Members Update with 4 Vids of Ashley Losee & Jacqueline Hickerson!

Today, we have some gym vid updates with 2 very impressive ladies.  First up, the late January 2017 shoot with figure superpower Ashley Losee, where you’ll see her training delts, then posing for photos with amazing photographer Steve Smith!  Then, for both biceps and QUADS, see the bonus media page for the 2016 HDPhysiques Quad Squad, and you’ll see big, meaty, powerful physique competitor Jacqueline Hickerson training hard and flexing for you!

Of course, stay tuned for more updates this week, and another new model coming Friday like usual.  Then, if you’re in the midwest, you should make plans to attend the following weekend’s St. Louis Pro Show!  HDPhysiques is a proud sponsor for the Women’s Physique Division for the 5th (or is it the 6th?) consecutive year.   By supporting HDPhysiques, you’re helping support the sport as we give back to the muscle ladies and the industry, putting on a fantastic show along with promoters Jack & Ann Titone.  So come on down to the St. Louis Union Station April 14-15th and cheer on some of your favorite women’s physique competitors, such as Brooke Walker, Tara Silzer, Jill Diorio and more!