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Today, we’ve got a great update for you featuring 6 new video clips.   First up, in 4K resolution, we’ve got some hot gym action featuring Taylor Smuck.   Then, from the Olympia shoots, we’ve got new clips on the pages of Jessica Huete & Minna Pajulahti.  Finally, in the bonus media section, 3 new clips added on the page of the 2019 STL Pro.

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We’ve got a tremendous new model for you today, folks!   On the new Kenzie Williams model page, you’ll find the first 4 members area video clips, and 3 super hot photo galleries!   Plus some sample photos as well, of course.   We hope to do much more with Kenzie in 2020, as the future is very bright for this tremendous muscle athlete!

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Today, HDPhysiques has a HOT mid-week update for you, with sensational videos on the pages of Melissa Pearo, Stephanie Koerber, Mandy Urner, & Sarah Fechter!     We also added one on the page of the 2018 Orlando Europa, in the bonus media section – this clip features a posing battle between RIPPED Lauren Rutan and perfectly peaked Sarah Fechter!    Enjoy these vids and stay tuned for another hot new model coming Friday!

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NEW MODEL Jessica Lynn Plus 5 New Members Area Videos Added!

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Today, HDPhysiques has been updated with new model, IFBB Bikini Pro Jessica Lynn.   Jess has some absolutely insane arms, abs, and calves!  Just look at the sample pics!

Also – we’ve added 5 new videos in the members area, on the pages of Erica “The Rammer” Ramirez, Jen SansoneLauren Barnett, and the 2019 STL Pro Show.   Enjoy this awesome update at HDPhysiques!   And remember to JOIN PremiumPhysiques with our combo membership (opt-in, when you join HDP!) – you’ll save $8/month, plus get access to brand new Katie Lee/Morgan Olympia showdown, plus new model Kass Gillis – in Vegas!   Thank you for supporting HDPhysiques!

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5 New Vids, 3 Galleries Added – New Iowa Pro Page Added – JOIN NOW!

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Today, HDPhysiques has been updated with a new page in our Bonus Media section.   On the new 2019 Iowa Pro Show Page, see the first 3 photo galleries and the first 5 video clips.   The content features both on-stage action, as well as behind the scenes, backstage, pumproom and other stuff.   Some of the very best in IFBB Pro Bikini competed in this show, and the NPC portion was strong as well, with representatives in the Figure and Womens Physique categories as well.

Stay tuned for new model Friday (we’ve got a sizzler!), plus more videos on the way!

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NEW MODEL Ginger Root Plus 4 New Members Area Vids Added!

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Super BIG Muscle for Super Bowl Weekend here at HDPhysiques!    First up, please welcome impressively muscled new model, Ginger Root!  The new Ginger Root model page features the first 3 photo galleries from our shoot with her in 2019.   As a friend and client of Brooklyn T. Walker, you KNOW she’ll be bringing the muscle!

We’ve also added new video clips on the model pages for Lisa Luettinger 2, as well as Taylor Smuck!   And in our bonus media section, find new videos on the pages of the 2019 STL Pro, and the 2018 Orlando Europa!   Enjoy this awesome update and stay tuned for more early next week!

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Katie Lee ArmWrestling at HDPhysiques.TV! Kass Gillis New On PremiumPhysiques!

MASSIVE Muscle girls square off! Katie Lee vs. Greta – get this new video today in the Katie Lee Peak Power Studio at HDPhysiques.TV – Click here!

Hey gang – just a quick heads up on what’s going on over on some of our other properties!  (And NO…… just letting you know what’s going on elsewhere, does NOT mean that we are skipping any updates or other content HERE on the mothership,! – we have a new model coming on Friday, and normal updates continue per usual!).

First up – if you want to see some IMPRESSIVE strength, big ass Katie Lee FINALLY puts her big guns to good use, with a new series of Armwrestling Challenge videos coming to her “Katie Lee’s Peak Power Studio” at HDPhysiques.TV.    Video 1 is now up, and features Katie taking on 2 big muscular challengers from this past weekend.   Any guesses how she does?   Well, those biceps aren’t 17-18″ for nothing!

Secondly, over on our sister site, (where we feature our sponsored athletes, as well as models with exceptional body parts), we’ve got a new model event/model page featuring Canadian figure specimen, Kass Gillis – Kass Gillis in Vegas!!!    Remember, you can “opt-in” to join PremiumPhysiques when you join HDPhysiques (click the check-box), or Vice-Versa (opt-in for HDP, when you sign up for PP),  and save up to $8.00/month!

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Members Update featuring Lauren Barnett, Jonquil Baugh, & Jordan Mahan!

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Hey gang!   Big news!   We’ve been shooting all new Katie Lee footage over the past few days (for her Clips Studio at HDPhysiques.TV), which is why we neglected the usual “new model Friday”.   However, we’ll make up for it with a killer update coming later this week!   Today, we have a mini-update to hold you over…. but it’s featuring some BEAUTIFUL muscle girls, nonetheless!    We’ve added “gallery 4″s on the pages of Lauren Barnett (Lauren Slape), Jordan Mahan, and the RIPPED and SHREDDED mass monster, Jonquil Baugh!   Supreme female muscle at it’s finest!   JOIN HDPhysiques today and stay tuned for an amazing new model later this week!

Another NEW Page Added with 5 New Clips and 4 Huge Galleries!

A well-built expo-goer at the 2018 Legions Sports Fest!

Hey gang!  Another big mid-week update here at HDPhysiques.   This time, once again thanks to our new video editor Robbie Robertoson, we are plowing through some excellent contest coverage footage and getting caught up to the most recent shows.   In today’s update, we are featuring the 2018 Legions Sports Festival (won by Fitness Pro Missy Farrell, and Women’s Physique Pro, Tomefafa Amiko).   On the new page, you’ll find the first 5 of many videos to come, in addition to 4 large photo galleries of the competition coverage.  A good mix of stage and backstage action, you’ll see some of the best female physiques in the world!

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Lots of muscle backstage, as the Pros get set to take the stage!

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