BONUS MEDIA Added – Hundreds of Pics & Videos for the 2019 Optimum Classic!

Top Olympian, Heather Grace, and her protege’, Rachael Loftis – who finished in the top 3!!!

We’ve finally added a page for one of the best shows of 2019…. the Optimum Classic!   You’ve already seen some of our great photo shoots from this event (Rachael Loftis, Hannah Ranfranz, Esther Kelley, etc…) but now we’ve got some incredible backstage and contest action, added on a new page in our bonus media area.   Check the new page for the 2019 Optimum Classic and see the first 5 clips (of 38!!!) and the first 4 photo galleries – with much more on the way!    This awesome show featured some of the very best women in both PRO Bikini and PRO Women’s Physique – 2 of our favorite categories!   Whether you’re into perfect bubble booties, or massive thick dense muscle, this page has something for everyone!   Thank you for JOINING HDPhysiques!

Absolutely MASSIVE muscle – Valentina Mishina means business on that stage!