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We’ve got a tremendous update to start the week here at HDPhysiques!    Some of your favorite models in recent years and some behind the scenes bonus media footage from some of our favorite shows.

First up, in the bonus media section, from the 2021 STL Pro Show, we’ve got some backstage footage of the top bikini pros pumping up and practicing their posing, looking absolutely phenomenal.   Sierra Swann and more are tremendously fantastic as they show off what they are about to reveal on stage.   One of the top shows every calendar year!

Then, on the model pages, we’ve got updates on pages of 2 of your favorite models.   Courtney Ryan, known for her fabulous legs, is shown in 2 new clips featuring her mighty mashers….  some hamstring work, in addition to some mighty quads.   Plus posing from front and back, she looks absolutely terrific.    Then, for some massive upper body blasting in RIPPED contest shape, we’ve got an amazing long triceps clip featuring the ultra-impressive Jenn Faccinto 2.   Jenn is one of the most beautiful WPD competitors on the planet, with some of the most massive arms you’ll ever see!

Plus, remember to check out the latest over at PremiumPhysiques – amazing updates of Beefnuggette, Brooke Walker, and many more!

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