus media area. Click here to JOIN NOW!

Hey gang, we hope you are having a great weekend!   Here at HDPhysiques, we’ve got some hot new pics and vids to add to the members area.   First up, we found an unused portion of our coverage of the 2016 San Antonio Pro Show, so we’ve got 2 new galleries of well-muscled figure and bikini girls to add there.   Then, for new videos, check out the SUPER SULTRY posing of the huge and ripped Anjie Yeo from our November shoot at Nationals.   And finally, if you love BOTH huge biceps and MASSIVE ripped legs….. you’re gonna be ASTONISHED at the 2 new clips on the page of the stunning Kelly Lynn 3.   Absolutely mind-blowing muscle!

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Calves, glutes, biceps, what more can you want. Anjie has it all! JOIN NOW for this incredible model!

NEW MODEL Page – Luciana Esquilin 2, PLUS New Vids of Chelsea Morgan!

Phenomenal Womens Physique Pro, Luciana Esquilin 2, now available at HDPhysiques – JOIN NOW!

Hey gang!  We’ve got a NICE weekend update here for you.   First up, a brand new model page for our 2nd shoot with the Luciana Esquilin!    On the new Luciana Esquilin 2 page, you’ll find some free samples, and 2 members photo galleries.   Then, how about youngster Chelsea Morgan with 2 new videos on her model page!   Chelsea works triceps and quads and then does plenty of posing and flexing of both.

Thank you for JOINING HDPhysiques today!   And by the way….. be sure to check out the Brooke Walker Clips Studio at HDPhysiques.TV for a brand new “Muscle Challenge” video with Brooke and Katie Lee, where they bash back and biceps at the Dungeon Gym!   Get it today!

Katie vs Brooke in an all new muscle challenge video in Brooke’s Clips Store at HDPhysiques.TV! Get it today by clicking here!

Members Area Updated! Rachel Daniels, Chelsea Morgan, & Brandi Jo – NEW VIDS Added!

Deep cut quads, massive delts and powerful biceps – Rachel is the NY Pro Champion! JOIN HDPhysiques now for the best in female muscle!

Today, HDPhysiques has been updated with 5 tremendous new videos of some of our top 2020 talent!    First up, for fresh, young never-before-seen talent, check out the super impressive wide back and powerful legs of new physique model, Chelsea Morgan!   Then, a natural masters midwest figure competitor, the super ripped Brandi Jo, just days out from her last show.   Finally, Olympian and first year pro, the stunning Rachel Daniels, with a new clip featuring calves, hammies, glutes, and more!

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NEW MODEL PAGE – Calves Queen Kelly Lynn 3 Now Added!

Some of the best legs in the business! JOIN NOW for the awesome Kelly Lynn 3 page!

HDPhysiques is happy to ring in the NEW YEAR with the impressive Figure/WPD competitor, Kelly Lynn Nauyokas!    On the new Kelly Lynn 3 page, you’ll see our awesome shoot with her from the 2020 New York Pro Show (in Tampa, FL), where we found Kelly in her best shape yet of her entire career!   The first 4 clips and 2 photo galleries are now posted in the members area, along with the usual assortment of free samples to entice you to “JOIN HDPhysiques”.

Thank you for your support in a very difficult 2020 year.  We have huge plans for 2021 and we are off to a great start – thank you for being along for the ride!

She’s got the biceps to go along with those massive legs! JOIN NOW for the awesome Kelly Lynn 3 page!

Members Update – 6 New Clips Added to HDP!

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Fans of QUADS and CALVES – check it out!   We’ve got 2 new clips (out of 6 total today) added to the members section that will be sure to please.   First up…. quad lovers are gonna freak over the tremendously ripped and shredded quads of figure pro and Olympian, Felisha Livezey 2.   Then, for both quads, calves, and glutes…. you’re gonna love the new clip from Wildhorse Gym featuring Jessica Chapa 2 – some of the finest meat-grinders in the midwest!    Then, for more bonus media contest coverage, check out the new clips on the pages of the 2019 Legions Sports Fest, featuring the top figure pros, and then on the 2019 STL Pro, featuring Brooke Walker squaring off against Natalia Coelho!