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HDPhysiques just got a LOT hotter today, despite the dropping temperatures as autumn takes hold in the northern hemisphere.   In fact, it’s SCORCHING hot at HDPhysiques!   We’ve got a brand new model….. IFBB Wellness Pro Alexis Adams with a new model page with 3 members area photo galleries, plus the usual samples.    Then, for members area videos, we added new clips of Ariel Gail 3, as well as the mind-blowing biceps and SUPER RIPPED chest of gorgeous IFBB Physique Pro, Ayla Battye!    Plus more video clips coming in our next update later this week.  It’s a great time to BE A MEMBER of HDPhysiques!

Then, you’ll want to check out the latest video we just added at the Female Muscle Store, HDPhysiques.TV, featuring Brooke Walker in her 2nd “Gymwork in Shreveport” series from this summer.   She’s in tremendously hot shape…. offseason and huge, yet PLENTY lean with deep cut ripped abs, sliced quads, and vascular biceps!    Get her new video today and show her your support!

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Holy SHEEEEOTTTT! Amazing NEW Brooke Walker video now available in her clips studio at HDPhysiques.TV – SUPER RIPPED!

AWESOME UPDATE! – Steph Koerber, Jenny Locke, & Ayla Battye – SUPER HOT MUSCLE – JOIN NOW!

PHENOMENAL body! Playboy Playmate of January 2022 Fitness Model, Jenny Locke – her page has been updated with a NEW CLIP and NEW GALLERY! JOIN Today for this amazing booty & more!

Todays HDP members area update is one that you won’t soon forget, folks!   First up, for photo galleries, check out the new gallery 4 added on the page of Steph Koerber 4, a figure pro with the most insane legs you’ll ever lay eyes on!    Then, for some sexy video clips, check out the PLAYBOY Playmate, Jenny Locke, the playmate fitness model with MIND-BLOWING glutes of steel!   And finally, see 2 more mass muscle arm flexing videos (and more) on the page for WPD stunner, Ayla Battye, from our shoot this summer in New Jersey!

Plus, we’ve got another update coming this weekend, while we are covering the 2022 Legions Sports Festival and doing MORE new shoots for fresh new content!  Thank you for joining HDPhysiques and showing your support!

Plus – be on the lookout for a new video coming later this week in the Beefnuggette Studio at HDPhysiques.TV – featuring Nugg’s enormously powerful back!

Check out Steph’s page for the HOT new gallery just added! Plus lots more! JOIN HDPhysiques today!

Beefnuggette’s MASSIVE back! New video coming later this week in her studio at HDPhysiques.TV – the female muscle store!

4 New LONG and Tremendously HOT Clips Added in the HDP Members Area – Ayla, Steph, & Justine Featured!

New vids available on the Justine model page – JOIN NOW and enjoy this fabulous new model!

Hey fellas, we’ve got an extra special hot video update available to kick off the week, with another bigger update coming later this week!    We just got back from the awesome Texas Pro Show in Dallas and we re-united with an old friend who wanted to show us some tremendous new improvements in her physique – we can’t wait to show you!

For today’s update, we’ve got 4 new clips, all of which are around 2 minutes or so, showing off some amazing recent model pages added.    First up, see a new clip on the page of RIPPED WPD competitor, Justine Albert, from her St. Louis Pro Weekend.   Then, for some massive and powerfully vascular arm pumping action, see the new clip on the page of g0rgeous Ayla Battye!    Finally, if calves and vascular biceps are for you, see the 2 new clips added on the page of Steph Koerber 4.    3 tremendously hot and gorgeous models in the middle of a sizzlin’ summer!   Enjoy, folks!

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Also – fans of HUGE, THICCC offseason muscle – check out the new clip in the Carli Terepka Studio over at HDPhysiques.TV – she is MASSIVE!

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Carli’s arms are ENORMOUS! Get the new video in the Carli Terepka Clips Studio over at HDPhysiques.TV!

ANOTHER SUPER SIZZLIN HOT Summer Muscle Model Added – Meet Ayla Battye – JOIN HDP TODAY!!!

One of the most beautiful models we’ve worked with in the last 15-20 years! Gorgeous female muscle – get it today by joining HDPhysiques!

It is getting SCORCHING HOT at HDPhysiques, folks!   Our 3rd new model in less than 2 weeks….. we’ve got the astonishingly gorgeous AYLA BATTYE, who we just discovered at the 2022 NPC Universe last weekend in New Jersey.  I know this is making a big statement…. but here it goes…..  Out of nearly 20 years of HDPhysiques shooting hundreds, if not thousands of gorgeous muscle models….. we must say…..  Ayla is one of the most gorgeous models we have ever shot with!   Truly beautiful, folks!    And her physique is downright out of control!!!   For real…. it doesn’t matter whether your a “leg man”, a “biceps guy”, or a “conditioning and vascularity freak”….. Ayla hits on all counts!   On top of having a stellar physique and gorgeous looks, Ayla ALSO knows how to pose masterfully….  her ability to put “the look” on camera is 2nd to none.   We have no doubt you’re going to enjoy all the amazing pics and clips to come on the new Ayla Battye model page!

Additionally, just for fun…. we’ve added a new video on the page of Jess Falborn 2 – check out her impressive upper body in the gym!

Also, we’ve just added a HOT new Brooke Walker Sexy Studio video at HDPhysiques.TV.    And remember, you can get FREE VIDS from HDPhysiques.TV if you join during July with a HDP/PP combo membership!   Just click the “add on” to PremiumPhysiques when you sign up for HDPhysiques and then email us with the choice of 3 free videos from HDPhysiques.TV!    Thank you for being with HDPhysiques during this sizzlin’ hot muscle summer!

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