New Vids of Lauren Dean, Diana Schnaidt, & Briana Sokoloski!

It’s a great time to be a member at HDPhysiques! Some of our very best models ever, with more on the way every day, as we continue to bring you the ultimate female muscle entertainment! Today, we’ve added new videos on the pages of new model Lauren Dean, plus Briana Sokoloski, and Diana Schnaidt. You’ll be amazed at these 3 ladies – check out their model pages today and stay tuned for yet another incredible NEW MODEL coming Friday!

Clips of GORGEOUS Ashley Losee and Briana Sokoloski added!

New clips added today on the model pages for Ashley Losee and youngster Briana Sokoloski. Two gorgeous young ladies that are raising the bar when it comes to young female muscle! There’s never been a better time to be a member of HDPhysiques – so much more on the way, it’s just incredible!

Members Update of Soko and Schnaidt – Join HDP Now!

Today’s update includes new clips on the pages of Diana Schnaidt and Briana Sokoloski, 2 of our most popular recently added models! Talk about some tremendous models. It’s crazy awesome to see that kind of muscle on a girl as young as Soko. And the level of detail and grainy dryness in Diana Schnaidt must be seen to be believed! Also, thank you for the great feedback on our last model we just posted, the incredible Mascha Tieken! Keep coming back for more – great times ahead here at HDPhysiques!

New vids of Briana & Holland & New Megan Trimmer 2 page added!

Check out that bicep vein! Awesome pics now available in the members section on the Megan Trimmer 2 Model page!

Check out that bicep vein! Awesome pics now available in the members section on the Megan Trimmer 2 Model page!

Today, check out the new model page added for Megan Trimmer 2, a photos-only shoot we did in Vegas. Megan looks absolutely gorgeous in this nice offseason look, and really shows the hard work she’s been putting into building her incredible physique. Look for BIG things from her in 2016! Also, we have new video clips added on the pages of Briana Sokoloski and Holland Canter, too! So, enjoy this hot update and stay tuned for more videos coming this weekend! – HDP

Members Section Updated with Olivia Moschetti & Briana Sokoloski vids!

Today’s Members Section update includes 2 new clips of Olivia Moschetti 2 and Briana Sokoloski. Stay tuned for a new model page of a long-time fan favorite coming this Friday to!

New clips of Briana Sokoloski and Diana Schnaidt – JOIN NOW!

Today, we added new vids on the pages of Diana Schnaidt and Briana Sokoloski. Stay tuned for another update on Wednesday, and another incredible new model coming on Friday!

22-year-old Briana Sokoloski is our newest model – 5 new videos added!

Check out the new model page for our newest model, Briana Sokoloski! This 22-year-old Californian is a straight-up thoroughbred athlete and a beast in the gym. Our recent trip to California afforded us some time for a great gym shoot at Iron Gym in Santa Monica, followed by some posing and flexing outdoors in the sun. Offseason, but firm, you can really see the athleticism and impressiveness of her strong and powerful physique as she muscles through a workout of multiple bodyparts. And there’s nothing better than that cute smile as she throws around the weights!