NEW MODEL PAGE for Lindsay Bradley – New Clips & Galleries Available – JOIN NOW!

Sensational vascularity as Lindsay is in contest shape at USA’s here! JOIN HDPhysiques now!

Hey Gang!   We’ve got a new model page to release today (Thurs), and then the next update coming on Monday, as we are off to do some Katie Lee shoots and more this weekend!   We are now hitting that busy spring-time season where we’ll be doing a lot of shoots and getting fresh new content that will blow y’all away!

Today’s new model page is Lindsay Bradley 2.   A very pretty Floridian, her new page is now up and features the first 4 clips, in addition to the first 3 photo galleries.  More on the way as well!

Stay tuned for more vids being posted on Monday evening and then get ready for another incredible new model at the end of next week!

Remember to check out PremiumPhysiques as well!   Our Thursday update for PP features new videos of the amazing Hailey Wegner – HUGE and POWERFUL muscle as she preps for her April 24th show!

Rock hard abs, vascularity, and powerful arms and quads. Lindsay is a beast! JOIN NOW!

Clips of Amanda Ptak & Jamie Postill added!

BOOM!  Crazy ripped muscle - JOIN HDPhysiques now!

BOOM! Crazy ripped muscle – JOIN HDPhysiques now!

Today, we’ve updated the pages of Amanda Ptak 2 and Jamie Postill with new videos. Awesome and impressive muscle on display! It’s time to JOIN HDPhysiques and enjoy the hottest muscle ladies in the universe!

Rachael Loftis & Rosie Harte – New Pics & Vids in the members section!

Check out the new video of Rachael Loftis 3 in our members section, as well as Gallery 6 added on the Rosie Harte 2 model page. Enjoy this update and stay tuned for another great new model page coming on Friday!