4 New Clips Added to the HDPhysiques Members Area – Kaylee, Lia, and More!

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We’ve got some MEGA-ripped and hot muscle in today’s update.   It’s a small update with a bigger one coming over the weekend.   But small doesn’t mean bad….. the quality is HOT!    We’ve got 2 clips in the Bonus media area, featuring Jill Diorio and more from the 2018 Champions of Power & Grace – Jill, in particular, has one of the most ripped physiques we’ve ever seen on a female pro.     Then, on the model pages, we’ve got updates on 2 of the more recently added pages featuring YOUNG and GORGEOUS figure pros.   First up, the lovely Lia Taylor, playing in the water and flexing up a storm.   And then, outdoors flexing and posing with Kaylee Essers from her pro debut at the 2023 Legions Sports Festival.    Thank you for supporting HDPhysiques!

We’ve got some great stuff on the way, and some unbelievable new models that will leave you jaw-dropped!    And remember to check out the latest from Brooke, Carli, Beefnuggette, and Katie over at HDPhysiques.TV! – the Female Muscle Store!

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Amazing New Model – Future Figure Pro Mary Dix Now Available!

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As you can tell in recent years, Figure girls continue to get more and more impressive, packing on the muscle and getting leaner and leaner.  New model Mary Dix continues the tradition.   On the new Mary Dix model page, you’ll see the first 3 videos, and 2 members area photo galleries, along with the free samples and clip.   And clearly, with those vascular biceps, deep cut abs, and tight glutes, you can see how Mary will soon be a figure pro.

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Big Steph Koerber – Back Again with Even BIGGER LEGS!

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Our newest model page belongs to Steph Koerber 2 – our 2nd shoot with the new figure pro, with legs that are jaw-droppingly huge!   On her new model page, you’ll find the first 3 photo galleries, as well as the first 4 video clips.   She does some impressive gym work, but more so performs some outstanding sexy posing to showcase that world class physique like no other!

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