BREAKING NEWS – Katie Lee’s 2nd ArmWrestling Challenge Vid NOW AVAILABLE!

2 Phenomenal matchups in the new video, as Katie takes on challengers Steph Marie and Taylor Iraggi – 2 BIG POWERFUL BLONDES!

Katie Lee is back in the HDPhysiques.TV clips store in her Katie Lee’s Peak Power Studio, with the 2nd installment of her new “ArmWrestling Challenge” Series!   In part 2, Katie takes on 2 BIG powerhouse blondes – Stephanie Marie (who can be found by joining, and big Jerzey girl, Taylor Iraggi!   See the clip description below, then head over to Katie’s Studio to get this hot video!  And remember to take advantage of some of our big Corona Virus Promotions to SAVE BIG and enjoy FREE videos!

Description: The 2nd installment of Katie’s new Armwrestling series is absolutely HOT and STUNNING! Katie’s biggest challenge yet, is perhaps the enormous and powerful PremiumPhysiques superstar, Stephanie Marie, IFBB Physique Pro. Also, not to be outdone, rising NPC star in Women’s Physique and Wellness, the BIG BLONDE Jerzey Girl, Taylor Iraggi, also stands to be a big challenge for Katie’s mighty gunz. This one is absolutely incredible folks! The enormous red-head takes on 2 big beautiful blondes one after another, and it’s mind-boggling power on display!  Plenty of posing/flexing included too!  Get this THRILLER today and show Katie your support! (*NOTE – This video is not eligible for free promo redemptions)

This is an INTENSE battle, folks! 2 of the biggest baddest girls on the planet! HUGE Stephanie Marie and Katie Lee square off for the ultimate biceps battle!

Taylor has some big ass arms too! Can Katie handle the Jerzey Beefcake? Take advantage of our Corona Promo and get some free vids when you purchase this hot new video!