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Brooke Walker’s gorgeous smile, hair, and phenomenal physique, lit up the stage! JOIN NOW for the bonus media coverage of the 2021 Optimum Classic!

Hey gang!   We’ve got 7 long clips for you to enjoy today, featuring some of the finest ladies of muscle that you’re gonna find.  How about Julia Foery and Brooke Walker for instance?    And how about the glorious glutes of Sierra Swann?   Yep, you guys are gonna like this one.   First up, on the model pages, we’ve got a BICEPS BLASTING clip over 2 min long featuring the massive Swede, Julia Foery!   Check her out destroying the weights at American Family Fitness!

Next up in the bonus media area….. we’ve got 3 clips from the 2021 Optimum Classic – 2 of which feature HD favorite, Brooklyn T Walker, as she took 2nd place in this amazing show!   Totally ripped and massive….. in fact they all are, in these 3 epic clips!

And finally, 3 new videos on the page of the 2021 STL Pro Show, one featuring huge and ripped WPD girls, and 2 featuring gorgeous glutes of bikini girls such as Sierra Swann.   You’ll definitely want to grab these videos today and add them to your collection.

Also – fans of HUGE RIPPED WPD and BODYBUILDER muscle, you’ll want to check out the new LONG video in the Beefnuggette Clips Studio at HDPhysiques.TV – part 4 of the epic Katie Lee vs Beefnuggette Muscle Challenge!  Whose got the bigger arms????  See for yourself by picking up the latest clip!

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