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We’ve got a tremendous new model for you today, folks!   On the new Kenzie Williams model page, you’ll find the first 4 members area video clips, and 3 super hot photo galleries!   Plus some sample photos as well, of course.   We hope to do much more with Kenzie in 2020, as the future is very bright for this tremendous muscle athlete!

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Jen Sansone, Rising Figure Star, is Our Newest Model – JOIN HDPhysiques Now!

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Hey gang, check it out – we’ve got another hot new model this weekend to match the soaring summer temperatures outside!   From our Titone Dungeon Gym shoot, check out the new model page for stunning rising NPC Figure star, Jen Sansone!    Her new model page kicks off with some sample photos, and the first 4 members area video clips, and 3 members section photo galleries – JOIN NOW and don’t miss this hot young superstar with impressive vascularity!

Remember, you can also “opt-in” to join PremiumPhysiques when you sign up for HDP, and take advantage of the combo membership savings.   At PremiumPhysiques, we just added new videos of massive Katie Lee – check it out here!

Click here to head over to the Dani Reardon Studio at HDPhysiques.TV – at her MOST MASSIVE in 2015 at the STL Pro. SUPER GIRL!

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Ashley Sneathen – Amazing NEW MODEL!

Give a big HDPhysiques welcome to brand new model, Ashley Sneathen! We recently met up with Ashley at the 2015 Jr. Nationals, and we must say, she was one of our best shoots of the summer! Stunning looks, combined with ample muscularity, sexy moves and posing, and you’ve got the recipe for some killer photos and videos! JOIN HDPhysiques for this amazing shoot and many more on the way, as 2015 continues to impress!