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In today’s mid-week update, we’ve got some stellar stuff, folks!   First up…. some sexy photo galleries.   We’ve added galleries on the pages of amazing figure Goddess, Raychel Akerboom (OMG BICEPS!!!!), as well as 2x Miss Bikini Olympia, IFBB Pro Angelica Teixeira!  Smoking HOT photos of 2 of the finest out there!

Then, for videos, we’ve got 3 in our bonus media section of contest coverage……. first, some backstage action at the 2019 STL Pro, and the 2019 Prestige Crystal Cup (featuring Miss Jackson…. the eventual winner of the masters division at that show).  We also have a female bodybuilder on stage at the 2019 Omaha Pro – tremendous muscle!   And finally, an additional video on the model page of Samantha Ford (Sam Ford).  Sam flexes her biceps and back and shows why she’s a top contender for a pro card in 2020 and beyond!

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7 Amazing Videos Added to the HDP Members Area – JOIN NOW!

Ultra-impressive back, glutes, legs, & more – Join HDPhysiques now for HOT new vids of new pro Lisa Luettinger

Lucky 7!   Today, we’ve got 7 new clips added to the HDP members area!    First up, on the bonus media pages, we’ve got 2 clips each added on the pages of the 2019 STL Pro and the 2019 Omaha Pro, both productions of NPC Midwest.  You’ll see Christine Moyer and more doing battle with the best of the best on stage.

Then, on the model pages, you’ll see new clips on the pages of Jessica Chapa 2, as well as Lisa Luettinger 2, and the lovely Lauren Barnett.

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Katie Lee’s 4th ArmWrestling Challenge Vid – NOW AVAILABLE at HDPhysiques.TV!

Can powerful Diana Schnaidt overcome Katie’s HUGE BICEPS? Get this hot armwrestling thriller today! Nearly 10 min of nonstop REAL action!

Just a quick heads up about something many of you may be interested in….  Katie Lee has just released (in her Clips Studio at HDPhysiques.TV) her 4th installment in her “Armwrestling Power” series.   This time, taking on the massive Ukranian Women’s Physique Goddess, Diana Schnaidt.    See the description below, then head over to the “Katie Lee’s Peak Power” Studio at HDPhysiques.TV to purchase this incredible one-of-a-kind video and show Katie your support!

Description: Katie Lee’s BIGGEST challenge yet! The enormous and super powerful Ukranian Diana Schnaidt is the biggest threat yet to Katie’s arm dominance. As a top-notch Womens Physique competitor for the past 5 years, Diana is one of the leanest, strongest, and most impressive muscle girls in the modern era. It’s gonna take EVERYTHING Katie’s got to come out on top. In this video, both righty and lefty, Katie is in for the fight of her life! Get this thrilla today and don’t miss a thing. As an added bonus, both girls take a moment to pose and show off those amazing muscles at the conclusion of the matches. This is definitely going to be one of the premier highlights of your muscle collection! (Note: This video is not elligible for free redemption during Promotional periods)

Diana may be one of the most powerful women Katie has faced yet. Get this amazingly hot video today at HDPhysiques.TV!

5 Members Area Clips added in Today’s Mid-Week Update – JOIN NOW!

RIPPED and VASCULAR – Join now for the amazing Kayla Murphy – mind-blowing muscle!

Despite summer winding down, it’s getting HOTTER and HOTTER here at HDPhysiques!   We’ve got 5 videos to add to the members section for today’s members area update.    First up, on the bonus media pages, check out new clips on the pages of the 2018 Chicago Pro and the 2019 STL Pro.   Then, head over to the model pages where you’ll find new clips on the pages of Kayla Murphy 2, Sarah Kornhauser, and the lovely 2x Bikini Olympia champion, Angelica Teixeira!

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5 New Vids added to the HDP Members Area – JOIN TODAY for HOT MUSCLE

New clips added today on the pages of Minna Pajulahti 2, and the over on the bonus media pages of the 2019 STL Pro, the 2019 Prestige Crystal Cup, and the 2018 Legions Sports Festival – featuring the best in pro fitness talent!   We’ve got another HOT new model coming later this week, and more!   Stay tuned and thank you for being a member at!

HOT UPDATE! More Rachel Daniels, Raychel Akerboom & More!

That confident smile! She knows you’re gonna love her HOT BICEPS! JOIN NOW for the super sexy Raychel Akerboom!

Today, we have a nice update featuring many of your recently added models.   For instance, on the brand new Rachel Daniels model page, we’ve added another gallery, as well as another new video clip featuring her amazing and huge arms!   Then, we’ve added additional videos on the other 3 most recently added models as well….  1 each on the pages of Raychel Akerboom, Tabby Borland, and Chelsea Morgan!    Quite a lineup of HOT female muscle!

Thank you for the feedback on these amazing recently added models.  Particularly our brand new stuff from last weekend’s NY Pro with Rachel Daniels.   We are super glad you guys are appreciating the content!   Thank you for being a member at HDPhysiques!

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Beautiful and sexy – rock hard physique – check out Tabby Borland!

4 NEW Clips added For This Weekend’s Update – New Model Coming Next Week!

Thanks to the Dungeon Pro Gym for hosting the shoots with Angelica – JOIN HDPhysiques for all the amazing photos and videos!

Today we’ve added new clips on the pages of Angelica Teixeira (2x Bikini Olympia Champion!), Minna Pajulahti, the 2019 STL Pro Show, and the amazing Rachel Killam 3.   We’ve got a new model coming next week – as well as a number of new pages to add from recent events and contest coverage.   Plus, we just had 3 sensational shoots at the Optimum Classic – we can’t wait to bring you those!   Some big things coming on the way next week, folks – We are excited to show ya!

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NEW MODEL FRIDAY – Big Beefy NPC Physique Competitor Chelsea Morgan is Now Featured!

Tree Trunk quads, BIG BEEFY BICEPS, and HOT looks! What more can you want? JOIN NOW for new model Chelsea Morgan!

The newest muscle model at HDPhysiques is the super impressive and stunning young competitor from Missouri, Chelsea Morgan!   We met up with Chelsea in early Aug 2020, just a few weeks after she competed in the 2020 Missouri State Championships, so she was nice and lean, and possessing a TON of muscle!   With a perfectly tanned and sculpted physique, she takes us thru a workout at Wild Horse Fitness in St. Louis, and does lots of sexy flexing!   The first 2 galleries are up, as well as the first 4 video clips of many to come, on the Chelsea Morgan Model Page.

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HDP Adds 6 More Members Area Videos in Mid-Week Update – New Model Coming Fri!

Incredible biceps, glutes, calves, and more – JOIN NOW for the awesome Hannah Hussein 2!

Today in the mid-week update, HDPhysiques has added 6 new videos to the members area.   First up, in the bonus media section, we’ve added 1 new clip on the page of the 2019 Legions Sports Festival, and then 2 new clips on the page of the 2019 STL Pro Show.  Then, over on the model pages, we’ve added new videos on the pages of Bikini Olympia Champ, Angelica Teixeira, as well as physique stars Lynette Audrey 3, and Hannah Hussein 2!

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Arnold himself looks on with approval, as Angelica Teixeira trains her impressive legs in the Dungeon Pro Gym!

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New Borland Videos Plus 6 New Galleries of Teixeira, Baugh, & More!

Ashley Howells was RIPPED at the 2019 Pitt Pro. Find this quick shoot on the “Quick Shoots 1” page in the Bonus Media area! Click here to JOIN NOW!

It’s a BIG Weekend update today, folks!   (And for those waiting on the usual “new model Friday”, we got our next model coming on Tues…. we are just doing some finishing touches on the video editing…. so sit tight!).    First up, we’ve got 2 new video clips of the super sexy recently added Tabitha Borland!   She’s a sexy flexer and knows how to show off that hard earned muscle!

Next up, we’ve got photo galleries added on a BUNCH of pages.   First up, on a page that we haven’t updated in YEARS…. on the “Quick Shoots 1” page in the Bonus Media section, you’ll find new photo galleries for Ashley Howells from the 2019 Pittsburgh Pro, as well as a BTS photo gallery from the 2018 NPC Nationals.   Then after that, on the model pages, we’ve got 1 new gallery on the page of Bikini Olympia Champion, Angelica Teixeira, and 1 new gallery on the page of WPD/Bodybuilder, Ginger Root.   Finally, on the page of SUPER RIPPED Physique competitor, Jonquil Baugh, we’ve added 2 more galleries of ROCK HARD Muscle!

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Some of the most impressive and vascular arms we have ever shot! Join now for 2 new galleries of Jonquil Baugh!

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