BIG HDPhysiques Members Area Update! Kaitie Hart, Annaleise Varga and Much More!

Even though she’s known for her world class biceps, she’s got the legs too! Look at those massive mashers! Join HDPhysiques today!

Hey fellas – we’ve got a HOT update for you for this week’s mid-week update!   First up, for video clips, see 3 new videos, 1 featuring MASSIVE female bodybuilders from the 2018 Omaha Pro Show, in our bonus media section.  Then, for up-and-coming figure star Kait Hart, we have 1 on her first page – contest shape Kaitie Hart, and 1 in off-season shape from our Kaitie Hart 2 shoot in Tennessee!

Then, for galleries updates, please see 2 new galleries on the page of bikini phenomenon, Codie Parrish, and then also 2 more galleries on the page of Australian Fitness Sensation, Annaleise Varga!

Enjoy this incredible update today!  And remember, you can always “opt-in” for our sister site “” when signing up for HDP, and take advantage of the savings with our combo offer!

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NEW MODEL Kendyl Nicole PLUS New Vids of Rachel Killam & Kathleen Erickson!

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Hey Gang!   Here’s a nice hot update on a cold winter weekend!   We’ve got a NEW MODEL in IFBB Figure Pro, Kendyl Nicole…. check out the sexy photos in 3 new galleries on her new model page.   Then, we’ve also added 3 new videos in the members area featuring Figure Pro Rachel Killam 3, and NEW Physique Pro Kathleen Erickson!

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Just a Quick Heads Up – NEW Katie Lee and Tara Suzanne Promotion at HDPhysiques.TV!

Look at those HUGE arms on Katie Lee – get 2 new videos featuring her – one in HER studio, and one in Tara Suzanne’s, today at the Female Muscle Store!

Hey gang, just a quick heads up as to what’s going on over on the clips store, HDPhysiques.TV  (and for those of you who get easily confused by these news updates……. NO, this is not taking the place of a normal HDPhysiques members area update – we just updated yesterday and will have another on Friday per usual…….. this is just an ADDITIONAL piece of information for those who may be interested in supporting the girls with Clips Studios over at HDPhysiques.TV and want to enjoy additional content!!!).

Both Katie Lee and Tara Suzanne Brandt have NEW VIDEOS in their respective Clips Studios.  Additionally, we are featuring a new promotion for those interested in purchasing both clips…. see details below!

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  2. – Upon successfully downloading your videos (or accessing the members area of PremiumPhysiques), then FORWARD US your CCBill email receipt, along with telling us the EXACT TITLE of the 2 free videos you’d like.  Please do not use abbreviations or generalize (i.e. – Brooke’s new video)…. you must use EXACT TITLES.
  3. – Give us up to 48 hours to process your request

Powerful legs and glutes have always been Tara’s calling card. Get her NEW VIDEO today in the Tara Suzanne Clips Studio at HDPhysiques.TV!

HDP Members Update features 6 KICK ASS New Videos – Blakelee Ortega, Kaitie Hart, & More!

Outstanding figure glutes, and sexy legs and hamstrings. Join NOW for the lovely Brett Scott!

Today’s update is mind-blowing, folks!   Again, our mid-week update features 6 impressive members area videos that are sure to please.   Fans of ultra-impressive upper bodies are going to LOVE the new clips featuring physique pro Ivie Rhein, and amateur physique competitor, Blakelee Ortega, whose biceps peaks MUST BE SEEN!!!   Then, the lower body fans are gonna totally dig the new videos of sexy Brett Scott, as well as super sexy figure competitor Kaitie Hart!   Finally, for some exclusive behind the scenes action at a major pro show, check out the 2 latest videos added to the page for the 2018 Omaha Pro Show, featuring some of the very best physique and bikini competitors in the world!

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Our NEWEST Model is the Stunning Canadian Figure Pro, Mandy Urner!

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Hey gang, check out the new model page added for the ultra-sexy and very popular Canadian Figure Pro, Mandy Urner!   We had a blast shooting with Mandy during the Canadian Nationals and we think you’re really going to enjoy this shoot.  She has muscle control like no other!   Amazing pec bounces, bicep bounces, glute bounces and more – this girl knows how to move!

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BIG 6 Video Update at HDPhysiques – Sheronica Henton, Brittany Bennett & More!

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It’s a great update day here at HDPhysiques!   We’ve got 6 impressive female muscle vids to share with you today.  First up, 2 more clips added on the page of the 2018 Omaha Pro Show!   Then, also in the bonus media section, see a new clip of Jess Chapa’s huge quads on the page for the 2018 Wildhorse Gym Trio.

Next up, we’ve got single video updates on each of the following pages – the gorgeous IFBB Figure Pro, Rachel Killam 3…. the Mega-star Olympian Sheronica Henton 4, plus exciting rising physique star, Brittany Bennett!

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April Long, IFBB Womens Physique Pro, is the NEWEST Model at HDPhysiques!

Super Sexy poser and well-muscled April Long – JOIN HDP now for much more!

The new model of the week is super sexy and sensational IFBB Pro Physique Girl, April Long!   On the new AL model page, you’ll find the first 3 photo galleries, as well as the first 4 members area videos.  Join HDPhysiques now for much more on the way!

We just got back from a great trip to the LA Fit Expo and will be processing new content soon!  Plus, we are getting ready for a very busy first half of 2019…. with the 8th annual HDPhysiques Womens Physique Championship in the 2019 St. Louis Pro coming up in April!   Stay tuned for more info!

IMPRESSIVE UPDATE of 6 New Members Clips Added – Join HDPhysiques now!

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We’ve got a hot update for you on this cold winter day, folks!  First up, check out 2 new videos on the bonus media page of the 2018 Omaha Pro Show.  Then, check out another contest coverage clip on the bonus media page of the 2018 Optimum Classic!   Then, for sexy individual models… check out new videos on the pages of Angela Palermo, Diana Schnaidt, and cutie Kaitie Hart!

We’ll be wrapping up our trip to the 2019 LA Fitness Expo shortly, and be back on Thursday this week with a brand new model for you to enjoy!   Thanks for supporting HDPhysiques!


Quick Update About the Latest at HDPhysiques.TV and PremiumPhysiques – Click here!

Brooklyn Torrance Walker has never looked better – get this BRAND NEW video with MEASUREMENTS – available now at HDPhysiques.TV!

Hey gang, we just wanted to do a periodic update for you about what’s the latest happenings at our sister sites, the HDPhysiques.TV Clips Store, and the site for our sponsored athletes,!

First of all, in the Brooke Torrance Walker – Arkansas Ranger Clips Studio at HDPhysiques.TV, we have a brand new video of Torrance featuring her impressive MEASUREMENTS, in addition to punishing her body with a grueling biceps and chest workout!   This all makes for an outstanding new video – get it today and show your support to Brooklyn!    Also, at HDPhysiques.TV, the Female Muscle Store, there’s another new entry from our friends over at Muscle Beauties!  The new video featuring gorgeous “Behr” is a must get!

Then, over at our sister site we’ve got a brand new page featuring sponsored athlete Carli “T-Rep” Terepka, in EXTREME ripped contest shape!  Carli at the Tampa Pro 2 Page is the best yet that Carli has ever looked…. and we’ve got lots of video on the way from this shoot.  The first 4 clips and 3 photo galleries are up now.   Join PremiumPhysiques now!   Or…. remember, you can join HDP and PP at the same time with our combo membership and save over $5.00 a month!   Just click the “opt-in” box for the add-on to PremiumPhysiques!

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6 HUGE Vids Added to Members Area – Melissa Pearo, Sarah Fechter, & much more!

These are some AMAZING muscles – Join HDPhysiques now for gorgeous Sarah Fechter!

HDPhysiques has been updated with tremendous new videos in the Members area featuring some of your favorite female physiques!   First up, in the Bonus Media area, you’ll see 2 new videos on the page for the 2018 Omaha Pro Show featuring site favorites, Allison Schmohl and Jill Diorio!   Then, on the model pages, you’ll see 1 new video each on the pages of Melissa Pearo, Brett Scott, Blakelee Ortega, & Sarah Fechter.   These are some tremendous clips, folks!

Thank you for joining HDPhysiques!

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