BIG NEWS – HDPhysiques Has Hit 1000 MODELS! See the New Amanda Smith FBB Page!

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HDPhysiques is proud to present our 1,000th amazing muscle model – the huge and powerful FBB, Amanda J Smith!   On the new Amanda Smith Model Page, you’ll find the first 4 members area videos, the first 2 members area galleries, and the usual assortment of preview content.    A BIG Thank you to all of our awesome customers who have continued to support us as we bring you the greatest female muscle talent in the world!

As we hit this tremendous milestone, we invite our customers to write in and give us feedback – tell us who you want to see more of, what type of content you enjoy, and what you’d like to see for our NEXT 1000 models!   Thank you for joining HDPhysiques and supporting female muscle!   We continue to give back to the community and bring the best muscle talent to market, and you guys make it all possible!

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NEW MODEL – Courtney Ryan Rock Hard Gym Muscle – JOIN the Members Area Today!

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Let’s kick off another great week at HDPhysiques with a fabulous new model – the Windy City native, Courtney Ryan!    On the new Courtney Ryan model page,  you’ll find the first 4 video clips and the first 3 photo galleries in the members area – with more of both on the way soon!   Fans of amazingly shaped legs and biceps will be in for a particular treat.   Courtney has quad sweep, big diamond shape calves, and mountainous peaked biceps.   Courtney is a great sport and not only works out hard for the viewers, but also gives you plenty of hot flexing and posing in between and after sets.   This is gymwork that you don’t want to miss!   What would you do if you saw a girl like this in YOUR gym?  Wow!

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Please Welcome NEW MODEL Lexi Lowery – Amazing WPD Biceps and More!

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HDPhysiques is proud to present brand new model Lexi Lowery, IFBB Pro Womens Physique Competitor!    We strongly feel you’re gonna love this one, folks.   These biceps have “pop” like very few before.  Absolutely beautiful shape and really nice muscle size.   She will no doubt be a threat to win shows as her career progresses.   We can easily see her on the Olympia stage one day.   On the new Lexi Lowery 2 page (yes, 2…. we still need to publish our FIRST shoot with her…  we will get to that soon!), you’ll see the first 4 video clips as well as the first 2 members area photo galleries.  Plus, of course, the usual assortment of free sample content.   If you’re not a member here at HDPhysiques…. just play her preview video and I’m pretty sure you’ll be running to the sign-up button very quick!

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5 New Clips Added to the HDP Members Area – Falborn, Berish, & More!

Sarena’s back and biceps are looking awesome as she nears contest shape! JOIN NOW for awesome muscle vids!

Today’s HDPhysiques update has 5 new clips and we will have another bigger update later this week as we return from the 2023 Texas Pro.   For today’s quick update, see new clips on the pages of models Jess Falborn 3, and Sarena Berish 4 (Both WPD Competitors).   Then, in the bonus media section, 2 new clips added on the page of the 2018 Champions of Power and Grace page.   An excellent show with some of the best WPD talent ever in a lineup.

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Members Area Update with NEW Clips of WPD, Bikini, & Massive FBB Julia Foery!

NEW video on the page of massive FBB Julia Foery! JOIN HDPhysiques now!

Today’s awesome members area update at HDPhysiques has a little something for everyone.   We’ve got some new stuff in the bonus media section featuring WPD and Bikini, and then for the big girl lovers, a HUGE FBB working her enormous biceps.   Let’s take a look!

First up, we’ve got some bikini girls, top pros, from the 2021 Legions Sports Festival.  They are looking absolutely sensational.   Next up, if you like big ripped WPD girls, check out Jenny Faccinto, Maria “CeCi” Barba, and more on the page of the 2022 Optimum Classic.

And finally, the fans who love MASSIVE FBB’s, check out the new video on the page of huge Julia Foery!   Thank you for JOINING HDPhysiques!

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ALL NEW – Melinda Lindmark Page 2 Now Available – JOIN TODAY!

Massive, mind-blowing biceps! JOIN NOW for the sensational Melinda Lindmark 2 page!

HOT OFF THE PRESS – brand new content of the massively muscled Melinda Lindmark, shot JUST THIS WEEK in Las Vegas!    We are the first to bring you brand new amazing content of Swedens hottest export…. the massive biceps of Melinda Lindmark!   On the new Melinda Lindmark 2 page, we’ve got an explosive gym shoot from Dragon’s Lair Gym in Las Vegas, and you’ve gotta see this mass muscle monster in action, folks!     The first 4 clips are now up, along with 2 members area photo galleries!    There will also be some segments from this shoot coming to Melinda’s New Clips Studio at HDPhysiques.TV!   Be on the lookout there in the weeks ahead.

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Over at HDPhysiques.TV, the Female Muscle Store, we now feature a new Melinda Lindmark Studio! Much more coming there in weeks ahead too! See the first 4 videos now, and much more on the way!

STUNNING and GORGEOUS New Model With 26″ Quads – Say Hello to Emily!

Rock hard glutes and back muscles! Meaty biceps and much more! JOIN NOW for the gorgeous Emily Nosler!

Hey HDPhysiqiues fans!   We’ve got a phenomenal new model today that you will no doubt be impressed with.   Especially if you’re a fan of enormous 26″ quads and hammies…. some of the thickest and most powerful we’ve ever filmed!   New model Emily Nosler did the 2022 NPC North Americans last year where she placed in the top 10 and looked absolutely sensational.   Relatively new to the sport, she is making improvements crazy fast and she has a combination of beautiful looks and HOT muscle that you can only expect to find at HDPhysiques!   We have a TON planned for Emily in 2023 – it’s gonna be a sensational year.   Also, stay tuned for another announcement about Emily coming later this week!   As for now, check out the new Emily Nosler Model Page, where we now have the first 4 video clips and the first 3 photo galleries, along with some free sample photos to show you how impressive this newcomer really is.

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NEW MODEL PAGE ADDED – Super Shredded and Ripped – Emily Schubert 2 Now Available!

Alexis Sullivan joins NEW MODEL Emily Schubert 2 in a fantastic double hottie shoot from the Legions Sports Fest – join HDP now for this amazing shoot – both pics and vids!

Hey Hey Hey, fellas!   Let’s kick off the week the right way.   Check out the BRAND NEW Model Page for the stunningly ripped and ultra-vascular Womens Physique Competitor, the lovely Olympian, Emily Schubert!   On the new Emily Schubert 2 model page, you’ll see our latest shoot with her, shot just 1 week after her Olympia appearance, at the Legions Sports Festival!   This was a short, yet sensational shoot, because Emily brought a physique that only hardcore muscle fans will like.   And we know we have lots of hardcore muscle fans out there!   What do we mean that that…. only hardcore fans will like?    Well, that’s because Emily brings a level of conditioning to the table that can only be described as “freaky”.   And that’s a great thing here at HDPhysiques!   Her new model page kicks off with the first 4 members area videos, as well as 2 members area photo galleries, along with some sample photos.   Be sure to JOIN HDPhysiques to check this out today!

Also, remember, we just released the STUNNING Part 4 of Brooke Walker’s “Crazy Contest Prep” video series, over in Brooke’s Clips Studio at HDPhysiques.TV, the Female Muscle Store.  This one must be seen to be believed!   Literally the perfect WPD Specimen – get it today and show Brookie your support!

Crazy Arms! Get the newest video in the Brooke Walker “Crazy Contest Prep” files, now available in her Clips Studio!

Big Update! New Bonus Media Page Added – 6 New Vids Added + 2 Galleries

Gorgeous Skylar Lanier leads the top bikini pros on stage at the 2022 Optimum Classic!

Hey gang – it’s a big update today here at HDPhysiques, as we’ve added a new Bonus Media page for the 2022 Optimum Classic – which is always one of our favorite shows of the year.   Featuring not only sexy bikini pros, but also the biggest and most ripped Womens Physique Competitors, this show is always one that leaves us with our jaws dropped at the stellar display of athlete feminine muscle on display in Shreveport.    On the new 2022 Optimum Classic page, you’ll see the first 4 members area videos (over 30 to come!), plus 2 photo galleries of some of the hottest girls on stage you’ll ever see!    Plus, on the page of the 2021 STL Pro Show, we’ve also added 2 additional videos as well, one from backstage and one featuring some WPD action on stage.

Thank you for joining HDP!   Remember to join with the HDP/PP Combo membership to see the best of both sites!   We’ve got some new Natalia Coelho coming soon to PremiumPhysiques, fresh off of her Olympia win!

Tons of HOT muscle on and off stage at the STL Pro – See the new clips in today’s update!

MASSIVE NEW MODEL – Gessica Campbell – Supremely RIPPED Female Muscle!

Absolutely massive muscle from head to toe! JOIN NOW for the ultra-huge and ripped Gessica Campbell!

We’ve got an AWESOME new model this weekend for you, folks!   One of the biggest and most ripped Womens Physique Competitors in the world….. the incredible Gessica Campbell, is now available at HDPhysiques!   We recently met up with Gessica during the 2022 Legions Sports Festival weekend, where she had a very high placing and looked terrific.   She was super ripped and peeled, and had some of the biggest muscle in the show.   We were thrilled to get a shoot with her, and you can see why.   On the new Gessica Campbell Model Page, you’ll see the first 4 video clips, the 3 members area photo galleries, and the usual assortment of free samples!    Thank you for joining HDPhysiques and showing your support for these great athletes!

Be sure to check out PremiumPhysiques for some amazing new content as well, especially pages featuring the ultra impressive Beefnuggette Paige Sandgren, and Carli Terepka for instance!    And of course, check the HDPhysiques.TV clips store where we just released a new Brooke Walker video that is currently the talk of the town!

TOTALLY INCREDIBLE! Get the new Brooke Walker video in her studio at HDPhysiques.TV, the Female Muscle Store!