NEW MODEL! The Gorgeous Cheyenne Strickland Brings Some HOT MUSCLE to HDP!

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If you like RIPPED, Shredded LEGS, and mountainous biceps peaks…. our newest model may indeed be of interest to you!   New model Cheyenne Strickland is one of those “tweeners”…. she competes in figure, but has the muscularity and conditioning of a ripped Womens Physique Division competitor!   On the new Cheyenne Strickland model page, you’ll see exactly what we mean when you take a look at the first 4 videos we just posted, plus the 4 photo galleries of stunning female muscle!    You’re gonna love this girl, folks!

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Rock HARD arms and legs – look at those striations in her quads! JOIN NOW for the amazing Cheyenne Strickland!

Hailey McGrath – HUGE PEAKS – video added at

Check out the Studio over at the (by, for the latest video of peak princess, Hailey McGrath. Her 2nd clip there again highlights her amazing and gorgeous upper body, with spectacular biceps peaks, ripped and stunning vascularity, and cute looks. This is definitely a video you’re gonna want to check out and put in your shopping cart over at!