5 New Vids Added in the Members Area Plus NEW Kim Baum 2 Photo Gallery Added!

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We have a HOT update to start the week here at HDPhysiques.   If you’re fans of the bodybuilder type with a thicc powerlifting look to her…. you’re gonna love the final photo gallery added on the page of the amazing Kim Baum 2.   Check out the hot pics!

Next up, we’ve got 2 new videos each, on the pages of the bonus media coverage of the 2021 Legions Sports Festival, along with the 2018 Champions of Power & Grace in Raleigh.  Tremendous looks both on stage and behind the scenes of some of the top shows!

And finally, fans of ripped and sexy biceps and quads, you’ll totally dig the hot new vid on the page of Lexi Lowery 2.

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We’ve got a GREAT update today here at HDPhysiques!   Some incredible mid-week action as we head off to Reno to cover the 2023 Legions Sports Festival…. always one of the best shows of the year!   We have some greats model shoots lined up for you, and we will get some of our epic backstage looks as well.

For today’s update, please check out the following things!   First up, a nod to the Legions…. we’ve added clips to the page of the incredible 2021 Legions Sport Festival…. lots of big  name talent backstage at that one, folks!   Then, next up, for another excellent show that we typically cover in our bonus media area…. check out the new clips added on the page of the 2021 Optimum Classic.

Then, on the model pages, we’ve got new clips on the pages Asha Hadley 2 (for the upper body fans!), and Lexi Lowery 2 (for the LEG LOVERS!).   Both ladies looking absolutely spectacular.   And finally, you’ll want to check out the amazing new gallery on the page of Jen Faccinto 2 – rock hard contest shape muscle!

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