NEW MODEL Rachael Loftis plus Vids of April Long & Diana Schnaidt Added!

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Today, we’ve got a big update for you because we’re gonna be on the road for the Arnold until next Monday.  (yes, no update this weekend…. that’s why we’re doing our new model today, Wednesday!).

Please give a warm welcome to the new Rachael Loftis 4 Model Page!   One of our favorite models of all time, she’s back in action after a 4 year layoff from physique competitions!   In this brand new footage shot just 3 days ago with Brooklyn T. Walker (our mega-star), Rachael trains some upper body and looks absolutely amazing.  She’s still a few months out from her show and is already taking great shape.  She carries tons of muscle!  The first 4 videos and the 2 galleries are now up on her model page – JOIN HDPhysiques today and don’t miss any of this hot stuff!

Then, we’ve also added a couple other clips to the pages of Diana Schnaidt 2, and April Long – ENJOY!

Super Sexy poser and well-muscled April Long – JOIN HDP now for much more!

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