HDPhysiques presents NEW MODEL, IFBB Pro and 2x Wellness Olympian Leo Ciobu!

Among the BEST legs and glutes in the entire IFBB – join now for the stunning Leo Ciobu!

We are thrilled to present our latest model…. a shoot well over a year in the making, with Moldovan IFBB Wellness Athlete, Leo Ciobu!   We recently caught up with her after her stellar performance at the 2023 Olympia Weekend, finishing in the top 10 once again.  This gorgeous morning shoot was great for both video and photos, and wow does she know how to pose that physique!  On the new Leo Ciobu Model Page, see the first 4 videos and 3 members area photo galleries!   It’s mos def time to JOIN HDPhysiques for this amazing new model!

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5 New Members Area Clips Added! – Kim Baum, Brooke Walker, and More!

This beautiful muscle girl loves staring down the camera with those intense eyes! JOIN NOW for the amazing Kim Baum!

We’ve got an impressive 5 videos for you to enjoy in today’s update.  In the Bonus Media Section, there are 3 new clips – 1 on the page of the 2021 Phoenix UBU Expo featuring Brooke Walker leading her pack in an epic posedown.   Then, 2 more added on the page of the 2018 Champions of Power & Grace, featuring big thick muscular WPD competitors.

Then, on the model pages, we’ve added 2 new videos on the page of the SUPER SEXY powerlifter and WPD competitor, Kim Baum 2.  Tremendous upper body posing examples, with HOT flexing!

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Members Update Featuring 2 Top Womens Physique Pros & Bonus Media Coverage!

That’s the back and the rear double bi shot of a top notch pro! JOIN NOW for the lovely Victoria Flores!

Hey gang – just got back from the Olympia and caught the nasty head cold/Covid crap that everyone there seemed to have.  So, just a small update today, but a bigger one coming later this week!   Today, we’ve got 4 new videos for you, featuring some bikini pros from the 2021 Legions Sports Festival, plus 2 of your favorite ultra muscular Womens Physique competitors.    See 2 new clips of sexy bikini girls on the page of the 2021 Legions Sports Festival, from Reno NV.    Then, next up, for some massive ripped muscle, if you like legs, back, biceps, and ripped abs, check out the stunning video of Jenn Faccinto 2 from earlier this year in contest shape.  Simply incredible!    And finally, for some hot Arizona heat outdoors, we’ve got a sexy biceps posing clip from WPD pro Victoria Flores from the 2021 Phoenix UBU show.

Enjoy these hot new vids and be sure to check out the latest at HDPhysiques.TV as well!    New Brooke Walker vids, plus much more on the way!

Top 5 Figure Olympian STEPH GIBSON is the NEWEST Model at HDPhysiques – JOIN NOW!

Steph’s quads are MASSIVE and super powerful – JOIN NOW and see the incredible pics and vids!

We are SUPER THRILLED to release our latest model – the sensational top 5 Figure Olympian Stephanie Gibson, as our latest model at HDPhysiques – she has an absolutely STUNNING physique from head to toe, and drop dead gorgeous looks to boot!   On the brand new “Steph Gibson Model Page“,  you’ll find the first 3 members area videos, and the first 3 photo galleries, along with the usual assortment of free samples.    JOIN NOW to see this world class athlete and tremendous physique!

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Steph may be one of the most beautiful ladies we’ve ever worked with. Truly impressive. JOIN NOW for the amazing new model page with much more to come!

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HDP Updated with Amazing Vids of Melinda Lindmark, Courtney Ryan, Minna and Macey – JOIN NOW!

Join HDPhysiques for the latest massively muscled arm video of Melinda – JOIN NOW!

We’ve got an INCREDIBLE update for you guys today here at HDPhysiques!   It’s simply stunning the quality of female muscle that we have on display here, folks!   First up, in the bonus media section, we have a “small but mighty” power-packed Macey Toney in 2 awesome clips on the page of the 2021 Phoenix UBU Expo.   First, Macey leads her call-out and is centered in the middle looking like the best in the mix.   Then, we have a video of her entire posing routine.

Next up, on the model pages, we’ve got some awesome girls sporting some serious muscle!   For fans of the enormous arms…. check out the video added to the page of Melinda Lindmark 2, shot earlier this summer.   Those biceps are completely out of control, folks!   You’ve got to see this video to believe it.

Next up, for the leg fans, you’ve gotta see the absolutely gorgeous European Fitness star, Minna Pajulahti 3.   Nobody displays a quality physique quite like Minna.     And finally, for MORE beefy legs…. check out the serious QUADDAGE on recently added new model, Courtney Ryan.  These “BTM’s” (Big, Thick, and Meaties) are looking large and in charge….. don’t mess with her!

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The bonus media page for the 2021 Phoenix UBU Expo, features LOTS of Brooke Walker and Macey Toney! And over 30 clips on the way, too!

Carli looking absolutely MASSIVE in her biggest offseason size ever – in the latest update at PremiumPhysiques – Join with our combo membership now!

6 New Clips Added in Today’s HDP’s Members Area Update + New Steph K Gallery!

LONG LEGS – and lots of muscle! JOIN NOW for the stunning Mary Dix!

Big update today with more coming early next week!    It’s a GREAT time to be a member at HDPhysiques!    Today’s update consists of 5 new clips in the Bonus Media section, 1 new model video, and a new model gallery of a calves queen fan favorite!

First up, see 2 new clips on the page of the 2021 St Louis Pro Show….. featuring both on-stage and backstage action of top WPD talent!    Then, the final clip added on the page of the 2021 Optimum Classic, always one of the great WPD shows of the year!    And finally, for even more WP Division stuff, we’ve got an additional 2 clips added on the page of the 2018 Champions of Power & Grace.

Next up, in the model pages area, we’ve got a new clip added on the page of rising figure sensation, Mary Dix, as she poses her impressive arms!   And finally, for the Calves Queen of the current generation, we’ve got a new sexy photo gallery on the page of Stephanie Koerber 3.

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Look at those MASSIVE calves on Steph K! Join now for her newest gallery!

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NEW MODEL Ana Harias – HUGE Womens Physique Olympian – JOIN HDP NOW!!!

There’s 3 Top 5 Olympian finishes right here in this pic! Brooke with 3rd place in 2021 and 2022, and Ana with the 5th place in 2021. LOTS OF BEEF! Join HDPhysiuqes now!

We’ve got an amazing new model today, folks.   Winner of the 2021 Optimum Classic, and a top 5 Olympian, the hugely muscled and super ripped Ana Harias!    On the new Ana Harias Model Page, you’ll see the first 4 video clips along with 2 amazing photo galleries.   Ana is one of the premier female muscle competitors of the current generation, and we can’t wait to see what she has in store for 2024.   This gym footage has some power-packed exercises, along with tremendous muscle flexing and powerful posing.   Thanks for joining HDPhysiques and checking out this incredible new model!

Also, be sure to check out the latest clip in the Beefnuggette Clips Studio at HDPhysiques.TV – MASSIVE NUGGS has finally posted the one you all have been waiting for…..  the tremendous and impressive BICEPS and CHEST upper body blast from Wild Horse Gym in RIPPED contest shape – WOW!   Get it today and show Nuggs some love!

The latest Beefnuggette video featuring BICEPS and CHEST, in her clips studio at HDPhysiques.TV, will blow you away! Click here and show Nuggs your support!

New Clips of Melinda Lindmark, Brittani Parish, & More Added in Today’s Members Update!

The massive arms of FBB Brittani Parish are featured in the newest video added to her page – JOIN HDPhysiques today!

Hey gang, we have a small, but QUALITY update today, as we just got back from the huge 2023 Legions Sports Festival in Reno, NV.   We will have another larger update coming this weekend after we get some hot fresh new content processed!

For today’s update, check out 2 new clips on the page of the 2021 UBU Expo in Phoenix in our Bonus Media section.   Pam Canfield and other top ripped WPD competitors steal the show!

Next up, on the model pages, we’ve got new clips on the pages of Brittani Parish, featuring some full body posing with an emphasis on those huge biceps.   PLUS, for the FREAKY arm fans…. check out the new video on the page of Melinda Lindmark 2.  Absolutely awesome muscle on display by these 2 ladies of iron!

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6 NEW CLIPS & New Gallery Added to the Members Area – JOIN HDPhysiques TODAY for the BEST!

A stunning NEW gallery of the mega-ripped Jenn Faccinto 2 – JOIN NOW!!!

We’ve got a GREAT update today here at HDPhysiques!   Some incredible mid-week action as we head off to Reno to cover the 2023 Legions Sports Festival…. always one of the best shows of the year!   We have some greats model shoots lined up for you, and we will get some of our epic backstage looks as well.

For today’s update, please check out the following things!   First up, a nod to the Legions…. we’ve added clips to the page of the incredible 2021 Legions Sport Festival…. lots of big  name talent backstage at that one, folks!   Then, next up, for another excellent show that we typically cover in our bonus media area…. check out the new clips added on the page of the 2021 Optimum Classic.

Then, on the model pages, we’ve got new clips on the pages Asha Hadley 2 (for the upper body fans!), and Lexi Lowery 2 (for the LEG LOVERS!).   Both ladies looking absolutely spectacular.   And finally, you’ll want to check out the amazing new gallery on the page of Jen Faccinto 2 – rock hard contest shape muscle!

Thank you for joining HDPhysiques!    Also – our sponsored athlete Brooklyn T Walker is nearing her 3 straight Olympia appearance.  To show your support to this incredible athlete, please consider buying her recently added clip in her clips studio at HDPhysiques.TV – at her biggest size yet!

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NEW MODEL – Courtney Ryan Rock Hard Gym Muscle – JOIN the Members Area Today!

Courtney is GORGEOUS and has tremendous muscular features – JOIN HDPhysiques NOW for this amazing new model!

Let’s kick off another great week at HDPhysiques with a fabulous new model – the Windy City native, Courtney Ryan!    On the new Courtney Ryan model page,  you’ll find the first 4 video clips and the first 3 photo galleries in the members area – with more of both on the way soon!   Fans of amazingly shaped legs and biceps will be in for a particular treat.   Courtney has quad sweep, big diamond shape calves, and mountainous peaked biceps.   Courtney is a great sport and not only works out hard for the viewers, but also gives you plenty of hot flexing and posing in between and after sets.   This is gymwork that you don’t want to miss!   What would you do if you saw a girl like this in YOUR gym?  Wow!

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