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Let’s kick off another great week at HDPhysiques with a fabulous new model – the Windy City native, Courtney Ryan!    On the new Courtney Ryan model page,  you’ll find the first 4 video clips and the first 3 photo galleries in the members area – with more of both on the way soon!   Fans of amazingly shaped legs and biceps will be in for a particular treat.   Courtney has quad sweep, big diamond shape calves, and mountainous peaked biceps.   Courtney is a great sport and not only works out hard for the viewers, but also gives you plenty of hot flexing and posing in between and after sets.   This is gymwork that you don’t want to miss!   What would you do if you saw a girl like this in YOUR gym?  Wow!

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Please Welcome NEW MODEL Lexi Lowery – Amazing WPD Biceps and More!

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HDPhysiques is proud to present brand new model Lexi Lowery, IFBB Pro Womens Physique Competitor!    We strongly feel you’re gonna love this one, folks.   These biceps have “pop” like very few before.  Absolutely beautiful shape and really nice muscle size.   She will no doubt be a threat to win shows as her career progresses.   We can easily see her on the Olympia stage one day.   On the new Lexi Lowery 2 page (yes, 2…. we still need to publish our FIRST shoot with her…  we will get to that soon!), you’ll see the first 4 video clips as well as the first 2 members area photo galleries.  Plus, of course, the usual assortment of free sample content.   If you’re not a member here at HDPhysiques…. just play her preview video and I’m pretty sure you’ll be running to the sign-up button very quick!

Also – in other news…. at the HDTV Clips Store Site, the Female Muscle Store…..  we’ve got a new video from Dena Westerfield.   In the DW Muscles Studio, see the latest jaw-dropping clip of one of Female Bodybuilding’s sexiest stars!   Show Dena your support by getting this new video today!

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New Model Liz Santos – Rising Star in Wellness, Plus NEW Melinda Lindmark & More!

The eye-popping Wellness body of top NPC Rising Star, Liz Santos!

If you love huge arms, rock hard quads and glutes, you’re gonna love today’s update at HDPhysiques!    For the leg lovers, and fans of lower body in general, we’ve got new model, top rising star in NPC Wellness, Liz Santos, from our shoot at the 2023 NPC Universe!   3 hot photo galleries in 2 different 1 pieces that will blow your mind!   Then, we’ve got the incredible massive arms of 2 of the hottest muscle girls on the scene today……….  the enormous amateur FBB, going for her pro card later this month in Pittsburgh, the amazing Brittani Parish…. and then the European sensation…. Melinda Lindmark!   On the Melinda Lindmark 2 page you’ll see the latest biceps blasting clip from our shoot earlier this year in Las Vegas.

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Absolutely MASSIVE and gorgeous at the same time! Incredible muscle! New video on the Melinda Lindmark 2 page!

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HUGE, Powerful Biceps, and vascularity beyond belief!   Plus….. a WIIIIIIDE back and peaked and pumped arms…..   well…. we just described two of the models in today’s video update!    That’s right, folks…. we’ve got 2 new clips of the jaw-dropping and mind-blowing JULIA FOERY, in ripped contest shape and at her biggest size ever!    We fed her well on her trip to HDP headquarters……. so those massive muscles were FULL and pumped every time we shot!    See the 2 new clips today on the Julia Foery model page!

Then, for figure girls on the HUGE end of the figure scale, check out the ultra-impressive muscles of NEW PRO, Beastmode Becca!   Her arms are simply jacked AF!    See 2 new clips today on the model page for Beastmode Becca!

And finally, we added the final 2 photo galleries on the model page for the super sexy, young bikini pro, Sierra Swann…. the girl with the most beautiful name in the IFBB!  (and….. her physique is pretty epic too!).    Thank you for JOINING HDPhysiques and seeing all this amazing new content!    Also, over at HDPhysiques.TV, the Female Muscle Store, we added an August 2022 “Brooke Summertime Flex” video in the Brooke Walker – Arkansas Ranger Clips Studio – get it today for some HOT muscle pumping sweaty summer action!

New vids starring the huge biceps of Beastmode Becca – JOIN NOW for more!

Brooke looking massive and huge, August 2022 – get the new video today in her clips store at HDPhysiques.TV, the female muscle store!

5 New Clips Added to the Members Area – Porter, Teich, and Reick!

New clip of crazy legged Melissa Teich added! JOIN HDPhysiques NOW!

Hey gang, we’ve got a sensational update to kick off the week, and also have a new model coming later this week!    We just got back from another great Optimum Classic in Shreveport, Louisiana, always one of our favorite shows of the year to cover.   For today’s quick update, please see new videos on the bonus media page of the 2021 Optimum Classic, as well as on the model pages of Kimberly Reick 2,  Texan Christine Porter, and finally, Olympian Melissa Teich!

Thank you for joining!   Also, more coming later this week to HDPhysiques.TV – a special brand new video of Torrance!

More crazy QUADS of Powerful Kim Reick added to the members area – JOIN TODAY!

5 New Clips Added to the Members Area – Bikini, WPD, and More!

The absolutely phenomenal glutes of stunning IFBB Bikini Pro, Sierra Swann. JOIN NOW!

The Members Area of HDPhysiques has been updated with 5 new clips while we are away at the Arnold Classic filming new material with amazing models!   On the page of the 2020 Optimum Classic, in the Bonus Media area, you’ll find 2 new clips – both onstage footage and behind the scenes footage.   Then, on the model pages, you’ll find 1 new clip on the page of the amazing big-armed Alexis Sullivan, and then 2 new clips on the page of stunning bikini pro, Sierra Swann – she LOVES to FLEX!

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Recently add model, Alexis Sullivan – JOIN TODAY!

NEW MODEL – Strength Athlete Alex is the NEWEST Addition to HDPhysiques!

Alex is joined by friend Sabrina for some awesome pics and videos! JOIN HDPhysiques now!

Hey gang – we’ve got an exciting new athlete to unveil today.   On a recent trip out west, we sought out a certain strength athlete, a crossfitter that is nationally known…. the amazing Alex Gazan!   Her new model page kicks off with the first 4 video clips and first 2 photo galleries.  Also, as an added bonus, Alex is joined by her birthday-girl friend, Sabrina, in some of the photos and clips.   These amazing young strength athletes will blow you away with their impressive feats!

Thank you for JOINING HDPhysiques and showing your support!   Enjoy this amazing new model and stay tuned for more!   Also, be sure to head over to the HDPhysiques.TV clips store and check out the brand new video in the Katie Lee’s Peak Power Clips Studio, where Katie’s biceps and chest will leave you jaw-dropped!

Gorgeous Alex can pose and look pretty just as well as she can throw the heavy weight around!

Absolutely MIND BLOWING Arms! New Katie Lee clip now available at HDPhysiques.TV in the Katie Lee Clips Studio!

Over at HDPhysiques.TV – New Compilation Video – The COMPLETE Shannon Courtney Clearwater Beach Shoot!

World Class Monster Mashers! Quads of extreme power and definition! Click here for the Shannon Clips Studio and pick up her new Clearwater Beach Compilation shoot!!!

Hey fellas, first of all, thank you for the feedback on recent new models such as Jules Monroe & Rachel Killam!    We are glad you are enjoying the fresh content…. there’s much more on the way soon, including a special new crossfit athlete we just shot last week in Vegas.   Also, we’ve got 2 new shoot pages coming VERY soon to PremiumPhysiques – be on the lookout for more Kass Gillis & Brooklyn T Walker!

Now…. for TODAY’s NEWS!   Based on the numerous requests we’ve received in recent years…..  ever since we started releasing some “best of” and compilation shoots of some legacy models such as Shannon Courtney & Dani Reardon, we’ve had more and more requests for some of those amazing early Shannon Courtney, Tara Suzanne, Dani Reardon shoots, and more.  A few weeks ago, we released a Tara Suzanne – Booty and Legs compilation which has been very popular for leg and glute fans.  Now…. for fans of the MASS MONSTERS…. we’ve got the complete Clearwater Beach Shoot in the Shannon Courtney Clips Studio, from the day after she competed in her pro debut at the 2013 Tampa Pro Show in Female Bodybuilding.   Shannon was a freak of nature, at just 22 years old with this much size and strength…. we may never see another like  her ever again!   So…. get this amazing compilation video and show Shannon some love!

There’s never been a better time to be a member of HDPhysiques and it’s related properties!

Shannon Courtney, perhaps the best ever package of feminine good looks with massive muscle power! Click here to go to HDPhysiques.TV and get her new Clearwater Beach Compilation Shoot!

Members Area Update – 4 New Vids and 2 New Galleries Added – Macey Toney & More!

Powerful female muscle! JOIN NOW for the awesome Macey Toney!

Hey gang – we’ve got a SWEEEET update for your mid-week update today here at HDPhysiques!   First up, for photo galleries, we’ve added 2 new galleries to the page of recently added model, Macey Toney, a GORGEOUS IFBB Women’s Physique Pro.  Then, for video clips, we have 2 more clips added on the bonus media page of the 2020 Omaha Pro Show, featuring both Womens Physique and Womens Bodybuilding.   Then, on the model pages…. we’ve got a new clip on the page of sexy Raychel Akerboom, and the MASSIVE figurine, Jessica Hoffman 2.  All in all, an incredible mid-week update!   Stay tuned for more coming this weekend!

Also, be sure to check out the recent updates at PremiumPhysiques, featuring an Olympia-shape Brooklyn T. Walker!

HUGE arms and chiseled abs! Jess has it all! JOIN NOW for this lovely specimen of female muscle!

4 Crazy HOT Vids Added to the HDP Members Area – Gamroth, T-Thick, & More!

She’s pointing at her moneymakers! She’s proud of those deep cut quads! JOIN NOW for Angel Gamroth!

Check it out, folks!   We’ve got a small but mighty update this weekend, but will have another update coming very soon early next week.    For today, we’ve got 4 new clips added to the members area.   First up, in the bonus media section, we’ve got 2 new clips on the page of the 2020 Omaha Pro Show, featuring some incredible womens physique talent.   Then, on the model pages, we’ve got 2 very special recently added models.   First up, some awesome back work and flexing by Taylor “T-Thick” on the “Taylor Thick” page.   Then, for some SUPER RIPPED contest shape sexy muscle, blonde bombshell Angel Gamroth has a great new flexing video on her page.

Enjoy this awesome update, and be sure to check out the new page added over at PremiumPhysiques, featuring Sheronica Henton from Denton!    Join with our combo membership and save up to $8.00/month!

Gorgeous smile – huge muscles, and a great attitude! What more can you want? Join HDPhysiques today for the sizzlin’ hot Taylor, our 900th model!

Over on our sister site, PremiumPhysiques, we just added a new page featuring Sheronica Henton. Join with our COMBO membership (HDP/PP) and save up to $8.00/month!