Great Update with HOT Muscle Models! New Clips and Galleries Added to Members Area

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Today’s HDPhysiques update features some of your favorite recent models, plus some bonus media coverage of backstage action at certain events.   First up, in the bonus media area, we’ve got new clips on the page of the 2018 Champions of Power & Grace, featuring Melissa Pearo and more, backstage, and then some on stage action featuring Allison Schmohl and others, in what many call one of the greatest WPD lineups in the history of the category.

On the model pages, we’ve got a new gallery on the page of the awesome WPD Pro and recently added model, Laura Psyzora.   Then, for video clips, you’re gonna love the new ones featuring the gorgeous biceps and more of new WPD Pro, Sarena Berish 4.   And we’ve also got the MASSIVE arms of recent addition, Amanda “Ko-hotty” Kohatsu!   Enjoy these amazing vids!

Be sure to join with the HDPhysiuqes/PremiumPhysiques combo membership by “opting-in” the checkbox when you sign up for HDP.   Over at HDP we just added new galleries of Brooklyn and Carli in ripped contest shape in the studio!  See all the Premium updates here!

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Outstanding Update featuring Amanda Kohatsu, Jenn Faccinto, & Brooklyn T Walker!

Even Amanda herself is stunned by the definition in her meaty quads! JOIN NOW for this incredible new model!

We’ve got a FINE update for you today, folks, with another new model coming VERY soon!   For today’s update, you’re gonna be wowed by the superstars on display.    First, Brooke Walker is featuring in a clip added to the page of the 2021 Phoenix UBU Expo, where we added 2 new videos.   Next, in the bonus media section, we also added 2 more clips to the page of the 2021 St Louis Pro, featuring top WPD muscle pros!     Then next up, we’ve got a video featuring the absolutely stunning arms of WPD Pro, Jenny Faccinto 2.   Her arms and vascularity are SCARY!!!   And then finally, for a SUPER HOT photo gallery, check out the new gallery on the page of WPD and Figure Pro, Amanda “Ko-Hottie” Kohatsu.   Absolutely crazy hot muscle!

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Absolutely SENSATIONAL New Model – Amanda Kohatsu – Crazy Vascularity!

Even Amanda herself is stunned by the definition in her meaty quads! JOIN NOW for this incredible new model!

HDPhysiques fans, check this out!  We’ve got a sensational new model to release today, one that is sure to please fans of BIG vascular rock hard muscle!   As a pro figure competitor, she has some of the biggest muscle we’ve seen on the pro circuit, and that’s why it’s likely we will see her on stage as a Womens Physique competitor (or possibly Wellness) the next time she takes the stage.   On top of that, totally supermodel good looks…. that’s why we call her Amanda Ko”hottie” Kohatsu.   On the new Amanda Kohatsu Model Page, you’ll find the first 4 video clips, as well as the first 2 members area photo galleries, from the world famous Dragon’s Lair Gym in Las Vegas, NV.   A home gym of many top competitors.  Amanda is right at home there!

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