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Hey gang – just a quick heads up…. if you’re fans of ArmWrestling, big biceps, or just fans of Katie Lee, Brooke Walker, & Taylor Smuck….. then you may want to check out the latest offerings over at their clips studios at HDPhysiques.TV, the Female Muscle Store!

There’s 1 video in the Katie Lee Clips studio featuring both L & R against Taylor, and Righty against Brooke, and then a 2nd video in the Brooke Walker Clips Studio, featuring Lefty against Katie, and both L&R against Taylor… so in other words, 3 distinct separate matches in each video!    See the clip description below, and then head to BOTH Katie’s Studio, & Brooke’s Studio, to pick up the amazing and sexy action!

From Katie’s Studio:  Description: Can Cero Dos stay undefeated in armwrestling? Presented in 4K resolution, this is her most difficult test yet! Powerful fan favorite Brooklyn T. Walker is her latest challenge, along with Brooke’s protoge’, the ENORMOUSLY thick and densely muscled, Taylor Smuck! Katie has her work cut out for her here… each match is tremendously close and exhausting (and 100% real!). Her match with Brooke is broken up into left/right, with Part 2 appearing in Brooke Walker’s studio. Of course, the girls are nice enough to throw in a bit of flexing, too, in addition to the thrilling AW action – so, be sure to add this one to your collection today! (Note: This video is not elligible for free redemption during Promotional periods)

From Brooke’s Studio:  Description: Presented in 4K video – Brooke’s 2nd AW Challenge is perhaps even more exciting than her excellent first video (against Kaitie Hart). This one features two MASS MONSTERS – Katie Lee & Taylor Smuck! Both Katie and Taylor outsize Brooke, but as you know, Brooke is probably one of the strongest females, pound for pound, in the entire world! You know just from the looks of these girls, that this one is going to be an action packed thriller! Brooke has that compact power-packed frame, while Katie has the longer limbs and huge guns, while Taylor is a stocky, growing mass monster, similar to a 2013 Shannon Courtney! No doubt, this one is gonna excite you to no end. Get this hot video today! (Part 1 of the 2 parts with Katie Lee, can be found in the Katie Lee Clips Studio) (Note: This video is not eligible for free redemption during Promotional periods)

Click here for Brooke’s Clips Studio, to see the Lefty matchup – does she have enough to take down Katie’s massive biceps? Get the HOT new video today!

2 SUPER HOT muscular beefcakes in an unbelievable armwrestling battle – get Brooke’s new vid against Taylor Smuck and Katie Lee TODAY by clicking here for Brooke’s Studio