New Clips Added in Today’s Members Update – Falborn 2, 2020 Omaha Pro, & Chelsea Morgan!

NEW VIDS of the awesome Jess Falborn 2 now available!

Hey fellas!  We’ve got a short update today (Tues), and postponed our new model til Friday.   And we’ll add additional videos on Friday as well, to make up for the delay of the new model.

For today’s update, check out new clips on the bonus media page of the 2020 Omaha Pro Show, featuring PRO FEMALE BODYBUILDERS on stage, in addition to some backstage pumproom action – PURE POWER!

Then, on the model pages, we’ve got new clips of the incredible Chelsea Morgan doing biceps work and flexing, and the lovely and sexy Jess Falborn 2, showing off her big meaty back, and working on those glutes as part of her amazing “Booty by Jess” Program!

Thank you for JOINING HDPhysiques!   And stay tuned for a new Brooke Walker video about to be released in her amazing Arkansas Ranger studio at HDPhysiques.TV!

NEW Brooke Walker video available in her studio at HDPhysiques.TV – click here for this amazing new thriller!

NEW MODEL PAGE for Jess Falborn 2 – Rising Star in Womens Physique – JOIN NOW!

Tremendous calves & more, & “booty by Jess” – JOIN NOW for the new Jess Falborn 2 page!

This weekend’s NEW MODEL page belongs to the rising NPC Physique Star, Jess Falborn!   On the new Jess Falborn 2 page, you’ll find the first 5 video clips (21 more to come!), along with the first 4 photo galleries.  And of course, the usual assortment of free sample pics and vids.  We had a FULL weekend of shooting with Jess right after her 2nd place finish in the 2020 NPC Jr USA’s in South Carolina.    If you’re into crazy calves and quads…. this is one to watch, folks!  Of course, great looks, a beautiful smile, and big meaty arms and back also complete the package and shows you that Jess may very well have what it takes to turn pro in 2021!

Thanks for JOINING HDPhysiques and showing your support!   Enjoy this amazing new model!

Jess has a complete physique and gorgeous looks – what more can you want? JOIN NOW!