PremiumPhysiques adds new Erin Twiggs vids – RIPPED calves!

HDP_posing72015Twiggy got some stems! Over at our sister site,, check out the ULTRA SHREDDED Erin Twiggs page for jaw dropping levels of leg detail. Simply ripped and shredded beyond belief! Then, head over to, the FemaleMuscleStore, and see a new video of the gorgeous muscle cutie, Dani “lil Monstar” Reardon, in the Dani Reardon Clips Studio, along with many others – support Dani directly by buying her clips! Lots more on the way at all 3 sites, coming soon!

HDP adds videos of Dani Reardon and Kylie in our members section – JOIN TODAY!

See new videos of the Lil Monstar, Dani Reardon 2, and new model Kylie Vandenbrand, now available in the HDPhysiques members section! And stay tuned for a new model coming on Friday… just a hint… she’s got amazing arms!

New Dani Reardon vid at and PremiumPhysiques adds more vids!


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Tanya Hyde works her HUGE back and biceps at


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Just to keep you up to date on what’s going on at some of our sister sites… just added 2 new videos of some huge muscle power! First, on the Katie Lee and Tanya Hyde at AussieFit Gym page, you’ll see a super impressive clip of Tanya doing pullups showing off her amazing power, then some sexy flexing. Next up… biceps peak princess Allison Schmohl flexing her CRAZY HOT biceps peaks on the page of Katie Lee and Allison Schmohl – BICEPS BATTLE, the weekend that Alli won her pro card at Jr. USA’s. Thank you for showing your support by joining! Then, over at the by, there’s another amazing new video in the Dani Reardon Studio, flexing in CRAZY HOT contest shape – vascular and ripped beyond belief!