4 NEW CLIPS added featuring top Girls of Female Muscle – Loftis, Zarovska, Caruso, & Berish!

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Today, HDPhysiques has been updated with 4 new clips on 4 different model pages.   Check out new vids on the pages of……. Christelle Zarovska – HUGE muscle – as well as the massively ripped legs of Vicky Caruso.   Then, for some supreme up-close upper body flexing, check out the 5th page of top physique pro Rachael Loftis!   And finally, a big congratulations to our good friend Sarena Berish (a.k.a. – Irina Berishnikov), who just won her pro card this weekend at the 2019 IFBB North American Championships!   To honor Sarena, we have a new clip from our 2nd shoot with her back in 2017, at the same show.   Enjoy this great update and stay tuned for another new model coming soon!

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