NEW MODEL Rachel Daniels is both the NEWEST IFBB Pro & Champion of NY Pro Show!

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HDPhysiques is honored to be the FIRST shoot of the 2020 New York Pro Champion, Rachel Daniels!   It’s been quite the end of the summer for Rachel.   She not only won her pro card at the 2020 NPC Jr. USA’s in Charleston, South Carolina, but she followed that up one week later with a win in the 3rd biggest show of the year, the 2020 New York Pro!   For those not realizing what a HUGE deal this is….. winning the New York Pro is exceeded in prestige by just the Arnold and Olympia.  It’s essentially the “best of the best” in the pro ranks…. and Rachel won the show after being a pro for just 7 days!   Quite simply, this is one of the biggest stories in the history of female muscle!

On the new Rachel Daniels Model Page, you’ll find the first 4 of many videos to come, and the first 3 of 4 new SIZZLIN’ hot photo galleries!   And just a warning….. the pics and videos to come are just absolutely mind-blowing!   She is the fastest rising star in the industry right now – check out this amazing content from her NY Pro Winning Weekend, exclusively on HDPhysiques!

Deep cut quads, massive delts and powerful biceps – Rachel is the NY Pro Champion! JOIN HDPhysiques now for the best in female muscle!