HOLIDAY PROMO Announcement – Plus New Clips Added to the Members Area!

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Hey gang – we’ve got an awesome announcement to make!   It’s HOLIDAY PROMO time once again!   We are bringing back the awesome opportunity to get some free clips from HDPhysiques.TV by ordering a HDPhysiques/PremiumPhysiques COMBO MEMBERSHIP during the holiday season – see details below!    And for today’s update….. we’ve got some amazing new clips to share.    First up, in the bonus media section, we’ve got 2 more clips added to the page of the 2021 Omaha Pro Show, featuring both Pro Bikini and IFBB Pro Womens Physique – backstage pump room action!    Then, for the leg fans, we have 2 VERY AWESOME videos today.    For extreme calves and quads….. see the new clip added on the page of Steph Koerber 4.    And then for the MOST MASSIVE of all, IFBB Pro Bodybuilder Julia Foery, with an exceptional clip of calves, hammies, glutes, and more!   She even throws in some biceps at the end for some added fun!

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Those quads are absolutely TREMENDOUS! But, she’s got some sweet upper body muscle too!

Hey gang – we’ve got an EXCITING new model this week…. one with absolutely tremendous potential, and the ability to take on ANY division she chooses!   Will this QUAD MONSTER end up in Womens Physique?  Figure?  Or perhaps the new Wellness division?   The sky is the limit for gorgeous Kiliegh!   On the new Kiliegh Meredith model page, you’ll see the true definition of stunning looks combined with awesome female muscle power, as we’ve unleashed the first 3 video clips, and 2 epic photo galleries, along with some sexy sample photos!    We always love bringing amazing new talent like this to the scene, and we have no doubt that there’s a tremendous future for this amazing model!

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Full of confidence as she flexes and points at her moneymakers!

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NEW MODEL PAGE – Calves Queen Kelly Lynn 3 Now Added!

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HDPhysiques is happy to ring in the NEW YEAR with the impressive Figure/WPD competitor, Kelly Lynn Nauyokas!    On the new Kelly Lynn 3 page, you’ll see our awesome shoot with her from the 2020 New York Pro Show (in Tampa, FL), where we found Kelly in her best shape yet of her entire career!   The first 4 clips and 2 photo galleries are now posted in the members area, along with the usual assortment of free samples to entice you to “JOIN HDPhysiques”.

Thank you for your support in a very difficult 2020 year.  We have huge plans for 2021 and we are off to a great start – thank you for being along for the ride!

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Members Update – 6 New Clips Added to HDP!

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Fans of QUADS and CALVES – check it out!   We’ve got 2 new clips (out of 6 total today) added to the members section that will be sure to please.   First up…. quad lovers are gonna freak over the tremendously ripped and shredded quads of figure pro and Olympian, Felisha Livezey 2.   Then, for both quads, calves, and glutes…. you’re gonna love the new clip from Wildhorse Gym featuring Jessica Chapa 2 – some of the finest meat-grinders in the midwest!    Then, for more bonus media contest coverage, check out the new clips on the pages of the 2019 Legions Sports Fest, featuring the top figure pros, and then on the 2019 STL Pro, featuring Brooke Walker squaring off against Natalia Coelho!

SUPER MEGA-RIPPED NEW MODEL – Laura Richards 2019 Legions Champ!

The hot California sun captured the beauty and impressiveness of Laura Richard’s world class physique – she’s going to the Olympia, folks!

Possessing some of the VERY BEST quads and calves we’ve ever shot at HDPhysiques, the 2019 Legions Sports Festival Champion, Laura Richards is our NEW MODEL!   On her new model page, you’ll find the usual assortment of free samples, and then the members area photo galleries, and the first 4 video clips – with MORE on the way!

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Julie Hansen is our latest new model – JOIN HDPhysiques today!

Join the HDPhysiques members section for access to all of our hot models’ photos and video galleries!  Today, we welcome new model Julie Hansen, a protege’ of none other than the legendary Shannon Courtney!  Julie is a masters physique competitor from California, and was a natural for flexing and posing when we met up with her at the NPC Nationals in Miami.  Check out her new model page with the first 4 videos and 2 galleries now posted, with more on the way!

New Videos of Natalia Coelho, Derina Wilson & Lynette Audrey added! – Join our Members Area Today!

Look at those KILLER CALVES - Join HDPhysiques now for NEW MODEL Natalia Coelho!

Look at those KILLER CALVES – Join HDPhysiques now for NEW MODEL Natalia Coelho!

In the HDP members area, today we’ve added new clips of Derina Wilson, Lynette Audrey, and the amazing NEW MODEL – the girl with some of the hottest legs you’ll EVER see – the amazing Natalia Coelho. Join today for awesome pics and videos of today’s finest muscle ladies!

Plus, we’ve got a NEW CLIP over at the FemaleMuscleStore, by! The exotic Annie “Gunshow” Dash is back again, this time with HDP sponsored athlete and Fan Favorite, Katie “024” Lee! This gym footage from a recent workout in Pittsburgh is highlighted by Katie’s biceps SURPASSING 17″ inches now – WOW – look OUT! These 2 gorgeous women of muscle aren’t messing around!

Katie's biceps are over 17" and GROWING!  Get the new video of Annie Dash and Katie Lee, now available in Annie's Clips Store at - the FemaleMuscleStore!

Katie’s biceps are over 17″ and GROWING! Get the new video of Annie Dash and Katie Lee, now available in Annie’s Clips Store at – the FemaleMuscleStore!