New Model Liz Santos – Rising Star in Wellness, Plus NEW Melinda Lindmark & More!

The eye-popping Wellness body of top NPC Rising Star, Liz Santos!

If you love huge arms, rock hard quads and glutes, you’re gonna love today’s update at HDPhysiques!    For the leg lovers, and fans of lower body in general, we’ve got new model, top rising star in NPC Wellness, Liz Santos, from our shoot at the 2023 NPC Universe!   3 hot photo galleries in 2 different 1 pieces that will blow your mind!   Then, we’ve got the incredible massive arms of 2 of the hottest muscle girls on the scene today……….  the enormous amateur FBB, going for her pro card later this month in Pittsburgh, the amazing Brittani Parish…. and then the European sensation…. Melinda Lindmark!   On the Melinda Lindmark 2 page you’ll see the latest biceps blasting clip from our shoot earlier this year in Las Vegas.

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Absolutely MASSIVE and gorgeous at the same time! Incredible muscle! New video on the Melinda Lindmark 2 page!

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