NEW MODEL ALERT! – The Mind-Blowing Calves of Sexy Stunner Steph Koerber!

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Hey gang, we have a new model page launching today for the unbelievable calves queen, Steph Koerber 4.    It’s actually a combination of our 4th and 5th shoots with Steph, and she’s in RIPPED conditioning in both.   We combined them into one new model page to fill it with the BEST in modern day figure muscle video and photos!    The new page starts out with the first 3 photo galleries, shot at both Wild Horse Fitness (STL MO), and the Corner Gym (IL), and the first 4 video clips….. and of course….. those WORLD CLASS CALVES are front and center!   Perhaps the biggest calves in all of pro figure!  Hell….maybe for WPD and FBB too!   These things are MONSTERS!

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KILLER CALVES! New Model Steph Koerber – Legs & Arms for Days!

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Having just won her pro card in Pittsburgh earlier this year, new model Stephanie Koerber is a new Figure Pro with Crazy legs and conditioning!   On the new Stephanie Koerber model page,  you’ll find the first 4 videos, and 2 photo galleries (along with the usual assortment of free samples), with more on the way!

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