6 New Clips Added to the HDP Members Area! Emily Schubert, Emily Nosler, and More!

Alexis Sullivan joins NEW MODEL Emily Schubert 2 in a fantastic double hottie shoot from the Legions Sports Fest – join HDP now for this amazing shoot – both pics and vids!

Today we have a fantastic update for you, folks!   First, we feature the “Emily’s”.   Two of the brightest shining stars in Womens Physique right now….  first up, a new photo gallery on the page of recently added new model, Emily Nosler!   Packin’ a lot of muscle on those 26″ legs!   Then, the other Emily, IFBB Pro Emily Schubert 2, we’ve got a nice lengthy video featuring her amazingly ripped and shredded legs!   You will rarely if ever see conditioning like this, folks!

Then, in the bonus media sections we’ve got 5 new clips today!    First up, we’ve got 1 on the page of the 2022 Optimum Classic – always one of our favorite shows of the year!    And then…. check out 4 new clips of both on stage and back stage action from the 2018 Champions of Power & Grace, from Raleigh, NC!

Also – remember to check out the Emily Nosler and Melinda Lindmark Studios at HDPhysiques.TV!!!   They are both off to an incredible start!

Powerful quads and biceps! Join HDPhysiques for this amazing new model!

Members Update With 6 New Vids Added to the Site!

Emily Schubert in RIPPED contest shape – join now for this sexy video in the members area!

Check it out!  Another big update with 6 new clips added to the HDPhysiques members area.   First up, in the bonus media section, we’ve got 2 new clips each on the pages of the 2019 STL Pro and the 2019 Legions Sports Festival.   Then, on the model pages, we have the sensational Emily Schubert, on the beaches of Pacifica, CA, and then some strong gym work by NPC Figure Competitor in St Louis, Jen Sansone.

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Sexy Vids Added to the Members Area – Schubert, Del Valle, Hussein, & More!

CRAZY ARMS! JOIN Now for the amazing Chavaugn Del Valle!

This week’s mid-week update includes videos of several of this past summer’s top new stars, along with a contest video from 2018.    First up, in the bonus media area, see another new clip of stage performances by Brittany Flex & Jeanette Post on the page of the 2018 Orlando Europa Pro Physique competition.   Then, on the model pages, check out new vids on the pages of Chavaugn Del Valle, Emily Schubert, and shapely newcomer, Hannah Hussein!   Look for more from all 3 amazing women coming soon!

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BIG UPDATE – 6 New Clips added to the HDPhysiques Members Area!

HOLY CRAP – that is one rock hard, razor sharp back! Check out the Lauren Taylor 2 model page today and JOIN HDPhysiques!

Incredible new clips added in today’s big update!    First up, on the recently added bonus media page for the 2018 Orlando Europa, see 3 new videos of both backstage action, plus some stage video.   These are top pros who BROUGHT IT to Orlando!

Then, on the model pages, you’ll find new clips on the pages of Lauren Taylor 2, Brooke Chaney, & Emily Schubert!   Some of your favorite muscle girls all in one update!

Click here to see the new video added feat. Emily Schubert!

Back from the Olympia with a BIG 6 Video Update – & MORE this week!

Very rare to see triceps and delts cut THAT deep! JOIN NOW for the amazing Emily Schubert and her new videos!

Hey gang – we’ve got a sensational update today featuring some recently added hot models!   But first up, sorry for the delay in this weeks updates….  we got busy at the Olympia and couldn’t quite find time to do the updates while on the road.  We thank you for your patience.

We’ve added 6 new videos for today’s update, and more is coming on Friday!  First of all, single new videos added on the model pages of Emily Schubert, Erika Ramirez, and the awesomely powerful Hannah Hussein!   Then, in the bonus media area, we’ve got 3 new clips added on the page of the 2018 Orlando Europa, featuring backstage pumproom footage.  It’s sure to impress!

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SUPER RIPPED Emily Schubert – New IFBB Pro Physique – Our Newest Model!

Very rare to see triceps and delts cut THAT deep! JOIN NOW for the amazing Emily Schubert!

Hey folks – you’re going to be highly impressed with our latest athlete, the absolutely sensational, Emily Schubert, out of Pennsylvania!   On the new Emily Schubert model page, you’ll find the first 5 videos and first 3 members section galleries from our epic shoot last weekend in Pacifica California.   We got some amazing shots and vids for you, folks!

She may be doing an HDPhysiques.TV Clips Studio later this year, folks….  keep your eyes on this one…. she’s only going to keep getting better and better.  She’s got an amazing amount of potential to be one of the top physique girls on the pro circuit!   JOIN HDPhysiques today and don’t miss a step of her incredible journey!

One of the new Emily Schubert galleries features fellow WPD Pro, and biceps peak freak, Chavaugn Del Valle! JOIN NOW for both incredible ladies!