TREMENDOUS NEW MODEL Added – Meet Jenn Faccinto!

Look at that crazy vascularity in those arms! Click here to go to the new page for Jenn Faccinto!

Hey fellas – you’re gonna LOVE today’s new model at HDPhysiques!   Check out the massive arms on new IFBB Physique Pro, Jenn Faccinto!     Jenn recently made her pro debut at the 2019 Prestige Crystal Cup, and wowed the crowd with a highly conditioned and magnificently HUGE physique.   With her iconic vascular arms and tremendously massive biceps, she’s sure to be a favorite here at HDPhysiques for years to come!    Her page kicks off with the first 4 video clips, 3 members area galleries, and the usual assortment of preview samples.  JOIN NOW for the amazing Jenn Faccinto!

HUGE arms AND quads! Join now for the outstanding new model, Jenn Faccinto!

NEW Katie Lee Video at her Peak Power Studio at HDPhysiques.TV

Katie and her 18" arms, as big as ever!  Get her new video today at the Katie Lee's Peak Power Studio at HDPhysiques.TV!

Katie and her 18″ arms, as big as ever! Get her new video today at the Katie Lee’s Peak Power Studio at HDPhysiques.TV!

Quick update about the goings on at HDPhysiques.TV, the FemaleMuscleStore.   Katie “024” Lee just updated her studio a few days ago with a NEW VIDEO of her big 18″ arms training along side Sarena Berish (aka, Irina Berishnikov) at the 2017 Olympia.  Katie is leaner than her usual off-season form, and she is bigger than ever.  Sarena shot this footage of Katie during their training session, and then Katie shot a little bit of posing of Sarena as well. Definitely a must get for Katie fans – get it today at the Katie Lee’s Peak Power Studio!

Stay tuned for a big video update here at tomorrow (Tues)!