HDP Adds 6 More Members Area Videos in Mid-Week Update – New Model Coming Fri!

Incredible biceps, glutes, calves, and more – JOIN NOW for the awesome Hannah Hussein 2!

Today in the mid-week update, HDPhysiques has added 6 new videos to the members area.   First up, in the bonus media section, we’ve added 1 new clip on the page of the 2019 Legions Sports Festival, and then 2 new clips on the page of the 2019 STL Pro Show.  Then, over on the model pages, we’ve added new videos on the pages of Bikini Olympia Champ, Angelica Teixeira, as well as physique stars Lynette Audrey 3, and Hannah Hussein 2!

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Arnold himself looks on with approval, as Angelica Teixeira trains her impressive legs in the Dungeon Pro Gym!

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HUGE UPDATE! 6 New Members Clips and New Model Cassie Ross with 4 Clips & 2 Galleries!

We’ve got 2 new videos of those HOT BICEPS in today’s update on Lauren’s page. Click here for those and many more!

HUGE and SENSATIONAL update today at HDPhysiques!    First up, we’ve got 2 new clips in the bonus media section, on the page of the 2019 STL Pro, featuring some amazing pro bikini athletes.   Then, we’ve got a new model to unveil, as well!   Check out rising figure star, Cassie Ross!   Her new page has 2 photo galleries, and 4 video clips.  This is just a taste of what is to come from this pretty young athlete.   Next up, we’ve got single videos on the pages of Miss Olympia Bikini, Angelica Teixeira, and 2020 Arnold Ms Figure runner-up, Bojana Vasiljevic!  Talk about a star-studded line up!   Finally, we’ve got 2 amazing clips on the page of Women’s Physique star, Lauren Barnett!

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NEW MODEL Cassie Ross has a lot of potential! Check out her new page by clicking here!

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Members Area Update with 6 New Clips – JOIN NOW for the July 4 Celebration Weekend!

Rising star in WPD! Look at that incredible muscle – JOIN NOW for Hannah Hussein!

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In today’s update you’ll find 6 new clips in the HDP members area.   First up, in the bonus media section, you’ll see new clips on the pages of the 2018 Chicago Pro, the 2019 STL Pro, and the 2019 Prestige Crystal Cup.   Stunning coverage of Pro Bodybuilding, Pro Physique, and Pro Bikini!   Enjoy the best contest clips around!

Then, in our model pages, find new clips on the pages of muscular WPD NPC competitor, Hannah Hussein 2, as well as on the page of 2x Bikini Olympia CHAMPION, Angelica Teixeira!

Arnold himself looks on with approval, as Angelica Teixeira trains her impressive legs in the Dungeon Pro Gym!

2x Ms. Bikini Olympia & 2x Arnold Champion, Angelica Teixeira, Added to HDPhysiques!

Angelica and her sexy saxophone! JOIN NOW for the world class bikini competitor, Angelica Teixeira!

HUGE NEWS!   HDPhysiques is unveiling our 2 amazing shoots with the stunning Angelica Teixeira!   Angelica is one of the most decorated athletes in industry history, having won multiple Olympia and International titles.   She represents the very best in the IFBB and is a role model for millions of women.  We invited Angelica to St. Louis (HDP HQ) a few months ago for a couple days of shooting and filming at the famous Dungeon Pro Gym, as well as our favorite studio location, Evocative Studios.   We got hundreds of amazing photos and some tremendous video clips that show you how the best of the best in the world train.  On the new Angelica Teixeira model page, see the first 5 clips now posted, as well as the first 4 of many galleries to come.

As part of today’s update, we also added a new video of the massive arms of “The Next Shannon Courtney” – Taylor Smuck – Check it out!

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Arnold himself looks on with approval, as Angelica trains her impressive calves in the Dungeon Pro Gym!

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