6 Clips Added Plus New Photo Gallery feat. “Shway and Tay” Now Available

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Hey gang, we’ve got some stellar clips and galleries added in today’s update, including a gallery update of the most popular shoot of 2023 so far…. the super hot “early twenty-somethings” new pros “Shway and Tay”. First up, in the bonus media section, we have 3 new clips added on the page of the 2022 Optimum Classic, featuring tremendous WPD and Bikini pros. Next up, we’ve got 2 new clips on the page of the 2018 Champions of Power and Grace, also featuring some outstanding Womens Physique Pros. Finally, for some HOT upper body muscle flexing action, check out the nice clip added on the page of the sexy Mary Dix. And of course, to find that awesome new photo gallery, check out Gallery 4 on the page of “Shway and Tay” – two of the hottest you’re gonna find – Jersey Girls at their best! Thank you for joining HDPhysiques!

FANS OF BICEPS!!! – If you haven’t seen it yet…. check out the NEWEST video in the Katie Lee’s Peak Power Clips Studio over at HDPhysiques.TV – Katie continues her comeback and is ever-improving as those arms look better than they have since 2019 at nearly 17″!

The 2 new pros are GLUTE GODDESSES! Join HDPhysiques now for Shway and Tay, new figure and FBB pros!

Click here to check out the latest MONSTER BICEPS video by Katie Lee in her Clips Studio at HDPhysiques.TV!

NEW PAGE Added: Shway & Tay – 2 New Pros with LOTSA BEEF – 5 Vids & 3 Galleries Added!

The 2 new pros are GLUTE GODDESSES! Join HDPhysiques now for Shway and Tay, new figure and FBB pros!

Phenomenal new muscle!  2 of the newest pros in the IFBB have been added to HDPhysiques on a new page entitled “Shway and Tay“, as Shawna the new IFBB Figure Pro from the NPC Universe in early July, and Taylor Iraggi, new IFBB Pro in Womens Bodybuilding, having just turned pro at the 2023 Chicago Ms International from Wings of Strinth, bring some fresh young talent to the pages of HDPhysiques in a major muscle way!

On the new Shway and Tay page, you’ll find 5 video clips and 3 photo galleries showing off their amazing new pro physiques, with more on the way!   Thanks for joining and remaining a member of HDPhysiques – we truly appreciate your support!   And be sure to JOIN with our COMBO MEMBERSHIP with PremiumPhysiques to save up to $8.00/mo and access all the hot stuff over at our sister site, such as the recently added new page of the RIPPED and HUGE figure Olympian, Julia DiPompeo – AMAZING physique!

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Phenomenal New Clips of Hannah Ross & Taylor Iraggi Added!

Today, you’ll be impressed with the super hot videos of 22 year old Hannah Ross and 20-year-old Taylor Iraggi 2 that we just added to the members area. Hard to believe these 2 super cuties have this much muscle at such a young age… but they are true thoroughbred athletes all the way! Watch their rock hard phhysiques flex to perfection – JOIN HDPhysiques today!

4 New Vids of Julie Martin & Taylor Iraggi Added to the Members Area!

In today’s members section update here at HDPhysiques, see 4 new videos…. 3 long ones on the page of Physique Competitor, Julie Martin, then 1 on the page of sexy newcomer, 20-year-old Taylor Iraggi. Simply awesome muscle here at HDPhysiques, folks! And stay tuned for another new model by the end of the week! – HDP

The first 4 Taylor Iraggi Videos are FINALLY up! Check out this 20-year-old Muscle Sensation!

On the recently added page for Taylor Iraggi 2, we have FINALLY updated with the first 4 videos. We apologize for the delay. It was due to not having internet connectivity for most of our trip to cover the 2016 Olympia. The good news is, we got some amazing content – 10 new shoots for HD and PremiumPhysiques, as well as new video of Katie Lee and Sara Butler training together for Katie Lee’s Clips Studio!

Taylor Iraggi is our Newest Model – JOIN HDPhysiques Now!

Newcomer to the national scene, Taylor Iraggi recently wowed the crowd in Pittsburgh at North Americans with her gorgeous physique at the young age of 20. The new Taylor Iraggi 2 now has the first 3 members section galleries up, with more on the way, and the videos start coming the middle of next week.

Due to our EXTREMELY SHITTY INTERNET here at the Orleans hotel in Vegas during the Olympia, we will not be updating both HDPhysiques or PremiumPhysiques until Tues the 20th. Thank you for your patience and understanding, and please don’t cancel. We will make up for it with bigger updates next week. We appreciate your understanding.

TWO Amazing New Models Added! 18-year old Taylor and RIPPED Crystal!


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It’s a rare treat today at HDPhysiques – not only is it new model Friday… but we’ve got TWO new hot models to unveil…. First, our 2nd shoot with the ultra-ripped Crystal Wass 2. She’s so lean, she’s fighting for the title of “Shred Queen” with a select just a select few in the industry. Her conditioning is simply PEELED, courtesy of her excellent coaches, Gordon Falcetti and the beautiful Jamie Pinder (we’ve seen HER CONDITIONING here at HDPhysiques before, haven’t we?!!!). Next up, a very special new model in 18-year-old Taylor Iraggi. Here, she’s in offseason shape from last weekend’s Team Universe competition where we met up with her. It’s rare to find this much muscle on such a young athlete! Bright things ahead for this one in the WPD category, folks – be on the look out for her!