6 New Clips Added in Today’s HDP’s Members Area Update + New Steph K Gallery!

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Big update today with more coming early next week!    It’s a GREAT time to be a member at HDPhysiques!    Today’s update consists of 5 new clips in the Bonus Media section, 1 new model video, and a new model gallery of a calves queen fan favorite!

First up, see 2 new clips on the page of the 2021 St Louis Pro Show….. featuring both on-stage and backstage action of top WPD talent!    Then, the final clip added on the page of the 2021 Optimum Classic, always one of the great WPD shows of the year!    And finally, for even more WP Division stuff, we’ve got an additional 2 clips added on the page of the 2018 Champions of Power & Grace.

Next up, in the model pages area, we’ve got a new clip added on the page of rising figure sensation, Mary Dix, as she poses her impressive arms!   And finally, for the Calves Queen of the current generation, we’ve got a new sexy photo gallery on the page of Stephanie Koerber 3.

Enjoy this phenomenal update and be sure to JOIN with our COMBO membership.   You can save $8.00/month by “opting in” to the PremiumPhysiques add-on when you sign up!

Look at those MASSIVE calves on Steph K! Join now for her newest gallery!

More of Brooke Walker in EXTREME and SHREDDED Olympia Shape just added at PremiumPhysiques – JOIN NOW with our combo membership and save $8.00/mo!