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Hey fellas…. huge news….. we’ve got ANOTHER brand new Katie Lee ArmWrestling challenge video!   In the Katie Lee’s Peak Power Studio,  you’ll see installment #6 as Katie takes on her next opponents….. Q and LoLow.   See the clip description below, and head to Katie’s Studio to pick up this thrilla today!

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Description: Oh My Goodness! What an incredible video! This time, Big 024 is challenged by 2 hungry young newcomers that are determined to put her in her place. Despite giving up some size, both Q and LoLow believe that have what it takes to dethrone the HD Armwrestling champ and biceps Goddess, Katie “024” Lee (aka “Cero Dos”). Well, believe it or not… these 2 give the big red-head her biggest challenge yet, and you’ll be glued to the screen to see if our Biceps Goddess has enough left in the tank to take down these 2 very fit, strong, and talented fit chicks. If you love massive biceps, and if you love armwrestling, this is a video you simply CANNOT miss!

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Katie Lee’s 4th ArmWrestling Challenge Vid – NOW AVAILABLE at HDPhysiques.TV!

Can powerful Diana Schnaidt overcome Katie’s HUGE BICEPS? Get this hot armwrestling thriller today! Nearly 10 min of nonstop REAL action!

Just a quick heads up about something many of you may be interested in….  Katie Lee has just released (in her Clips Studio at HDPhysiques.TV) her 4th installment in her “Armwrestling Power” series.   This time, taking on the massive Ukranian Women’s Physique Goddess, Diana Schnaidt.    See the description below, then head over to the “Katie Lee’s Peak Power” Studio at HDPhysiques.TV to purchase this incredible one-of-a-kind video and show Katie your support!

Description: Katie Lee’s BIGGEST challenge yet! The enormous and super powerful Ukranian Diana Schnaidt is the biggest threat yet to Katie’s arm dominance. As a top-notch Womens Physique competitor for the past 5 years, Diana is one of the leanest, strongest, and most impressive muscle girls in the modern era. It’s gonna take EVERYTHING Katie’s got to come out on top. In this video, both righty and lefty, Katie is in for the fight of her life! Get this thrilla today and don’t miss a thing. As an added bonus, both girls take a moment to pose and show off those amazing muscles at the conclusion of the matches. This is definitely going to be one of the premier highlights of your muscle collection! (Note: This video is not elligible for free redemption during Promotional periods)

Diana may be one of the most powerful women Katie has faced yet. Get this amazingly hot video today at HDPhysiques.TV!

ArmWrestling Fans – Check out HDPhysiques.TV for NEW Katie & Brooke VIDS!

Taylor Smuck is HUGE and gives Katie ALL she can handle in this sizzlin’ hot AW matchup! Click here to go pick up the new video in Katie’s clip store!

Hey gang – just a quick heads up…. if you’re fans of ArmWrestling, big biceps, or just fans of Katie Lee, Brooke Walker, & Taylor Smuck….. then you may want to check out the latest offerings over at their clips studios at HDPhysiques.TV, the Female Muscle Store!

There’s 1 video in the Katie Lee Clips studio featuring both L & R against Taylor, and Righty against Brooke, and then a 2nd video in the Brooke Walker Clips Studio, featuring Lefty against Katie, and both L&R against Taylor… so in other words, 3 distinct separate matches in each video!    See the clip description below, and then head to BOTH Katie’s Studio, & Brooke’s Studio, to pick up the amazing and sexy action!

From Katie’s Studio:  Description: Can Cero Dos stay undefeated in armwrestling? Presented in 4K resolution, this is her most difficult test yet! Powerful fan favorite Brooklyn T. Walker is her latest challenge, along with Brooke’s protoge’, the ENORMOUSLY thick and densely muscled, Taylor Smuck! Katie has her work cut out for her here… each match is tremendously close and exhausting (and 100% real!). Her match with Brooke is broken up into left/right, with Part 2 appearing in Brooke Walker’s studio. Of course, the girls are nice enough to throw in a bit of flexing, too, in addition to the thrilling AW action – so, be sure to add this one to your collection today! (Note: This video is not elligible for free redemption during Promotional periods)

From Brooke’s Studio:  Description: Presented in 4K video – Brooke’s 2nd AW Challenge is perhaps even more exciting than her excellent first video (against Kaitie Hart). This one features two MASS MONSTERS – Katie Lee & Taylor Smuck! Both Katie and Taylor outsize Brooke, but as you know, Brooke is probably one of the strongest females, pound for pound, in the entire world! You know just from the looks of these girls, that this one is going to be an action packed thriller! Brooke has that compact power-packed frame, while Katie has the longer limbs and huge guns, while Taylor is a stocky, growing mass monster, similar to a 2013 Shannon Courtney! No doubt, this one is gonna excite you to no end. Get this hot video today! (Part 1 of the 2 parts with Katie Lee, can be found in the Katie Lee Clips Studio) (Note: This video is not eligible for free redemption during Promotional periods)

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2 SUPER HOT muscular beefcakes in an unbelievable armwrestling battle – get Brooke’s new vid against Taylor Smuck and Katie Lee TODAY by clicking here for Brooke’s Studio


BREAKING NEWS – Katie Lee’s 2nd ArmWrestling Challenge Vid NOW AVAILABLE!

2 Phenomenal matchups in the new video, as Katie takes on challengers Steph Marie and Taylor Iraggi – 2 BIG POWERFUL BLONDES!

Katie Lee is back in the HDPhysiques.TV clips store in her Katie Lee’s Peak Power Studio, with the 2nd installment of her new “ArmWrestling Challenge” Series!   In part 2, Katie takes on 2 BIG powerhouse blondes – Stephanie Marie (who can be found by joining, and big Jerzey girl, Taylor Iraggi!   See the clip description below, then head over to Katie’s Studio to get this hot video!  And remember to take advantage of some of our big Corona Virus Promotions to SAVE BIG and enjoy FREE videos!

Description: The 2nd installment of Katie’s new Armwrestling series is absolutely HOT and STUNNING! Katie’s biggest challenge yet, is perhaps the enormous and powerful PremiumPhysiques superstar, Stephanie Marie, IFBB Physique Pro. Also, not to be outdone, rising NPC star in Women’s Physique and Wellness, the BIG BLONDE Jerzey Girl, Taylor Iraggi, also stands to be a big challenge for Katie’s mighty gunz. This one is absolutely incredible folks! The enormous red-head takes on 2 big beautiful blondes one after another, and it’s mind-boggling power on display!  Plenty of posing/flexing included too!  Get this THRILLER today and show Katie your support! (*NOTE – This video is not eligible for free promo redemptions)

This is an INTENSE battle, folks! 2 of the biggest baddest girls on the planet! HUGE Stephanie Marie and Katie Lee square off for the ultimate biceps battle!

Taylor has some big ass arms too! Can Katie handle the Jerzey Beefcake? Take advantage of our Corona Promo and get some free vids when you purchase this hot new video!

Katie Lee ArmWrestling at HDPhysiques.TV! Kass Gillis New On PremiumPhysiques!

MASSIVE Muscle girls square off! Katie Lee vs. Greta – get this new video today in the Katie Lee Peak Power Studio at HDPhysiques.TV – Click here!

Hey gang – just a quick heads up on what’s going on over on some of our other properties!  (And NO…… just letting you know what’s going on elsewhere, does NOT mean that we are skipping any updates or other content HERE on the mothership,! – we have a new model coming on Friday, and normal updates continue per usual!).

First up – if you want to see some IMPRESSIVE strength, big ass Katie Lee FINALLY puts her big guns to good use, with a new series of Armwrestling Challenge videos coming to her “Katie Lee’s Peak Power Studio” at HDPhysiques.TV.    Video 1 is now up, and features Katie taking on 2 big muscular challengers from this past weekend.   Any guesses how she does?   Well, those biceps aren’t 17-18″ for nothing!

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