4 Clips Added to the HDP Members Area! New SEXY Carli Studio Shoot Vid Added at HDPhysiques.TV!

Tremendous calves & more, & “booty by Jess” – JOIN NOW for the new Jess Falborn 2 page!

Impressive new videos added today in the HDPhysiques members area…. first up, 2 on the page of gorgeous Raychel Akerboom, who provided interview coverage for us last weekend at the 2021 St. Louis Pro Show.    Then, there’s 2 more on the page of sexy physique competitor Jess Falborn, who competes this weekend at the Jr USA Championships.   More coming later this week!

Then, we have a HUGE announcement!  We would like to congratulate the NEW Champion of the HDPhysiques St. Louis Pro Womens Physique Championship….  none other than our very own Carli Terepka!  Carli took 3 years off to make MASSIVE improvements in her physique, and came storming back with size and conditioning that made her the clear choice at the 2021 St. Louis Pro…. congratulations Carli!   Our big day of shoots, the day after Carli won, has resulted in lots of HOT new content coming your way in the weeks and months ahead…. starting TODAY with a brand new video in Carli’s Clips Studio at HDPhysiques.TV…..  a super sexy studio shoot from Evocative Studios in STL, with guest star Brooke Walker, who is ALSO in contest shape!   Head over there now and pick up this SUPER SEXY new video with Carli in size and shape never seen before – show your support!

SUPER SEXY new studio shoot, filmed just 2 days ago, now available in the Carli Terepka Studio at HDPhysiques.TV!

Filmed just 2 days ago, Brooke Walker makes a guest appearance in the new Carli Terepka video now available in the her Studio at HDPhysiques.TV!