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Hey fellas – we’ve got 5 awesome new clips added to the members area today that we are sure you’re going to enjoy!   First up, for some backstage pumproom action, check out the muscle on the girls gathering at the 2020 Omaha Pro Show!    Then, for some ultra-sexy blondes!   How about stunning NPC Figure competitor, Raychel Akerboom working quads and flexing biceps – it doesn’t get much better!   Then, for some contest shape badassness, check out the lovely Tabitha Borland from the North Americans, doing some full body posing and showing off those amazing quads!

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The hot California sun captured the beauty and impressiveness of Laura Richard’s world class physique – JOIN NOW!

Hey fellas, we’ve got some stunning videos in today’s update!    First up, in continuing bonus media coverage, we’ve added a new clip of some powerful backstage pump room action of female physique competitors from the 2019 St. Louis Pro Show.    Then, on the model pages, we’ve got new clips on the pages of stunning physique pros Mayla Ash (now a female bodybuilder!), and the amazing leg goddess, Laura Richards!    Then, for some phenomenal ripped figure action, check out the legs and glutes of the gorgeous Felisha Livezey 2.

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New Clips Added in Today’s Members Update – Falborn 2, 2020 Omaha Pro, & Chelsea Morgan!

NEW VIDS of the awesome Jess Falborn 2 now available!

Hey fellas!  We’ve got a short update today (Tues), and postponed our new model til Friday.   And we’ll add additional videos on Friday as well, to make up for the delay of the new model.

For today’s update, check out new clips on the bonus media page of the 2020 Omaha Pro Show, featuring PRO FEMALE BODYBUILDERS on stage, in addition to some backstage pumproom action – PURE POWER!

Then, on the model pages, we’ve got new clips of the incredible Chelsea Morgan doing biceps work and flexing, and the lovely and sexy Jess Falborn 2, showing off her big meaty back, and working on those glutes as part of her amazing “Booty by Jess” Program!

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NEW Brooke Walker video available in her studio at HDPhysiques.TV – click here for this amazing new thriller!

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New Page for the gorgeous Carli Terepka features 2 amazing photo galleries of beautiful thick muscle!

Today we have an impressive update at HDPhysiques, folks!   First up, the model pages have been updated with new galleries on the pages of the gorgeous Carli Terepka 2 (new model page), and Stacey Norris 2, in addition to a new clip on the page of sponsored athlete, Christine Moyer 8!   Then, over in the Bonus Media area, we’ve got new clips on the pages of the 2018 Legions Sports Festival, the 2019 Pittsburgh Pro, and the 2020 Arnold Classic Sports Festival.

Stay tuned for our next new model (with video) coming on Monday the 22nd – she is EXTREMELY impressive – another woman who turned pro in 2 different divisions at a pro-qualifier in 2020.   Now is the time to Join or Re-JOIN HDPhysiques!

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Gorgeous C-Mo rocks a rock hard contest shape physique in today’s new video – check it out now by clicking here!

New video of the TOP girls at the Arnold, like Natalia Coelho & More! Click here!

3 Vids, 2 Galleries Added! Anjie Yeo & Kelly Lynn & More – JOIN NOW!

Some amazing muscle in today’s galleries updates in the bonus media area. Click here to JOIN NOW!

Hey gang, we hope you are having a great weekend!   Here at HDPhysiques, we’ve got some hot new pics and vids to add to the members area.   First up, we found an unused portion of our coverage of the 2016 San Antonio Pro Show, so we’ve got 2 new galleries of well-muscled figure and bikini girls to add there.   Then, for new videos, check out the SUPER SULTRY posing of the huge and ripped Anjie Yeo from our November shoot at Nationals.   And finally, if you love BOTH huge biceps and MASSIVE ripped legs….. you’re gonna be ASTONISHED at the 2 new clips on the page of the stunning Kelly Lynn 3.   Absolutely mind-blowing muscle!

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NEW MODEL PAGE – Candace Marconi – PLUS 4 New Vids Added to the Members Area!

NEW VIDEO of 2x Miss Bikini Olympia, Angelica Teixeira – JOIN NOW!

Remember Candace Marconi, from our 2016 shoot in Miami at Nationals?   Well, she’s back with a new Candace Marconi 2 model page…. with 3 members area photo galleries and the usual free samples!   As you can see, she’s put on a lot of muscle since then, with bulging quads, deep cut abs, and nicely shaped peaked biceps.  See the improvements for yourself!

Then, we’ve also added 4 new video clips in the members area.   In the bonus media section, we’ve got new clips on the pages of the 2019 Pittsburgh Pro, the 2019 STL Pro, and the 2019 Legions Sports Festival.   And finally…. for some amazing bikini glutes and training, check out Miss Olympia Angelica Teixeira showing off her impressive range of motion on the squat machine!

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5 NEW Clips added in the Bonus Media Section + New Galleries Added!

More content added on the page for the 2017 STL Pro – ripped and sexy female muscle – JOIN NOW!

Big update today in the bonus media section, folks!   First up, we’ve added 5 (YES FIVE) new videos on the page of the 2020 Omaha Pro Show, featuring some of the very best Pro Women in Physique and Bodybuilding.   Both stage action and behind the scenes pump room action!   Then, over on the page for the 2017 St. Louis Pro Show (one of our most famous events ever!), we’ve got 2 new photo galleries with over 100 photos!

Enjoy this awesome update and stay tuned for more coming this weekend!   Thank you for being a member at HDPhysiques!

Stunning, and massive female bodybuilders – check out the new galleries on our page for our coverage of the 2020 Omaha Pro Show!

NEW MODEL – Say Hello to the RIPPED WPD Sensation, Yarelis Ramos – Perez! JOIN NOW!

Some of the best ripped legs in the game today – GET a new HDPhysiques membership today and enjoy Yarelis Ramos pics and vids!

The newest model at HDPhysiques is SUPER ripped and lean!   We met up with Yarelis Ramos-Perez at the 2020 Optimum Classic in Shreveport, LA.   We immediately noticed the crazy conditioning she brought to the stage and decided we HAD to get a shoot in with her that weekend.  You’re going to be blown away by her amazing biceps, deep-cut quads, big boulder-like delts, and “leg biceps” hammies!   She’s one of these modern Womens Physique competitors that just seems to have it all….. there’s no weak bodyparts and she gets STUPID LEAN!   Any fan of female muscle will be sure to admire this lovely athlete!   The new Yarelis Ramos Model Page has 4 video clips and 2 galleries in the members section, as well as the usual assortment of free samples.

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NEW VIDS of Laura Richards & on Bonus Media Pages in Today’s Update!

The hot California sun captured the beauty and impressiveness of Laura Richard’s world class physique – she’s going to the Olympia, folks!

Hey gang, check it out….. we’ve got a HOT update today.   First up, on the bonus media pages, if you like both backstage action plus big posedowns of some of the beefiest girls on the planet, you’re gonna love the 3 new clips added on the page of the 2019 Prestige Crystal Cup.   Then, we’ve also added 2 more clips of on-stage action for Womens Physique at the 2019 STL Pro.   Then, on the model pages, check out the HUGE, RIPPED, world class quads of Laura Richards!   Simply mind-blowing muscle!

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4 Vids Added in Today’s Update featuring Raychel, Tabby, & Brandy Jo

Brandi packin’ on TONS of beef! JOIN HDPhysiques now for new model Brandi Jo!

Today, folks, we have a short update, with another bigger one coming this weekend.  However, that doesn’t mean today’s isn’t a sizzler – because it is!   The absolutely GORGEOUS Raychel Akerboom, aspiring figure pro, has 2 new clips added on her model page.   Then, head over to the page of tall, powerful figure and physique girl, Brandi Jo, for another new clip.  And finally, young sexy WPD competitor Tabitha Borland, has a new clip added on her page.

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Beautiful and sexy – rock hard physique – check out Tabby Borland!