5 New Clips Added to the HDP Members Area – Rachael Loftis, Hannah Hussein & More!

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Hey gang!  We’ve got a great update today with a mix of hot models, and some womens physique contest coverage!   First up, in the Bonus Media section of the site, please find 2 new vids on the page of the 2019 Legions Sports Festival, and a new video on the page of the 2019 St Louis Pro Show.    Then, on the model pages, be sure to find new clips on the pages of hotties Hannah Hussein 2, and Rachael Loftis 5.    Both girls doing some HOT sexy flexin outdoors in the hot sun.

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HUGE UPDATE! – 8 HOT New Vids Added to the HDP Members Area – JOIN NOW!

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Another HUGE mid-week update here at the mother ship!   In today’s HDPhysiques members area update, you’ll find 5 new clips on the bonus media pages of the 2019 Prestige Crystal Cup, and the 2019 St. Louis Pro.   Then, on our model pages, see 3 new clips (1 each) on the pages of Mandy Urner, Mayla Ash, & the stunning Rachael Loftis 5.

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Videos added to the Recently Added Rachael Loftis Model Page!

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Members update for mid-week – We’ve added 4 new videos to the model page of the incredibly stunning, perfectly muscled, Rachael Loftis 5.   In these latest clips of our sponsored athlete, Rachael is absolutely ripped, having just completed the Optimum Classic the day before.  Mind blowing muscle to say the least!  All the while being one of the prettiest girls in all of the IFBB!  Stay tuned for much more on the way soon!

NEW MODEL Rachael Loftis plus Vids of April Long & Diana Schnaidt Added!

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Today, we’ve got a big update for you because we’re gonna be on the road for the Arnold until next Monday.  (yes, no update this weekend…. that’s why we’re doing our new model today, Wednesday!).

Please give a warm welcome to the new Rachael Loftis 4 Model Page!   One of our favorite models of all time, she’s back in action after a 4 year layoff from physique competitions!   In this brand new footage shot just 3 days ago with Brooklyn T. Walker (our mega-star), Rachael trains some upper body and looks absolutely amazing.  She’s still a few months out from her show and is already taking great shape.  She carries tons of muscle!  The first 4 videos and the 2 galleries are now up on her model page – JOIN HDPhysiques today and don’t miss any of this hot stuff!

Then, we’ve also added a couple other clips to the pages of Diana Schnaidt 2, and April Long – ENJOY!

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Videos of Rachael Loftis & Tina La Titan added – JOIN HDPhysiques today!

Here at HDPhysiques, today we’ve added new clips of Rachael Loftis 2 and sexy Tina La Titan Wilson. Hot clips of some gorgeous ladies flexing. And coming on Friday, a new model page for HDPhysiques’ favorite Christine Moyer! She has some of the most massive legs we’ve seen!

Members section updates of Rachael Loftis & Kylie Vandenbrand – JOIN NOW!

Check out the new videos added today on the pages for Rachael Loftis 2 and Kylie Vandenbrand. The summer of sexy muscle continues at HDPhysiques. We’ve got another amazing new model coming up on Friday – so get ready for some more!

HDPhysiques adds new videos of Rachael Loftis, Alli Schmohl, & Dani Reardon!

Today, HDPhysiques has new clips on the pages of the ultra-muscular Rachael Loftis 2, super sexy sponsored athlete, Allison Schmohl, and everybody’s favorite muscle cutie, Dani Reardon 2. Sign up for HDPhysiques today!