Outstanding Update featuring Amanda Kohatsu, Jenn Faccinto, & Brooklyn T Walker!

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We’ve got a FINE update for you today, folks, with another new model coming VERY soon!   For today’s update, you’re gonna be wowed by the superstars on display.    First, Brooke Walker is featuring in a clip added to the page of the 2021 Phoenix UBU Expo, where we added 2 new videos.   Next, in the bonus media section, we also added 2 more clips to the page of the 2021 St Louis Pro, featuring top WPD muscle pros!     Then next up, we’ve got a video featuring the absolutely stunning arms of WPD Pro, Jenny Faccinto 2.   Her arms and vascularity are SCARY!!!   And then finally, for a SUPER HOT photo gallery, check out the new gallery on the page of WPD and Figure Pro, Amanda “Ko-Hottie” Kohatsu.   Absolutely crazy hot muscle!

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