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This was a power-packed top 4 in Florida! JOIN NOW for our coverage of the 2019 Prestige Crystal Cup!

Today we have a very special update for you, consisting of our top coverage of the 2019 Prestige Crystal Cup (perhaps the premier show for female physique competitors in 2019), as well as additional clips added on the page of one of 2019’s brightest newcomers, Taylor Brooke Chaney!   On the Brooke Chaney Model Page, you’ll find 2 new clips from our early September shoot at Wild Horse Gym in STL.   On the 2019 Prestige Crystal Cup Bonus Media Page, you’ll find the first 5 video clips, plus 4 amazing photo galleries, of competitors like Michaela Aycock, Stephanie Marie, and many more!   JOIN  HDPhysiques now and don’t miss a thing!  Tons of new models and contest action coming your way!

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