NEW MODEL PAGE for Christine Moyer Added – HOT Blonde Muscle Power!

Tremendous development in both legs and arms! Christine has it all, folks – JOIN NOW!

HDPhysiques today released a new model page featuring long-time fan favorite, Christine Moyer!    On the new C-Mo 8 Model Page, you’ll see the incredible videos and photos from our 8th shoot with her, from the 2019 St. Louis Pro Weekend.   The page kicks off with the first 4 videos (more to come), and a couple hot photo galleries shot at St. Louis’s Union Station.   Always known for her killer legs, this shoot shows off those amazing wheels as expected, but also how impressive her biceps and triceps have come along in recent years, too!

Thanks for your support by JOINING HDPhysiques!  Enjoy these latest updates and stay tuned for much more on the way!

BOOM! Look at those quads! Plus arms/chest and everything else. JOIN NOW for the amazing C-MO 8 page!