NEW MODEL Jessica Lynn Plus 5 New Members Area Videos Added!

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Today, HDPhysiques has been updated with new model, IFBB Bikini Pro Jessica Lynn.   Jess has some absolutely insane arms, abs, and calves!  Just look at the sample pics!

Also – we’ve added 5 new videos in the members area, on the pages of Erica “The Rammer” Ramirez, Jen SansoneLauren Barnett, and the 2019 STL Pro Show.   Enjoy this awesome update at HDPhysiques!   And remember to JOIN PremiumPhysiques with our combo membership (opt-in, when you join HDP!) – you’ll save $8/month, plus get access to brand new Katie Lee/Morgan Olympia showdown, plus new model Kass Gillis – in Vegas!   Thank you for supporting HDPhysiques!

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